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  1. A good one with dmg, multishot and status is so 800 on pc.
  2. Or... Ignore these hints and use a skin on a kubrow. Way easier.
  3. This idea kills the shotgun category. Even when you increase the dmg falloff... it makes less dmg. The only option i see is remove dmg falloff on shotguns and it makes no dmg after falloff range. Then... your idea is a option.
  4. I like the idea. But... Arrows hit 4 times and bullets can pass infinite number of enemies in short range? I see a problem in dmg falloff. Look at shotguns. The Drakgoon-series is the only one without dmg falloff. Other projectile-based, like Detron, have it. So... yes... dmg falloff is a thing i dont like. My favorite of this is Kuva Brakk with 4% at 22m. Its nothing. And now you want shotguns lose even more dmg per enemy hit? Really? Look at this and think about it: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Damage_Falloff#Primary
  5. Warum? Mehr Details wie du dir das gedacht hast. Mit dem bissel könnte man auch sagen... "Jo Teshin braucht mehr stuff.". Ist genauso aussagekräftig.
  6. I would say... the complete gunplay needs a buff in comparison to melee. But we know... DE doesnt buff...
  7. The thing is... You wont farm this parts again and ignore the content. Thats not in DE's interest. Sure nice idea but... You know i like to play the game even i must farm. Farming is not the worst thing.
  8. Defection... No one plays it. For the rest of endless missions... Limbo/Inaros/whatever and a imba melee like Kronen Prime.
  9. I miss Runway and Feverspine K-Drive. Diwata is Titanias exalted.
  10. Und Waffen, Frames, Pets, Wächter, Moas, Archwing, Archgun, Archmelee, K-Drive & Necramech auf 30/40 leveln...
  11. Da versucht man ernsthaft zu helfen und dann... Was solls... Vielleicht sollte @Keiyadandoch mal seine Horror-Stories mitm Support auspacken. Von Marken die "gefixt" wurden. xD Oder... Hm... Wie ungerecht doch Tennobaum letztens war und man gänzlich ignoriert wurde mit seinem Wunsch und andere das gleiche locker bekommen haben... Ganz wichtiger Fall für den Support. xD
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