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  1. (Blasted glitch killed my near-posting, felt drained on seeing that, so, dropped like a brick, sorry!) Heh, for some of my more mundane weaponry, things have always been the way they are, with me trying to maintain the balance as it is in game and compensating for that with significant and graphic (in a good way. . . usually) descriptive detail. There ARE some that your statement does apply to for sure though, the Overseer comes to mind on the first few pages. As always sir your offer is always helpful in the extreme, I just need to do MUCH more with your own work first in addition to browsing my selection for things worthy of your talented time. Ell, that’s more then likely WHY you have your audience of fellows who pop up with your work, your balance tween story and artwork is unique, especially in the modern day where few of us survive. Those tags may tell their tags about you and so on and so forth in a cascading wave of awe. . . . hmmmm. . . several salient points! Not only have I not commented as much on other’s work in here as of late like I once did (a nasty revelation for me), but, it is very true that I never really advertise my latest creations either! It’s always been my thread strand popping up and it’s either me giving an apologetic update, or what they hope to see, new content. I think I’ll test that out in the future Mr. Wolf! Thanks for being around, even for my most basic “update” entries and drifting thoughts!
  2. Hey there folks. Sorry about the time gap that’s been going on, but, things have been hectic and stressful as of late, so, I haven’t. . . bah, you get the point. Been curious as I’ve been mulling over one of my upcoming weapons and catching up on updates from everyone, do you folks think I can improve on my style to make it more “inviting” to read? Almost a half decade has passed and the world has changed, Warframe has changed, the people that come and go from Warframe have changed, though some remain from the bygone era I hail from. Is my Pit outdated to modern interests? Is it not done in a style modern fans find interesting? Is it that updates have become infrequent due to life’s intrusions? I’m curious. Folks don’t seem to organically stumble across my Pit and commentate about it like they once did, so it seems like something, somewhere, has changed. Thoughts folks?
  3. I saw the Spartoi in passing, but I read through the Ossuaire good and proper while I was looking through current events.
  4. Heh, go figure! You unleash a weapon from the dangle fingers of the father, I finally get to put up a piece from the claws of the son! Perfect storm! Heh, I was hopping so! I tried to harvest as much data as I could on the Jug’s own weapon before I put it in metaphorical Tenno hands, turns out what I could fine was conducive to fun times to be had! The multiple glaives the bugger hocks up was a bit harder of a mechanic to implement, but, happily, recalling the name itself (Osteolys is medical Latin for “Bone Split”), the answer was suddenly obvious. Look for a week mook in a crowd, toss the blade in, let the bloodshed spiral out of control with each inevitable death that occurs in the to-and-back-again whirlwind. Bonus points then that the whirling meatblender is apparently also fun to boot! Really? PHEW! That was a big debate for me last night after all this time spent working on it, deciding factor on how to categorize it here. Good feedback to hear! Heres holding I can continue to smooth production out as my job continues to settle into my life, or, the other way around, don’t actually rightly know which is which these days. Will certainly be getting back to your neck of the woods suh! Passed through recently when I was looking at new postings, saw that Entrati pistol of yours in addition to quite the wonderous view count that continues to ever-grow! Looks like all that time spent on improving your drawing technique is paying in full dividends!
  5. Post 839 (Jugulus Throwing Glaive conceived circa 12/7/7/2020 at 18:18.) Designation: Osteolys Weapon Designation: Melee, Glaive. Manufacturer: The Son, Deimos. Statistical Breakdown: Special Trait(s): Appearance: "Basic" Description: AT LAST, I get to come up for air with a new piece once more! My sincerest apologies folks! How I wish I could maintain output like I once did in the days of yore, but, job focus intrudes upon my "job" focus! Still, for the 2.5 people who still page through my work, please, enjoy! I was tempted to add this to me old enemy weapon's project, but, the inhabitants of that section are just mods to pre-existing weapons to function like their enemy counterparts, so, the Osteolyst didn't quite fit the mold. Sure, MAYBE as a reskin for the Cerata, but, I think the bonuses added with such a change might be a weeeeee bit to. . .drastic, to say the least. Anywho, you don't know how happy I am to finally bring a new piece before your eyes folks, and with more to come! Very happy that, rather then the well being dry, its just harder to get the bucket down to the bottom of the well to fill before pulling back up!
