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  1. Doesn't serene storm have a combo that pulls enemies towards you?  That would at least help with ragdolling enemies everywhere and keeping the target in front of you for better DPS.  have you tried that? of course that would only be useful to a certain enemy level...  (I'm on console, so just basing these thoughts off of the devstream)

  2. Warframe resonated with me so much back in the early days because i had all this cool head canon that the warframes were ancient, silent warriors that had somehow been transported to the future and augmented with scifi armor and weapons. So, like many others, I naturally did not want to accept the idea of the kid operator after the second dream. eventually i tried to switch up my perspective and came around to the idea of the tenno child being the game's protagonist. 

    Now what bothers me about the kid Tenno being the focus is the dissonance between the lore surrounding the tenno/operators and what we see in gameplay/quests.  It seems to me that the lore points to the tenno as a highly disciplined, legendary faction of warriors with their own laws and code.  then you are slapped in the face with your 12 year old saying goofy ass things and telling Teshin to "quite calling me a child".  they act exactly how they look - like children.  That wouldnt be a problem if the lore didnt reference all this amazing history and descriptions ancient tenno culture...it just doesnt connect and kinda kills my warframe lore boner.

    So what is it?  Are the tenno actually just 12 year olds and then slept for generations and are angsty? or are they millennia old beings who physically look and act like children for some reason, disregarding everything that is written about the Tenno sect?  Lorehounds, tell me what im missing!     

  3. On 2018-08-28 at 12:13 AM, entity747 said:

    Will DE fix it somehow?I'm sad.

    Nah.  All i know is Volt, harrow, rhino, chroma, and trinity better be downright worthless against the big spider boss on Venus to make up for the irritating demand that the nerds have for eidolon hunts lol

  4. 20 minutes ago, Buddhakingpen said:

    at least someone actually brings up that the lack of status hurts him later on. I've done the huras thing tho. I actually have no problem surviving with him into the high level 100's.  

    The thing is, i think from a design perspective every frame with the right player and the right build should be able to play for as long as they want. Every frame should scale with enemy level, regardless of content, either through cc, or through damage. Atlas does a LOT of damage, but it has a limit, and his cc actively removes the ability to do your damage as well in the later stages. Yes, i'm speaking from the perspective of an endurance runner, but from a design aspect, every frame should be able to manage in any situation given the right tools. Atlas' design by nature gives him a hard limit. 

    The fact that people are arguing that this hard limit just doesnt exist was baffling to me, then i realized that endurance runners are the extreme minority, and most ppl are content one punching level 90's because "there is no endgame". Meh

    Oh ya im totally in agreement with you! i dont know squat about khora but i am an avid atlas main and know every thing is to know about the guy.  You analysis on him is spot on.  To me he is still the most fun to play by far over any frame, but his endurance run threshold is low and that is irritating.  as you mentioned, his moves need more utility.  In order for me to succeed with Atlas and not die instantly on MOT for an hour is to incorporate all of these tricks (like perma invis huras kubrow, armor stripping pox, arcanes, lots of energy pizzas, etc), but i can just run around willy nilly with excal and spam radial blind and EB with no advanced setup against 100+ lvl enemies.  His 2 and 4 are just so bad (2 is even worse than 4) that there's no point to even propose ways to make them better.  Just gotta keep on livin life with that 1 and 3.  Oh well, part of the fun for me has been figuring ways to make Atlas go as far as I can take him by utilizing as much gear as possible.  And again, my eyes start to roll back in my head after 60 mins on MOT and my thumb hurts from mashing 1 lol. 

  5. On 2018-08-27 at 2:28 AM, Buddhakingpen said:

    It might seem like a stretch to compare them, but as a player that likes atlas, it sucks to see that i could take khora, and do what he does, but be safer while providing the team with cc (not to mention, cc that doesnt turn off status effects), still provide a distraction with venari, with even venari herself providing more utility. As a tradeoff atlas gets... armor?  

    The comparison in my mind of course started with the fact that they had  "exalted" 1's. And thats what made me mad when i realized what was going on. 

