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  1. Best IPS is Slash. It's an exponential 1.3x damage effect. Easy weapon to build is Cyngas. Without a riven, I'd go with all 4 60/60 mods + rubedo-lined barrel + dual rounds + automatic trigger + zodiac shred. This gets you a decent amount of damage that doesn't dilute the status effect pool(the combined elements don't have a proc in railjack), 100% status chance, and a bias towards slash procs. This is how I have mine setup(can kill the highest level crewships in under 4s after I destroy their core for faster loot): I also ran a Puncture Phaedra build for awhile; it
  2. You can go outside and kill it then go back in. Just need to remember the way out or port back to your railjack if you have tactical 4. Waypoints (and mission progress ui notice) bug out often, but the order of objectives is always the same for the same side objective type.
  3. Did you, or a teammate, destroy the radiator outside after hacking the terminal? iirc the missile platform is hack -> radiator -> hack2 -> radiator2 -> destroy core (all the side objectives kinda blur together, I do them on autopilot)
  4. Drakgoon is one of the ones I'm still missing. 3 Ogris 3 Tonkor 3 Seer 4 Shildeg 3 Brakk 3 Karak 1 Ayanga 2 Stubbas 2 Chakkhurr Feelsbad
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