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  1. I don't know if it ever worked correctly, but now it's bugged. I subsumed a Chroma, infused Elemental Ward on my Hildryn, and it USED to give the corresponding element when using the correct color. I used a shade of purple for electricity. It properly reflected in the appearance tab when selecting an energy color with the electric element icon. Now, it still shows the electric element icon in the color picker, but it just gives the heat buff IN THE SIMULACRUM. It still works in normal gameplay.
  2. Chroma’s elemental ward on other Warframes (Hildryn specifically for me) does not reflect the energy color I’ve chosen. The appearance indicator says it should be an electric elemental ward, but it’s fire in gameplay. Plz fix.
  3. @[DE]Megan it'd be super appreciated if a dev posted here on the forum that they're aware of the issue and working on it. 👋
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