    Atlas gets 350 base damage which, at a decreased cost, can increase in damage by up to 4 times with nearly no supplementary stats.  Khora has 300 base damage with no built in combo multiplier. Thing is, khora's 1 not only has respectable supplementary stats (in which a crit could potentially deal more than 4 times base damage, plus get a status proc) but its RANGED, so she doesnt have to put herself in danger! While the argument could be made that atlas gets invincibility on the cast of his landslide whereas whipclaw doesnt, the reality is, he puts himself directly next to his threats, and he's only invincible during the casting animation, so once theres no target in his 15 meter punching range, he's gonna get tagged, as he has no radial cc or protection outside of armor. And seeing as tectonics is cast based on atlas' perspective and not the cameras, even if you swing the camera around fast enough to try to throw up a wall to catch those incoming bullets, the wall will probably not be lined up properly

    Seeing as landslide is atlas' best move, and whipclaw isnt even khoras, you can see it can all only go downhill from here. Ensnare not only provides cc, it gives a damage multiplier to her damage abiliy. Strangledome provides both cc, and a damage debuff for your team to work with. I mention these because atlas of course has petrify which also provides a damage debuff... but then shoots the team in the foot because it prevents status procs, meaning LESS damage. 

    Venari can heal teammates, and certain objectives, can strip armor, and disarm enemies... rumblers punch things.  Providing an underappreciated amount of cc over time, to be fair, but thats it. 

    I'm really not trying to dump on atlas, i love him, but once i saw how good khora was over atlas, it made me frustrated. I've tried combos like using a ferrox+unairus sundering dash to group enemies and strip their armor, when i play endurance runs, i use landslide, then hop right into operator mode so that i dont instantly die, I use walls as decoys... I've found ways to make atlas work regardless of enemy level... but the fact that khora exists, provides more cc, and doesnt really have to be "made" to work, while having the same levels of melee damage as atlas (if not more, considering she has two ways to multiply whiplaws damage, plus crit,  plus status procs), without needing to put her body on the line to do it, her companion has more utility and does more damage than atlas' rumblers, and her cc doesnt remove the ability to proc status effects... Literally all he has over khora is armor

    At the very least atlas needs a gimmick besides "high dps melee caster"  if he's going to be destroyed so handily by another frames kit. I'm not a fan of comparing frames without looking within the context of their kit.... But theres nothing atlas provides in his kit that khora doesnt, and she does it better. Thats when there's a problem. 


    TL;DR-Fix atlas. I know he was just buffed a few months ago, but the janky coding in "freeze" cc lowers dps, tectonics being cast based on atlas' position and not the camera prevents him from being able to protect himself at a moments notice if the threat isnt directly ahead of him, and having similiar base damage to khoras whipclaw, but none of the supplemental stats to back it up, while also throwing his body into danger, just makes it subpar in every way. He's still fun tho. 


    Want to know my Atlas hack??? Equip a huras kubrow and then be invisible while punching everything to death and laughing along the way!!  As you mentioned, this stops being effective once you hit level 150/175 or so.  then the lack of status hurts.  But honestly how can you stand staying on MOT Survival longer than 60 to 90 mins?? My eyes start to bleed.  If you equip a pox then you can target the heavy armored units and still fist em good.  Try out the Huras Kubrow and i know you'll love it!!  It's like a personal Naramon shadow step just for your atlas 🙂

  6. *Disclaimer - This is not a "this game is too easy" thread.  This has nothing to do with gameplay*

    beating up cloned grineer who's legs are falling doesn't feel that cool, even if they are coming at you in the thousands (which IS cool).  Same goes for knocking around a bunch of space Janitors with goofy helmets and laser guns (corpus).  I will say that the special units like the grineer manics, Gustrag 3, etc and corpus robots like zanuka/Lynx/hyena pack are pretty fun...

    That being said, I think it would be cool to face enemies that are super powered like us.  Even though when the Stalker shows up we all laugh and I begin to spam 1 with Atlas, I still enjoy it because I am fighting a being with supernatural/celestial/whatever powers just like i have.  I feel like the star chart bosses should lore wise be monstrous power houses, but the only ones that feel strong and threatening is Vay Hek in his Birdybot.  There are enemies like the Razorback and Eidolons who I like just because of their sheer size (looking forward to big spider biatch), but they don't quite cut it for me.  Maybe I will get my wish with the incoming Sentient horde.