  6. Very well! If nothing else, perhaps there might be inspiration to be found for others in my other muse? (Also, DEMIT! That’s right! I need to get back to paging through your gallery as well! Blasted blinding-by-work!) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IPi85vvXmHOFLzLpoOpd5u77kcI9AzL7D5sxi2_hTWM/edit (To explain a bit, using the abilities I’ve honed here in crafting places such as “alternative Deimos”, the Pirate-esque city state of Barboga, and the Void agglomeration that is Spatili, I took the time to carefully put together a pair of Forgeworlds a little beyond the border of the Imperium known as Sanctus Ornamentes and Sanctus Nullam. These worlds, though differing in culture, are both bound together by the intergovernmental body that is the Conclave, which oversees development and distribution of their main focus, the Robot. Inevitably, because I’m me, this made me wish to make something ruleswise, thus, I’ve been scouring 40k’s archives for all of their robotic mentions and designs in order to either update their rules for modern use or create them wholecloth. This is my largest piece of work, running in third place from my Tau Auxiliary Document and my lovely Pit when all my background data folders are combined into a singular document.) Hope it’s interesting!
  7. Lordy Lordy Lordy, I’m so sorry folks! Employed life is a whirlwind and it’s dragging me along like a ragdoll!! I’ve never forgotten about my “”actual”” work, I can assure you indeed, but, my ability to get to my laptop to publish it has been absolutely horrendous on account of there never being enough time. Still, for those two or one of you who still read my work, when your bored, I’m curious, would you like to read some of my Warhammer 40k material while I continue to endeavor to get to my work on Warframe off my blasted Google Document and into the Pit? I know we’re on a Warframe forum to share Warframe related designs, but, I also know the Pit is likely extremely boring given it’s lack of updates (and, aside from me myself, how many folks delve into my archives of their own accord honestly?), I want to give you folks some eye candy while I grind out the eye-meal into delicious (maybe) eye-bread. Thoughts?
  8. Yowza, sorry this is taking so long, work has been kicking my tail in recently and I’ve only just gotten to get back to playing Warframe to recharge my resolve. Did check out a bit of the update recently, and, fascinatingly, I’ve run into two “ convergences” to add to my list of “Extremes Designer and my Brain Simpatico” thoughts. 1. My Dual Harpitrixes, an ancient set of pistols of mine, they bear a marked mechanical similarity to Granum’s newest design, the Tenet Diplos. 2. The Sisters themselves bring back memories of an old weapon of mine’s backstory use by an all female “poster children” Corpus military force, the Falcon Moagun. Heh, feel like I was stealing ideas from the future, years in the past.
  9. AH! I get ya, almost as a sort of declaration of superiority. “ Look! Even with all these bells and whistles crammed into every crevice, it STILL runs! Why? Because we are the Orokin!” Thats certainly a thought! Instead of coming up with entirely unique alternate fires for every weapon that didn’t already have one retroactively, perhaps there could be a set of “generic altfire” modifiers that GIVE them ones, kinda like Mass Effect Andromeda’s augmentation system, but, even more flexible. None of them would be NEARLY as strong as the ones with “native” alternate fires of course, but, if you really like an older weapon, but, need a little unorthodox edge to keep it on the field, slap one of these puppies on! AH, pardon me! Shivved by Occam’s Razor I’ve been! Intricate mountains out of stock less molehills. Ah, understandable! Alotta my own work finds it’s home in interstitial areas like that, holes that can or need to be filled. Same for me and my Warhammer work, my poor shuttered monster cops tales, and BioWare bingeing. Best kind of games for me are the ones that actually continue between sequels with actual consequences, much like some of the older events in Warframe, even if only in outward visuals. Heh, a double gun revolver perhaps? A futureworld-duckfoot? And how I WISH I could keep the road straight in my designs. With such a broad scale to work with designwise, it’s a bit difficult to figure out which suits to work with. The Rhino suit’s retroactive weapon specialization is going well, but, Once it’s complete, I can’t tell if I should go based on suit popularity or “oldness of breed” (Plus, an unfinished enemy weapon distracted me). Thoughts on the matter?
