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  1. I like the new missions and look forward to them reaching a more polished state, I think they will eventually become fun to play more regularly. But as it is now, the flow of Railjack mission entry and exit leaves much to be desired. When I am on my Railjack and select a mission from the Nav, that means I should be hosting the mission, not joining other squads. That is why I am on the ship, because I have selected my Plexus configuration for Pilot and intend to use my ship. If I wanted to join an existing squad, I would do so from my orbiter, and I would select one of my Plexus configur
  2. I still have more than enough Chroma relics to farm another dozen full sets at least, I didn't even realize he was vaulted
  3. I feel like recent updates to Railjack are definitely going in the right direction, most of the new modes (except Corpus RJ Defense) are fun when everything works right. Regarding the void storms though, without rehashing other ppls criticisms or already-reported bugs, I feel like what the Void Storms need is a visual indicator of Storm intensity, and what the effects of that are. Even if it's just a little pop-up like with Conduit effects in Disruption. It is not clear what the void storm is doing to me or why, how to avoid it, or if there is any way to mitigate being zapped dead (I found
  4. You do know we're gonna need that Tempestarii Railjack skin right?? ;) e: I'd logged out for the hotfix. you sneaky devils that's a nice set of goodies
  5. I'm sorry but I don't see how the current state of this update justifies a suspension of further hotfixes. There are seriously a lot of new problems, with connectivity, Railjack mission bugs and UI glitches. Can anyone answer me this one question, how do you properly extract from a Railjack mission if the squad decides to continue instead of returning to Dry Dock? If I abort the mission even after the new mission has fully loaded and I've gotten the rewards screen for the previous (showing me Plexus xp and salvage), upon returning to my Orbiter all that stuff is gone, even though Mission Res
  6. After playing the new Corpus Railjack I have some thoughts about some of the new mission structuring. A lot of what I wanted out of Railjack is now present in the game, however it still needs a lot of polishing in some areas, obviously. I'm going to leave aside matters of loot and resources, bugs and such and focus on mission structure. Volatile is a fun sabotage variant mission type. It's cool to see the Orphix back. The capital ship attack objective is very well done and is up there with Kuva Assault and a few others as favorite missions: it encourages some coordination, and has a narrativ
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