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Hi. Not sure what brings you here but I guess seeing as you are, courtesy dictates you get something for visiting.


For the most part I'm just interested in enjoying what I enjoy, favouring that over whatever the Meta is. Not to say I'm intrinsically opposed to it, that'd be ignorant as we all know there's always going to be a Meta of some kind...I'm just not interested in things that are claimed to be 'best'. I'm capable enough with what I have, honestly.

When it comes to squad roles, I'm pretty flexible though seem to gravitate towards supportive play styles than flat out aggressive. Not to say I don't enjoy a good brawl, I just tend to do that more when playing Solo. So far as weapons go, I'm fairly diverse but tend to favour weapons that are either suitable for Marksman roles or piling on Status effects.

More generally I play with a controller out of preference, I'm colourblind so likely to bring up issues relating to that, engage in lore debates where they arise and occasionally do a spot of fanfiction: can't admittedly say whether they're any good or not, but for what it's worth I can at least guarantee I do my best to stick to the canon relative to time of writing. Although I will admit I use fic as a way to explore concepts/themes implied or suggested by where the lore is somewhat more ambiguous.

Take care, alright?

Controller stuff


Here are my findings concerning Controller bindings on PC. Putting it here because it saves me time looking really. I am updating as things come up, by the by.

Here are my findings concerning Partial Menus for Controllers on PC.

Colour Palette Breakdown

Here is an attempt at labelling the Colour Palettes with individual colour names for ease of us, utilising the software Colorblind Assistant to identify the used colours. Whilst not the most glamorous looking article, it at least proves it's doable to some degree: iterating on this to make it look better/modify names to be more clear and distinct, is the main goal moving forward.

Update 11/12/16: All Palettes (at time of writing) have been added and each cell has the Name, RGB Value and Hexadecimal Value for that particular colour. Next step is to try and find more suitable names for each colour due to the high amount of repetition in and between palettes.

Hoping to open the discussion to the Community to ease the process and improve general accuracy/satisfaction with the end result.



Here I detail a theory, built from the premise that Tenno are Posthuman entities.

Here I revisit the above theory in light of Second Dream's revelations, so consider this your spoiler warning.

Here I detail a theory concerning a possible explanation for why Mod Technology is universal.

Fan art

Here is a collection of some character concepts I had relating to a fic I was working on.

Attempted lore summary

Taking what we know at this time, the below is my attempt to make something of a cohesive narrative for events beginning to end. Odds are I've gotten some aspects wrong, misplaced items chronologically (though the lack of actual timeline doesn't help that element) and skirted around a bit more than I should in some areas, but overall I think it's an okay approximation.

Might update if something pertinent crops up.


Start wise it's unclear where or when perhaps, but somehow the Earth was lost to the Infestation in some capacity. How or why it came to pass is undisclosed, but ever since it seems that reclaiming Earth has been a dream and desire since the Orokin era itself, be it Silvanna's attempt to study Infested biology to find a means, or Ballas' involvement in the Saryn Warframe series. New Loka may be the contemporary group holding onto this long standing desire, though it's unclear how much of Earth is still Infested or merely wreathed in Orokin augmented plantlife.

Whatever the case, Earth wasn't our home any longer. Humanity thus turned to the stars...and it found the Void. It'd watched and studied it before this point but now it could be examined closely, in earnest. This strange realm was hostile, but useful, as the study yielded the capacity to establish the Solar Rail network, permitting interplanetary travel throughout the Solar System. At this point the early vestige of what became the Orokin Empire may have started to form, through the proliferation of Void derived technology giving great power and potential.

Even though the Void brought some casualties, it was a small price to pay as the fledgling Orokin Empire began to twist and bend the planets to human benefit. Terraforming, colony building...all coming under the thrall of the golden lords that sat on secret thrones in secret palaces. Castes developed such as the Sectarus, Enginus, Archimedian and Dax, whilst vassal races of the Grineer and perhaps the Lorists, modified human stock either genetically or cybernetically respectively, served them. This wasn't utopian of course, despite varying claims of such; war, smuggling and power struggles danced about, with the Orokin employing their Dax soldiers or even mercenaries, such as Ordan Karris and his band, to resolve them.

The Orokin had power. They had the Origin System...but there was only so much space, only so many resources. So came the hunt for a new star. A new system. And they settled upon Tau. Which is where the tale of Zariman 10-0 comes to play, a ship designated to travel to Tau but ultimately fell afoul of the Void.

All manner of horrors transpired, only for it to return, the only survivors children; children touched and changed by the Void. The Orokin buried the legacy, buried the Zariman but these children, who were a matter of debate. Archimedian Margulis wanted to help and aid them, feeling they could be made to be useful, whilst the Orokin Executors thought they should be removed, Executor Ballas himself feeling it fair for the harm these orphans had inflicted upon Margulis per her working with them.

Whatever the case Margulis developed the Dream, part of her Transference Therapy, which allowed the Children of Zariman to control their 'outbursts', relegating them to some quiet space or other. Yet this dream wouldn't last, as another Orokin project under the hands of Davis came close to the slumbering children and, at this career man's delight, fell under their immediate control where no other control would. From this point on, the dialogue changed: the Children of Zariman could indeed be used. Margulis resisted...but ultimately paid with her life for defying Orokin decree. The Children of Zariman, or the Tenno as they were nicknamed, became part of a new Orokin military endeavour, utilising their Void abilities with these combat bodies; the Warframe Project had begun.

