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  1. Since I've already griped in this thread, let me first offer some positive feedback before going into more problems. The new event is reasonably fun, I like being able to use mechs in a "normal" map, the event being mech-centric has finally given us a way to rank up mechs without grinding open-world in solo free roams (because in an open-world squad mission the risk of losing all xp gains still persists, what, 3 months since launch?). The rewards are satisfactory IMO, at least at the endurance tier. Vilcor's dialog is satisfactory. The event is grindy as usual, but the action with the mechs
  2. Now that I've finished all 3 nodes, every time I want to do the Endurance node on Jupiter, I get sent to Saturn instead. This happened both when selecting the mission from the Alerts tab, and specifically selecting the Jupiter node, end up with Grinners on Saturn. Also as others have mentioned the Prisma Dual Decurion(s) are not gaining XP at the end of mission. Well, it says they are, but in the Arsenal it has been reset to 0. Meanwhile my Affinity booster is about to burn away, so thanks for that.
  3. Necramechs still lose XP during missions. Happened twice during a single Orphix mission. Additionally, wasn't awarded any bonus XP for it at the end. Really, REALLY frustrating at this point.
  4. Been waiting for this change to pursue the newer weapons, and Necramech Thrusters mod. Greatly appreciated.
  5. The salt in this thread is really hilarious. I grinded out the Lato and the Braton. I will gladly take another one to sell in the month or two. It's a nice drop, dummies.
  6. +1 to the general feedback that having to chain all three vaults, plus the bounties, with the amount of mission-ruining occurrences that can happen (host disconnect, menu bug, other showstoppers), is too much. Let us select the Tier of vault mission we wish to run, and if we want to chain them without returning to the Necralisk, great. I'm not gonna mess with these new missions too much, it's simply not a rewarding grind, especially with a higher than average risk of catastrophic mission failure beyond player control. The actual new bounties are more or less pretty fun, but the means to
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