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  1. I think it's overly limiting that Navigator can only be used on projectile weapons. Why not have Navigator apply a different "Navigator-themed" stat and visual effect on hitscan weapons? Here are some ideas I had: 1. Navigator makes hitscan weapons automatically home in on enemy weakpoints. So no matter where you aim on a single enemy, the bullets go to a weakpoint. 2. Using navigator with a hitscan weapon equipped turns your reticle into a big circle (size is range moddable?) and gives the weapon some punch through, so every shot fired from the gun will automatically travel to each target inside the circle and hit it once (for balance: no headshots, additional drain for every 5 enemies hit with a single shot). So yeah, it's kinda like how the Peacemaker works, but not really. 3. Buzlok in ability form. Activating Navigator with a hitscan weapon equipped causes Ivara to fire a marking arrow, and so every shot from that weapon now goes around and through obstacles to home in on where that arrow hit. So pretty devastating if you can land that Navigator arrow on a weak point. Just some thoughts I had. What do you think?
  2. (I thiiink this post falls under "UI") Nested abilities, like Ivara's Quiver, still feel clumsy to cycle through, whether you use the tap-to-cycle or hold-to-cycle option. Tap-to-cycle makes cycling easiest, but then you have to hold-to-use the abilities, which feels slow and clumsy, especially for squishy frames like Ivara. Alternatively, hold-to-cycle is also slow and clumsy since the game is fast and situations change fast and when you can't cycle abilities equally fast it's just annoying. A real Sophie's choice here. The solution: double-tap to cycle nested abilities. It might conflict with very spamming abilities, but I don't think most abilities work out well when they are spammed at double-tap speed. DE, please. That's all.
  3. A zoom % bonus would be interesting as that would give zoom mods a purpose and yeah that would add some build diversity. But then I feel like that mechanic could still be implemented while also adding a dump-fire mechanic that would make the veldt more interactive.
  4. I, like many, really like the sound, look, and overall feel of the Veldt, but it could use a bit more spice than an enhanced zoom (and of course stats-wise). I think adding an alt-fire mechanic, similar but slightly different from the Nagantaka, would make the Veldt more interesting and practical to use, even more so than just buffing the stats. I really like Nagantaka's alt-fire. Making the decision between using single fire for standard mobs and emptying the whole mag (a choice not without consequences) for chunkier mobs adds a lot of variety and interactivity in what otherwise would be a pretty bog standard semi-auto weapon. Speaking of 'bog standard semi-auto weapon', the Veldt could use similar treatment! Here's my idea: When using the enhanced zoom, the Veldt fires four combined bullets for 4x the damage, crit, status, and innate punch through. So while most mobs will need only 1-2 shots to down, when it comes to bigger targets like bombards and heavy gunners you can click on that extra precision and go for throwing a truckload of bullets at their faces, but of course at some cost to sustained DPS. What does everyone else think?
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