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  1. I too wish there was a Warframe that relied on mobility to not only survive but also maximize damage output. In other words, I wish there was a Warframe that played like TF2's scout. I think there are a lot of design obstacles in the way of really achieving that, but to get close I think a squishy Warframe would need the following set of general mechanics and passives: High sprint speed, decreased friction/increased slide (moreso than Nezha), increased roll speed and distance High damage reduction during parkour moves (roll, aim glide, slide, bullet jump, any sort of high speed movement) to approximate damage "dodged" Some kind of "damage dodged" + "momentum" meter/energy resource that can be leveraged into scaling abilities. Gauss could be interesting, but we'll have to wait and see.
  2. Let's be real here. You just want to live out your pistolero gunslinger fantasies in Warframe, and I am totally onboard with you.
  3. You're right, there are other, probably more efficient ways to gain standing. I've done plenty of fishing and my cetus stuff is maxed out. Haven't done much of the conservation or fishing in Vallis becaaauuuuse..... those things are not what I play Warframe for. While those things are great to have as ways to break up the rhythm, the main draw is the action-centered gameplay, and it needs to be good. And the action on the open world maps is not...good, not even as good as the action in the closed tilesets. I mean, this is connected to the issue with how much DE expands content. With open worlds, they really started to venture out from the core gameplay experience which Warframe started with. Not that that's a bad thing. They just need to do it well. Bounties need to be done better, to really utilize game mechanics that define "open world" games. Just a thought.
  4. So there's a lot of content locked behind Fortuna and Cetus standing grind. Problem is, I would much rather do Arbitrations or Sortie or something else, but GAH I need to get to the content that's locked behind solaris standing. But then, man oh man, getting through that grind with bounties, the main source of standing, gets tedious and unfun very quickly, for the following reasons: 1. Mission pacing is off (length of missions, time spent in combat, difficulty/intensity of combat). 2. Combat "arenas/terrain" are too flat/simplistic (Ironically, Plains does this better than Orb Vallis). 3. Lack of consequential open world choices. 4. Enemy AI isn't quite adapted enough to the open world. These four reasons are fairly interlinked, some more so than others, so I'm going to talk about them like that. Enemy AI & Combat Arenas/Terrain Now, I know Warframe's enemy AI is fairly limited in terms of how much technical resources they can allot to huge mobs. But, some more behavior variety in the enemy AI will make bounties more interesting than "stay in this area while enemies line up to be shot down like dominos" over and over again. The simple single file death march thing is fine in corridor tile sets, because many end up taking cover around a corner or box, but ho'boy is it a bummer in the open world, especially on super flat areas where there is no cover for them. It makes things too easy. Spread them out laterally, give them more defensive behaviors like portable cover. Heck, would it be too much (I honestly don't know) to give them some more strategic behaviors, like setting up impromptu machine gun nests with deployable cover and backup and so on? On this point, I think the Plains is better because there are some enemy times and turrets that can definitely #*!% you if you don't immediately take care of them (lookin' at you, mortar turret up on the high hill). Maybe Vallis could use a unit who calls in orbital strikes and air support by visible targeting laser (gamey telegraphing). A particular issue I have with enemy AI is how they spawn in on Orb Vallis. On the plains, it's done fairly alright I think. The drop ships are okay, the drop pods (loud and epic) are even better. I think the Vallis take on drop pods is the enemies that get "beamed" down. It needs something else, effects wise. The sound is cool, but then visually, they just boop in. Grineer pods emit a lot of smoke, maybe corpus in the vallis could have individual beams that come down and some bright particle FX that DE loves so much so that they don't just boop in. A big problem with enemy spawns on open world bounties in general is that they often happen too far away from where players/objectives are. It makes the AI feel very unaggressive and too easy. Give them some more fast and exciting ways to spawn in, as if they are actually aggressively attacking. Have an aircraft zip overhead and just drop a troop carrier that slams onto the ground and they come pouring out. Or, instead of individual, give them a large squad drop pod with a turret on top of it. S#&$, give the corpus k-drives as well. Now, another thing that contributes to enemy AI issues is the terrain they have available to them. On the plains, many bases/static objectives are on hills or in valleys, which is great. You're king of the hill or you're in the kill box. In Orb Vallis, I feel like most of the bounty objectives I get are on flat roads or one-directional slopes of terrain. And it's just... less interesting as enemies have less routes to attack. Lack of Choice Speaking of routes to attack, one of the classic features of an open world game is being offered more than one way to approach an objective, and there are real consequences to how you approach and objective. Part of designing multiple approaches to an objective is designing more varied terrain and narrative context. For example, when doing a spy mission, you can go in quiet and sneaky through the basement filled with traps, and without setting off alarms to get the best mod/component drops possible. OR, you can do it smash and grab style, go in through the front door, blow up everyone, instead of mods/components, get bonus credits (like up to half mil) or resources and bonus xp/standing for sending a message to the corpus/grineer. But then, smash and grab puts them on high alert for the rest of the bounty, while spy keeps alert level low and maybe disables orbital strikes or turns some robotic enemies into allies or something. Another example, raiding an enemy base, you can go in through the trap-riddled basement and attack from within the base, or you can raid it D-Day style, from land or air, running up a hill or a beach that has cover while mortars and turret fire rain down on you. Or maybe your cell can split up. Two go in via basement to take over turrets or unlock gates while the others wait for the right moment to attack or stop a HVT from escaping when the gates open. Another example, there's a robotics plant and then there's an airfield. You can only attack one or the other, and which one you take down determines what kind of enemies you will face in the bounty's final stage. OR, the cell splits into two man teams and they try to take them both down at the same time. There are so many other possibilities, which is a central tenant of open world gaming. Right now though, we only have choice of difficulty, which rewards and how much standing, and how long the mission is. Then it's Point A to B to C etc. Pacing Pacing is where all these issues sorta come together. Pace isn't measured as much as it's felt, and how it feels is influenced by intensity/difficulty and actual duration. Enemies spawn in far away and too slowly and they're often walking in a straight line across a wide opening. It's a chore to have to go to them, only to evaporate them in seconds, and then have to do that over and over again is just the very definition of tedium, stuff you do without having to put much effort in but it's a chore regardless. Since they barely have to focus on the mission, their minds wander and they become very aware of time, which makes the pace feel sooooo slooooow. It gets even worse when you have to rinse-repeat for 5 stages. Maybe 5 stages would feel much faster if things were more intense/interesting, but god right now it drags, and with no other option for a decent amount of standing, you have no choice but to do it over and over again. I think it would be much better if we had the option of doing Tier 5 bounties with 3 stages, rather than 5. With only three stages, you could go for quality over quantity. A short yet difficult bounty, maybe with higher objective thresholds (kill 40 enemies instead of 25).