It's unclear how long the research and development of Warframes lasted, but the implication is that Executor Ballas headed the project, pitching new designs to the Executors to resolve the disputes and conflicts within the Origin System in a way that would surpass their other methods. Even then, Ballas' contempt for the Tenno left him to voice caution and restraint of their use at times, lacking the perfect loyalty held by Dax which obeyed according to the Orokin's use of Kuva. Though the argument eventually became moot, as another Orokin endeavour had backfired.

For they hadn't ignored Tau. They'd deployed adaptive machines to the system to construct a Solar Rail across the distance, machines that were poisoned by the Void. Yet these machines, these Sentients, now stood as aware entities. An army that rendered Orokin technology ineffective as they adapted to and incorporated it, forced them to field 'zero-tech' soldiers alongside the Warframes, the Tenno...the army of monsters that haunted stories of their citizens now stood at the battlefield in full view. The Sentient War raged from then on.

At some point Hunhow conceived a plan to use his daughter Natah to infiltrate and destroy the Tenno and Orokin. Feigning defeat, celebrations were to be had...indeed, Terminus held a great ceremony to honour the Tenno. However...perhaps they were overridden, perhaps they were complicit...the Tenno struck down the Orokin. The empire was thrown into shock and disarray at this betrayal; it would never return to what it was.

Here...accounts are scattered. The Infested began to cause a great plague, blighting colonies, whilst the Grineer had revolted. Castes with authoritative access to the now defunct infrastructure of the system, having been keyed to the genetics of the Executors and other elites, were absent and rare if not dead in the confusion. The crown jewel of the Empire, Lua, had vanished. And amidst all this the Tenno, the Betrayers, had vanished into myth and infamy.

Time passed as Origin twisted and turned as the power vacuum left by the fall of the Orokin Empire was gradually filled by the Grineer Empire, led by their Twin Queens, and the Corpus, a merchant cult headed by the Board of Directors. Vying for complete control, the two factions began to plunder what they could from Orokin ruins to gain favourable advantages against each other. The Grineer sought to destroy the Tenno found in stasis, whilst the Corpus sought the Warframes for selling their technology. This urged the Lotus to awaken the Tenno, to defend themselves and to rectify the system.

In short order the awakened Tenno began to directly engage in guerrilla warfare against the Corpus and Grineer. They sabotaged the Formorians in Operation Slingshot, they pursued the Grineer to Phobos in Arid Fear, they sought the treasures held in the Orokin Towers and Derelicts, purging the Infested from Jupiter and wherever they broke out, since the Grineer Dr Tengus had inadvertently unleashed them once more on the system. Eventually it came to a head, the Tenno ultimately aiding the Grineer in the Gradivus Dilemma in order to rescue their own held captive by the Corpus under Alad V. This tipped scales somewhat into Grineer favour, claiming Mars for the Grineer whilst the Tenno pursued Alad V in light of the Zanuka Project, where he formed the Zanuka abomination from Warframe components.

Between the prevention of the Cicero Toxin being unleashed upon Earth's forests, the rediscovery of Oxium, contacts established with the varying Syndicates, the Tenno soon fought against Alad V again, who had turned to the Infested and had unleashed the Mutalist strain upon the system; he was stopped, only to later return seeking a cure through stealing Tyl Regor's research on Uranus. Meanwhile the Tenno suffered losses during Vay Hek's attack on their Relays, utilising the Balor Fomorians he'd managed to procure despite the Tenno's efforts during Tethra's Doom, though the cost wasn't inconsequential; several Balors having been destroyed, enough for the Queens to personally reprimand Vay Hek for his squandering of resources.

Then a mysterious entity was found on Uranus; Oculysts, Sentient scouts. Investigating further, the Tenno discovered that Tyl Regor was unearthing a Sentient tomb, looking for the power that had permitted it to destroy the Orokin. This lead to revelations about the Lotus herself and her connection to it; the tomb was that of Hunhow, her own father, as Lotus was the new identity assumed by Natah when she could not bring herself to destroy the Tenno at the end of the Old War. Even though they managed to bury Hunhow once again, it was too late; the Sentient had awoken, and began his plans to destroy the Tenno once and for all, to truly end the Old War.

To this end Hunhow enlisted the Stalker, playing upon his lust for revenge against the Tenno, his hatred for them. Tricking the Lotus, Hunhow guided the Stalker toward where the Tenno truly lay, a secret held from them since the Orokin era. Eventually this lead to conflict within the lost halls of Lua, hidden in the Void by Lotus to protect the Tenno Reservoir...and finding it changed everything as, for the first time in an unknown amount of time, they awoke; the Children of Zariman left the Dream at last. Fighting through Sentient fighters, only to confront the Stalker aboard their own ship...everything was different when the dust finally settled. There was no going back to how things had been.

Before long the Tenno return to Lua to find Teshin at a Reservoir. Following him ultimately leads them to the Kuva Fortress, hidden throne of the Grineer Queens, who promptly overpower and overwhelm the Tenno, trapping them in a mental struggle. There Teshin guides the Tenno through the truth of the Zariman, in order to resist the Elder Queen in her attempt to steal their body, in the process untapping the Void abilities Margulis had locked away. Between this and their use of their Warframe, the Tenno manages to defeat the Elder Queen and escape the Kuva Fortress.

Now it's merely a waiting game, for the next great threat to the system, or the next civilian distress to resolve. As much as matters change, duty still calls.

Lasting victory 
May be illusionary
Yet she beckons still

When the battle ends
As the horizon shines bright
Can we know of peace?

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