  10. Well sir, my Gandiva design editing mumblings put aside, I think I’ll give your Fost an eyeballing and have my opinion put up. Happy to see so many folks love to commentate on your work so much, shows you very much have a place here! Pah , enough of my babbling! Primary fire: Buckshot Secondary Fire Artist Notes First off, sorry for not coloring this one. Unfortunately, my art computer is BORKED (that’s bad) so I can’t be posting stuff with the same quality I otherwise might have. I’m quite adept at coming up with weapons dedicated to crowd control, guns that separately roll crit and status on impact and explosion, but as is… I don’t like doing the same thing too often. Plus, I don’t have as much energy for this as I used to. I’m not quitting, I still enjoy this game, I just… have less energy. I’m not burned out, I’m just not burning at both ends. I wonder what I could do to shake things up for myself. Probably post all that umbral ayatan lore I’ve sat on and promised people who read my thread on the warframe forums. That got… too depressive. Anyway. I wanted to create something that didn’t have a gimmick focused on precision (though admittedly… I might try that later) or a blast radius. So I figured “hey, why not make this?” Last time I was in a mood like this last year, I just made the Fedorova assault rifle, so right now I’m making a semiautomatic shotgun. The idea is that it’s just a semiautomatic combat shotgun that serves as a mid-road between stuff like the Corinth and Strun Wraith (and stuff I’ve made, like the Tenebrae and Neophytou) and autoshotguns. A niche that genuinely feels untapped here. In Warframe, you normally get something super spammy, or something that’s extremely slow. Or in the case of Strun Wraith, a shotgun that is somehow both at once. (Amazing) So this thing is meant to be somewhat in-between. I do worry that I made this thing too powerful relative to the Strun, but I figure the lower overall crit, better reload speed, and better fire rate give it a fairly well-defined niche. The slugs… are just because normally I add some kind of explosive altfire to shotguns, this time I’m adding a more precise altfire. Do something different, y'know. (Lost this data multiple times, so forgive me if I’m seemingly “short” in some of these, a bit frustrated.) AH, a “multiload” shotgun, for when you need multiple types of ammo loaded in to suit multiple needs! I almost feel like this could be a modifier for our series of pumps that already exist, selecting shell types through some manner of “press reload then 1, 2, 3, etc” system. Regarding making things harder for the opposition, I imagine gene-locking weaponry might work, but, I’m not sure if they could achieve it on the broad scale that the Grineer function at, maybe for their one-off breeds. Ah, adaptation, just the way the Orokin never wanted it. Never quite the same as what the original makers had in mind, but, inevitably Grineer-“worthy” in the end. Statistical Breakdown: Fire Rate= Greater then either of it’s kin to be sure, but, still surpassed by the “one-pump-champ” exergis and the “lead-filled corridor maker” drakgoon. Magazine= A healthy size to be sure, matched by only one other shotgun, the glass-glazed astilla. Reload Speed= On the heftier end of things, but, on the reasonable heftier end of things, as opposed to some of the more painful and grotesque wait times, such as the agony of the Arca Plasmor. Primary Evaluation- Damage= Just a few points shy of the kuva drakgoon, and well within the limits of shotgun damagewisedom! Pellet Count= . . . well shet, I can’t actually evaluate this particular aspect, or, at least, not in a timely manner! Blasted comparison system no longer exists on the wiki and my notes are empty in the pellet section. Curses! Status Chance= Paralleling the Strun Wraith in this category and, in the grand scheme of the gunaverse, sits in the land of averages. Critical Chance= Sits upon the lower enda average she does, but, in the average zone all the same! Fascinatingly, this is the only design I’ve seen that perfectly balanced the Critical/Status dichotomy, with every other shotgun that currently exists either being minutely or heavily toward one or the other. Interdasting funducational fact. Critical Multiplier= Completely and utterly average in totality. Secondary Evaluation- Damage= She sits in a zone that, in the current arsenal, does not exist! This empty zone is borderlined tween the lavos suit’s abnormal glaive-throwing Cedo and the rare Kuva-Khom damagewise. Status Chance= A brutal horror indeed! Only the convectrix is able to get a leg up upon this purveyor of bludgeoning blows. Critical Chance= Heh, parallels the Convectrix in more then one way here, both in numeric skew and percentages. Critical Damage= Only .1 above the average. Bottom Section Inputs: Heh, way I’ve seen it sir, even a bare sketch is more then capable of drawing a crowd! Completely understandable sir! It’s why I have multiple personal projects I do! When the wick begins to gutter and smoke, I move to another, where the flames seem to erupt anew at the expense of the other. Go right ahead! If I can be waylaid to write a three chapter story of the Sentients journey and evolution before somehow writing course and heading back to weapons, I think you can do the same! Depressing? Nonsense! I’d say this is far more of “being real”. Keeps the air clear, helps folks recall your more then just a production factory. At long last, I may complete my review! Apologies for the delay, but, rest assured, my heart and soul into each little dashpoint.
