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  1. I see where you are coming from, like comparing Gauss to a drag racer, but we are just going to have to agree to disagree. Gauss is very nimble and agile. Sure, Mach Rush doesn't turn on a dime, but you can stop on a dime, whether by just ending the cast, jumping, aiming or hitting a wall, and then you can quickly redirect and recast. -- No, it shouldn't be insanely easy, but also it shouldn't be boring. The battery build mechanic for Redline is too passive, not rewarding enough. You reach it by being as mobile as possible, and using the abilities as much as possible. That's it. N
  2. Appreciate your detailed reply. Before I get into it, I just want to say that a lot of my thoughts are based on how I enjoy playing Warframe, which I fully realize is not how everyone plays Warframe. But I share my opinions anyways, cause why not and maybe someone else will relate. So, how I enjoy playing Warframe is by moving as much as possible, with less focus on face-tanking damage, being tanky in general, and nuking rooms. I prefer frames that can provide some kind of team utility, but I generally don't look to set up specific team compositions with other people. I don't like finding plac
  3. Thanks. Mach Rush dealing damage to enemies it hits directly would be nice. I would still want the wall splatter though, and for a bit extra it'd be cool if the wall splatter did additional damage, or even created a small explosion effect. But also I don't see it necessarily as a damage-dealing ability first and foremost.
  4. (I guess Gauss discussion is spilling out of the pinned post now, so here goes). Last night, I was playing Gauss on infested survival arbitration on infested ship tileset. As I zipped in and out of mobs to flank and pick off drones, or made mad dashes to life support towers and used the 3 to CC before hitting the tower, Gauss's fun factor finally clicked for me. Still, it all felt kinda basic still, like I could have been playing any other average frame that lacks self-synergy, team utility and interactiveness, but faster. On the other hand, frames like Wisp, Harrow, Nezha, Volt, all
  5. Just like how you hear a boing every time you kill-shot a resonance sonar spot, I think it would be good to have some kind of extra audio feedback for when you get a headshot kill during Lasting Covenant. Not only would it be extra satisfying, but it would be a useful and more convenient indicator, than say peeking into the corner of your screen to see if you're hitting those headshot kills for the time extension.
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