  5. Well, maybe Garuda's claws are unique in the sense that they don't drain energy like exalted weapons. But I don't think we're talking about making Atlas's Landslide fists a separate equippable weapon. At least I don't really want that. I just want to be able to mod the Landslide fists separately, like, ya kno, all the other Warframe-specific weapons in the game. The system of "inheriting" your melee weapon's mods is no doubt an outdated system, especially since there's clearly a new, more choice-friendly system in place for so many other weapons. If anything, Atlas's Landslide fists not having this option yet feels like an oversight.
  6. I'm with ya there. If there's anything I would add to the last iteration of Gauss's ultimate, it would be a steady AoE fire proc once you hit 100% on that meter thingy. Thematically, it's like the frame is overdriving/redlining so much that it's venting enough heat to set on fire anything that gets too close to it. Could even take it a step further and add fire damage to all attacks once you're in that state.
  7. I think it's not ideal to have to wait 200 days before you get a mod which makes Veldt's fire rate reasonable. I can see why you would think a damage nerf would come with a fire rate buff, what with DE's 'hugs with kicks' philosophy about making nerfs alongside buffs. But I hope that wouldn't be the case, because I think we all agree that there almost no reason to nerf a semi-auto rifle. Reason being, if you had a semi-auto rifle that one-shotted EVERYTHING to the body(save eidolon joints I suppose), it would still be less efficient than using some of the low effort room wiping meta weapons. And I think we call agree that the Veldt and semi-auto rifles don't need to be meta meta (and we might all agree that they will be meta) they just need to be not-frustrating to use, say, 20 minutes into Mot, for those of us who enjoy using semi-auto rifles.
  8. I also have a lot of love for and thoughts about the Veldt, and the place of semi-auto rifles in the meta in general. But, focusing on what will make the Veldt more usable, I have this to say: overall, making it more viable with some kind of damage/crit/status boost is needed, but not enough. 1. It needs a base fire rate boost to increase dps and usability. Heck, most semi-auto rifles should just fire as fast as you click. We're already using a weapon that's way less efficient than the weapons that can murder a whole room in seconds, why widen the disparity further with click-rate caps? 2. The Veldt needs more alt-fire pizzaz. I like the enhanced zoom, but it doesn't do enough to shake up the clickclickclickclickclick while also giving the weapon some kind of situational benefit. I've posted about this before. The Nagantaka has a magdump, which I wouldn't mind being copy-pasted over to the Veldt, and then its enhanced zoom could just be the default zoom. Alternatively, and my preferred idea, would be to have the enhanced zoom put the gun in a sort of "shotgun" mode, where it fires a handful of rounds at once at some cost of less ammo efficiency and fire rate. It would be for those bombard, heavy gunner, or even eidolon moments. -- As for the weapon class as a whole, yeah, some kind of added headshot/weakpoint multiplier or combo meter would go a long way in making it more interesting. As I see it, the weapon class is about quickly plinking heads in 1-5 rapid, precise hits. So, encourage and reward that.
  9. I think it's overly limiting that Navigator can only be used on projectile weapons. Why not have Navigator apply a different "Navigator-themed" stat and visual effect on hitscan weapons? Here are some ideas I had: 1. Navigator makes hitscan weapons automatically home in on enemy weakpoints. So no matter where you aim on a single enemy, the bullets go to a weakpoint. 2. Using navigator with a hitscan weapon equipped turns your reticle into a big circle (size is range moddable?) and gives the weapon some punch through, so every shot fired from the gun will automatically travel to each target inside the circle and hit it once (for balance: no headshots, additional drain for every 5 enemies hit with a single shot). So yeah, it's kinda like how the Peacemaker works, but not really. 3. Buzlok in ability form. Activating Navigator with a hitscan weapon equipped causes Ivara to fire a marking arrow, and so every shot from that weapon now goes around and through obstacles to home in on where that arrow hit. So pretty devastating if you can land that Navigator arrow on a weak point. Just some thoughts I had. What do you think?
  10. (I thiiink this post falls under "UI") Nested abilities, like Ivara's Quiver, still feel clumsy to cycle through, whether you use the tap-to-cycle or hold-to-cycle option. Tap-to-cycle makes cycling easiest, but then you have to hold-to-use the abilities, which feels slow and clumsy, especially for squishy frames like Ivara. Alternatively, hold-to-cycle is also slow and clumsy since the game is fast and situations change fast and when you can't cycle abilities equally fast it's just annoying. A real Sophie's choice here. The solution: double-tap to cycle nested abilities. It might conflict with very spamming abilities, but I don't think most abilities work out well when they are spammed at double-tap speed. DE, please. That's all.
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