  11. How To How to S-Box Reminder For Self. Important Tool For Idea Display to Outside-of-Warframe Communities. SHRINE TO THE WALL CARVERS OF THE PIT'S CHTHONIC DEPTHS (Artistic Contributors) (Crafted over several hours circa 10/6/2017, sorry ladies and gents, been a fool) 1. EternalDrk Mako of (To Many Places To Recount Here) In the form of Binos (👇🏻), Baseline Feynman, Conatus, Juha and Shidan, "Grem Venusian Operation", Chemgoz, Hekatom, Picead (Outline), 2. BURNINGTITANIUM226 of "Lay-Z' Art's Concept, Fan Art, and stuffs " in the form of Exalted Feynman Skin+ Alternate Helm, 3. Sketch065 of "My 3D gallery" in the form of "Krancor Prototype Sketching", 4. Reaar of "I think... It's ... art?" in the form of the directly inspired "Loxodont AI tank ", "Broadside", "T.H.E.R.I./T.Y.R.A.N. Variant" 5. Anavi Ivy of "Anavi-Ivy's art blog" and "Anavi_Ivy's Art Archive" in the form of the "Grineer Headhunter Fan Concept", 6. evergreenmind of "Mistress Asimina (Art Gallery)" in the form of "I've already taken care a that", 7. Fluffywolf36 of "Fluffy's warframe concepts" in the form of "GUEST HOUR SUPER CREATE: Trokar Handcannon, by Unus (Grineer)", Picead (Colored Detailing), 8. Ammisro of Dark Sector 2 - Fan Concept [18/07/2018] in the form of "Spatali", 9. Huginthecrow of "STRENGTH TO THE GRINEER! Best faction additions/concepts, Grineer reinforcements; lots of units, weapons; lore and pictures; [NEW: Grineer reinforcements 2] [SOONtm: Kuva Inner Sanctum, Grineer Noble houses]" in the form of "Sphereophilia", Deimos Savage, Deimos Savage Handler, Deimos Ravager, Deimos Hussar, Deimos Arbalest, Deimos Ultra, Deimos Escuchon (All are in the Deimos Savage link), Deimos Patrolman/Commissar, Kwos Master/Kwos, Dotter Ballista, Dotter Feral Hulk, Dotter Tamed Hulk, Dotter Gun Hulk, Dotter Fire Keeper (All are in the Dotter Ballista link), 10. Almighty_Jado of "The Legion of Tau" in the form of "cataclysma_archgun_", 11. Scharkie1333 of https://twitter.com/Scharkie1333 in the form of https://imgur.com/FmegDed Post 1 Okay, so, after a significant amount of time having these ideas churning about inside my head, I figured I might as well finally try to share them with at least someone out here in the community while also blowing them all in one single thread so I don't spread them all over the forums and pollute other threads with em. In addition, rather then spew everything in a single go and prevent a wall of text the likes of which have only been seen in the darkest depths of the Internet, I'll post em one at a time to try to see if A) there's any interest in my thoughts, and/or B) prevent eyestrain. Weapon Designation: Gunblade Name Designation: Binos Phew, finally, three months with that idea floating around and nowhere to put it, make of it what you will. Addendum Circa 8/14/2016: To facilitate the actual ability to read my works, I will now put them down in a listing here on this first page while attempting to chop the verbose portions as much as possible, the original posts will remain to