    TL;DR - I have a minor gripe about this game not having any supernaturally powerful enemies (besides stalker and acolytes) that can match the awe and power of us Tenno (lore wise). 

    Perhaps someone can prove me wrong and change my perspective on the strengths (besides numbers) of our enemies!

  7. 3 minutes ago, OoKeNnEtHoO said:

    There is one thing I am not sure of though.

    How do we make the regular (non-Prime) frames nowadays?

    Do we kidnap grineers or something?

    This is what i want to know, so glad you asked.  I think we just collect infested materials and use a meat tenderizer hammer to pack the infested meat into the tinsuits, hook up some neural sensors, then put them in the microwave.  and boom Warframe

  8. 8 minutes ago, RetroNomad said:

    When looking at it in terms of a trilogy I find it's completed.
    >Who are you
    >What was your role/Role of others
    >What are the Warframes

    This entire trillogy has been about You as a tenno and the lore behind the war and warframes.
    With the ending, I take it as a clear indication we are moving on to new things and a story that's not about the past but the present and events coming up now that we have answers to every burning question we've had.

    Think of this as a seasons ending in a T.V. show like GoT. Lots of answers. Huge twist cliff hanger.

    So what are warframes? Ive spoiled myself on the sacrifice quest but didn't see anything about what general warframes are...

  9. 2 minutes ago, SteamlordD said:

    The only thing this answers is the question of what warframes are, and anyone who was paying attention already knew. The big villain was a terrible let-down, nothing more than a few trash mobs and that's it? GG? Nothing new to do after finishing the quest? Just wait until a month after Tennocon for the Venus update and hope that isn't another disaster like PoE I guess.

    What are warframes? I've spoiled myself on the sacrifice quest but didn't see anything about what general warframes are...enlighten me!

  10. 13 minutes ago, LazerSkink said:


    okay am still in super duper denial am so sad am cry, but here

    Sacrifice Spoilers in the briefest, most unorganized fashion ever


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    1. Umbra is daddy dearest of little Dax known as Isaah
    2. Isaah done got killed by Umbra (previously Isaah papi) under control of Ballas
    3. We fuse with Umbra through memories and persuade him we have the same goal
    4. We fight Ballas
    5. We stab him
    6. I think he may be dead, but not sure
    7. Decent sized purple Sentient descends from sky
    9. She says something like "Through bleak stars, mother, I am coming home." and leaves with all the Sentients
    10. Back to ship
    11. Ordis asks if it was Lotus
    12. Operator says no, that isn't the Lotus
    13. Operator says they know what they have to do
    14. QUEST. ENDS.




    OoOoOoOo thanks for summary. Sounds juicy. Does it answer wtf warframes actually are?? Based on the summary it seems no....

  11. On 2018-06-10 at 5:04 AM, (PS4)Shade253 said:

    What’s up with this enemy?

    its basically unkillable for me. 

    I know about it’s weak point on its back but it can shockwave repeatedly and turns around pretty fast. 

    I don’t get how these are standard enemies for me when I can go through all the ammo I have and barely make a dent in them while I’m solo. 

    At the moment I’d they appear o straight up just try to ignore them and run away.. which isn’t fun because then another alarm sounds and now I have 3 bursas chasing time throughout the level and I basically just quit. 

    Get an Atlas, load up with strength, smash 1 a few times.  Dead Bursa.

    Those stupid Juggernaughts though...

  12. I was standing next to a grineer eximus unit in the plains and i took time to stand next to it and observe it before splitting it in half. I realized that thing is like 4m tall and it made me wonder if its expained WHY they are so big anywhere where in the games lore, especially since every faction has massive eximus units.For gameplay purposes I'm sure it's to show the player that the enemy is a greater threat and very powerful...is that really it?

  13. So i think i read that the Teralyst's synovia have less armor, but maybe i missed other bits....Unless i played a support frame, i always had a hard time keeping the lures alive while playing solo.  After the update the Lures seem mega tanky and I can use any frame to solo the Teralyst!  This makes me happy because i have openly complained about feeling forced to play a meta healer frame if i choose to play solo, but now it seems much easier to solo with any frame.  So can anyone confirm?

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