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  1. - Problem: Crewmate(s)/AI assigned to Gunner does not recognize mission objective targets. - Solution: Allow crewmate(s)/AI assigned to Gunner to target mission objective targets (aka, radiators).
  2. - Problem: Crewmate/AI assigned to Pilot has no sense of objectives or enemy presence. - Solutions: a) Whenever player is in forward artillery, crewmate/AI pilot doesn't move b) Whenever player is charging forward artillery shot, crewmate/AI pilot doesn't move c) Whenever player is in forward artillery, and there are no crewships OR other forward artillery targets, crewmate/AI pilot repositions and approaches new target (if available) d) Whenever player IS NOT in forward artillery, crewmate/AI pilot will attempt to pathfind to next closest mission objective IF pl
  3. Problem: Whenever I use the Proxima Navigation (Railjack starchart) I usually end up joining someone else's mission. I don't want to be forced to join an existing session if I go public. Especially with Railjack, after I've gone through all the trouble of investing into my own Railjack. Solutions: a) Allow separate matchmaking options to address this specific preference b) Allow relay and/or dojo drydocks to always start Proxima missions in your own Railjack.
  4. TYPE: Arva Vector (Neptune Proxima) Defense Mission Main Defense Objective Bugged DESCRIPTION: After completing the other required objectives for Railjack, I boarded the enemy ship and went to do the defense objective. Door was bugged closed with no way to enter. Terminal for opening wasn't there. VISUAL: Door to Defense Objective Bugged With No Way In (Arva Vector, Neptune Proxima) REPRODUCTION: N/A EXPECTED RESULT: Door should have opened to begin defense objective OBSERVED RESULT: Door had no means of opening REPRODUCTION RATE: First time experiencing this bug
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