allow folks to read the soul shattering Hyper-descriptions if they garner a greater interest. This may fail horrifically. TABLE OF CONTENTS👇🏻 THE GREAT FACTION-WITHIN-THE-FACTIONS CONCEPTULIZATION: (Posts 22,23,24)= (Lobbyist Cardinals, Grineer Generations, and Technocyte Strains) Essentially, in order to spice things up a bit, I'd like to introduce a bit of variability to existing units by introducing various political parties, "generations", and strains to the existing factions that exist in "harmony" (insert uncontrollable guffaws here) with the main liners while pushing their own agendas through various alerts. THE GREAT FACTION-WITHIN- THE-FACTIONS CONCEPTUALIZATION PART DEUX: GODS AND HORRORS (Posts 102,110,117(UNFINISHED!) and Post 119)= (Sentient Qualia and Sentry Lobes) WARFRAMES: PRIMARY WEAPONS: Sniper Ammo: Rifle: Shotgun: Secondary Weapons: Melee Weapons: ENEMIES: LOCATIONS: MODIFICATIONS: RESKINS (Pseudo-Tenno-Generated): Melee= SYNDICATES: CONCLAVE SUPPLEMENTS: EXPANSION PACK(S): And here we are for now. Hope this helps. Time to start numbering the posts. Addendum of the Addendum Circa 9/6/2016 To assist my mostly silent viewership in further viewing, I'll be placing the top concepts which folks currently seem to enjoy most right here for quality purposes (after all, if folks have no time to read EVERY SINGLE LAST entry of my pages, why not enjoy the highlights reel instead?) The Voted List List of Update Times Below: P-T SELECTED CONCEPT 1E. Void Energy "Tuning Fork", Conatus (Post 86 ) ((1 D.E. Megan Vote!)) (((3 ""normal" but extremely appreciated" votes))) ((((Art-Get!)))) (resumption of normality starts here<-) 1A. Corpus Industrial Tool-Turned Defense Weapon, Binos (See First Post) . ((23 Votes)) 2A. Particle Manipulator and Nano-technological Wonder, Feynman(Post 14). ((4 Votes)) (((Art-Added!))) 3A. Tenno-Crafted Embodiment of Balance, Juha and Shidan (Post 32). ((3 Votes)) (((Artified!))) 1B. THE GREAT FACTION-WITHIN-THE-FACTIONS CONCEPTUALIZATION: The Grineer Generations ((7 Votes)) (Post 23) 1C. Militiamen's Salvage Rifle, Picead (Post 82) ((4 Votes)) 1D. Subtle And Horrifying Fanblade, Chemgoz. (Post 91)((2 Vote)) (((Artified!))) 1E. Illegal Corpo-Grinic Gunglove, Goregrep (Post 93) ((2 Vote)) 1F and 2F. THE GREAT FACTION-WITHIN- THE-FACTIONS CONCEPTUALIZATION PART DEUX: GODS AND HORRORS (Posts 102, 110, and 117)((2 Votes for 102, 3 Votes for 110, 2 Vote for 117 ) 1G. Grinnic Suicide Beacon, Markhor (For the Prova)(Post 171) ((1 Vote) 1H. Extremophile Spewing Napalm Pistol, Hekatom (Post 85) (4 Vote) ((Artified!)) 1I. THE GREAT FACTION-WITHIN-THE-FACTIONS CONCEPTUALIZATION: (Post 24) = (TECHNOCYTE STRAINS) (4 Vote) . 1J. Grineer Mortar Rifle, Zor (Post 7) (2 Votes). 1K. Cephalon-Monitored Particle Vacuum, Betacore :suda:(Post 87) ((2 Vote)). 1L. Grineer Beast Controllers/ Hovering Beast-of-Burden, Kwos Master/Kwos :grineer:/:grineer:(Post 245) ((3 Vote)). 1M. Red Revolutionary Robots, the Free M.O.A. Front (Post 232) ((2 Votes)). 2M. Eco-Fanatical Combat Slur-Arbalest, Gandiva:loka:(Post 90) ((4 Votes)). 3M. THE GREAT FACTION-WITHIN-THE-FACTIONS CONCEPTUALIZATION: (Posts 22) =(LOBBYIST CARDINALS) ((4 Votes)). 1N. Grineer Manufactured Crankgun, Krancor :grineer:(Post 26) ((2 Votes)). 1O. Long Range Opportunistic Infested Mass, Broadside :infested:(Post 19) ((2 Votes)). 1P. Corpus Rail-Assisted Man-Hunting Rifle, Fusillee :corpus:(Post 11) ((2 Vote)). 2P. Ambush M.O.A. Human Analog, Approximate :corpus:(Post 12) ((1 Vote)). 3P. Dearly Departed Grineer-Turned Android, Avatar :grineer:(Post 13) ((1 Vote)). 4P. New Faction Junker Gun, Xahunteper (Post 15) ((1 Vote)). 5P. Detritus Void World: Spatili (Post 17) ((1 Vote)). 6P. Medical Device Converted to Assassin's Weapon, Panac :corpus:(Post 21) ((1 Vote)). 7P. Pneumatic Industrial Waste Launcher, Eillew :grineer:(Post 49) ((1 Vote)). 8P. Adjustable Rocket Pilla, Bastek :grineer:(Post 52) ((2 Votes)). 9P. Anti-Infested Infested Cat-O-Nine-Tails, Cnido :infested:(Post 73) ((1 Vote)). 10P. Predatory Throwing Proxy, Garid :corpus:(Post 75) ((1 Vote)). 11P. Integrated Machete-Cable Blades, Sluagh :grineer:(Post 76) ((1 Vote)). 12P. Consumer Approved Electrical Rifle, Fermat :perrin:(Post 88) ((3 Votes)). 13P. Unfathomed Technocyte Horrors, Troglocytes :infested:? (Post 244) ((1 Vote)). 14P. Crucible and Warzone Mode (Post 258) ((1 Votes)). 15P. Restless Depths= (Post 260) ((2 Votes)). 16P. Warframe Empowerment Modifications (Post 298) ((1 Votes)). 1Q. The Polymerase System (Post 299) (1 Vote). 2Q. Remnant Of A Sordid Past, Duel Stigmas/ Duel Cains (Post 321) (( 3 Votes)). 1R. Medical Device Converted to Assassin's Weapon, Panac :corpus:(Post 21) (1 Vote). 2R. Counter-Tenno Grin-Ops, Headhunter :grineer: (Arted Artfully) ((Post 51)) (1 Vote). 4R. Adaptive Elemental Nano-Forge Projection Gun, Commuta :corpus:(Post 53) ((1 Vote)). 5R. Magazine-Emptying Burst Pistol, Clepa :grineer:(Post 56) ((1 Vote)). 6R. Anti-Infested Infested Cat-O-Nine-Tails, Cnido :infested:(Post 73). ((1 Vote)). 7R. Lethal Compliance Morphic Pistol, Aquitas (Post 327) ((2 Votes)). 8R. Battlefield Salvage Modifications List (Post 338) ((1 Votes)). 9R. Leeching Nano-Caster, Pacnurak (Post 343) ((1 Vote)). 10R. Gift of the Unum, Speculari (Post 352) ((1 Vote)). 1S. Old Corpus Shotgun/Grenade Launcher Combigun, Tedlar ( Post 25) ((1 Vote)). 2S. Hallway-Purging Ball-Lightning Emitter, Ekembo :corpus:(Post 129) (Art-Getted!). T1. Fault Ridden Desperate Solution, Nigradari (Post 176) ((1 Vote)) T2. Massive Saurian Industrial/Military Proxies, T.H.E.R.I./T.Y.R.A.N. (Post 333) ((1 Vote)) T3. Swordflesh Terror Drones, Buzzers (Post 535) ((2 Votes)) U1. Swordflesh Smartblade, Lakynigos (Post 679) ((3 Votes)) V1. Bio-mechanical Helminth Injection-Construct, Spartoi (Post 704) ((2 Votes)) V2. Swordflesh Mind-scramble Adjusting Burst Rifle, Phobeter (Post 721) ((1 Vote)) V3. The Onslaughter Invasion= (Post 623) ((1 Vote)) V4. Burstfire Deimos Shotgun, Montu (Post 633) ((1 Vote))
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