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  1. 25 minutes ago, (PS4)Loki1211 said:

    Steve has been tweeting about it recently.


    beat me to it! I think this shows that they are zeroing in a final build to submit to Sony and Michaelsoft.  So we will get it in 2 weeks: they will probably submit late this week and then since this update is so feckin huge the Cert process will probably take 1.5 weeks.

  2. Just now, Kurokoz said:

    Lotus does say the meteors are landing outside of Cetus so that could mean the normal Earth tileset. And it's not like they have put 0 thought into what is going on with consoles but they are fairly limited by Microsoft and Sony.

    That's true good thinkin...

    And yes we all know that they are handcuffed by microsoft and sony, but in the past they have simply said something along the lines of "X unfortunately did not make it through Cert and will be released in the next update".  Instead they haven't said a word about console besides PoE being soon/november.  that's why i think that they just don't know exactly where things will fall, so instead they aren't saying anything.  which actually would be smart if that's the case.  Maybe they will surprise us :)

  3. I have done nothing but whine and complain like a ween on these boards for a solid week...Trying to see when Tennogen round 10 will come out and getting no answer from anyone. There seems to be something going on for them to be completely silent on the matter because normally they will at least tell you if there will be a long while to wait or if it coming soon.  Everything else has been business as usual and being great community managers.

    I then got to thinking about this meteor falling from the sky in the plains and hearing speculation that it could be a halloween event...So would that mean that consoles wouldn't get a halloween event either since PoE is obviously not on consoles yet?  so no tennogen, halloween event, or any content until PoE launches in what is likely to be late november for consoles?

    At this point I'm totally over not getting tennogen with pc, S#&$ happens, but I just want to know if DE plans on doing anything for console before PoE.  If not, I'm totally cool with that, just want to hear something, which typically they are very good at letting us know.  I am obviously being presumptuous and impatient, so shame on me i guess,  but like, one sentence would suffice :). Maybe DE themselves are just at a loss for what the console roadmap is...

  4. For those asking about the terrible way that we found out about a not so simultaneous round 10 release, start watching the vid at 21:14.  You will see Megan say that round 10 will be simultaneous and rebecca squash that thought.  and Megan is even like, "well didnt we make everyone submit their skins so that we could release together?  And Rebecca is just like, "uh no".  then they don't elaborate. and then ignore us. all of us. Which is uncharacteristic of them.  so either something bad is happening and we will never see round 10 on console or it will be releasing monday or tuesday...again, go to 21:14 to hear the tennogen console stuff.



  5. 9 hours ago, (Xbox One)Mythic Lord 03 said:

    You really haven't played it have you... after the release on pc, they actually nerfed the "grindfest" because it was too grindy... and you won't have to re-farm the focus schools because they refund you all the focus you put into them in the first place... I honestly don't know why you hate this kind of update for the game... it sounds to me like you quit playing Warframe a while ago but still want to be a part of the community, so you start criticizing every detail. Wait to play POE for yourself, then you can criticize it if you really hate it, but stop going with everyone else's opinion.

    Lol have you played it yet on your xbox though?

  6. 25 minutes ago, (PS4)jaegerbombtastic said:

    I mean, yeah I’m upset about the skins, but I get pc gets things first. Actually, I’m fine with that. What I’m upset about is DE leaving us in the dark. They could at least say “Hey console Tenno, something’s come up and we can’t get it to you in time”, or something. Don’t have to go into detail, but a little something would be nice versus leaving us in the dark.

     I’m sure they have their reasons, though. At least I hope so.

    Agreed. I'm HOPING that they drop an update on Halloween day that includes tennogen and that's why they've been quiet. Normally they are good at telling us things so that could be why....probably not though and I will spam these forums with fingers of rage.

  7. I think nobody at DE actually knows when this will be available for console. In my three to four years of playing this game I've never seen them be completely silent about something for this long and just not answer anybody.  Even all the community ladies are ignoring all console tennogen questions on twitter. Basically pretending it doesn't exist until somebody there figures it out.

  8. 2 hours ago, Avynire said:

    Unfortunately for op, DE said on twitch con it will not simultaneously release to all platforms. But let's hope for the best.

    Might I add that the way we found out from rebecca was very disappointing and uncharacteristic of her. "Wait you really have been thinking that tennogen round 10 would release simultaneously on all platforms like we've been saying since August? Well you're dumb because we didn't make the deadline sucks to suck." That's my translation of how it went down on the stream lol. Seriously I'm really bummed

  9. 8 minutes ago, (PS4)SippyCupShinobi said:

    My main issue with this whole situation is that these amazing content creators were put under extra stress to not only provide amazing Halloween themed skins but to also make that August deadline. The reason for that deadline was to make a simultaneous release on time for Halloween. DE made it very clear that this was the intention behind wanting submissions so far in advance. Have any of you seen the work that some of these creators have come up with since the August deadline? Faven's Graxx skins for Vauban and Harrow are out of this world phenomenal. That Octavia skin by Lukinu, omg! Hitsusan's working on fixing his incredible Saryn skin. All these ideas could've made the cut if this Halloween theme wasn't pushed for. The push wasn't the problem in the end, the fact that it amounts to yet another delayed release for consoles is the problem.

    And still no word from anyone on when we can expect it, not even a date for PC yet! All we got was that confirmation from Space Mom during TwitchCon about it not being simultaneous anymore.

    And the way that rebecca shrugged it off so lightly felt bad. The way she just dismissed Megan was uncharacteristic...she was like, "have you been telling people it would release simultaneously?" Almost like it was news to her....well rebecca your freakin company has been telling everyone that you were probably going to have a simultaneous release befoee Halloween so don't act like Megan was doing anything wrong by assuming that what her company said would probably happen would happen. And then just mic drop after you shatter our hopes and dreams....lol thanks!

  10. 2 hours ago, JSharpie said:

    See, these salt posts offer nothing to anyone. Yeah it sucks, but get over it. I say that in the nicest way possible, but ranting on the forums about something out of your control, and probably out of DE's control helps no one, and possibly only hurts you.

    Agreed that salt post more often than not come off pathetic.  But this time I agree with OP. DE has publicized that they would likely release tennogen round 10 simultaneously on all platforms  and now that is not happening..even worse, on primetime Megan and Rebecca were not on the same page. Megan thought they were releasing simultaneously and Rebecca shut that down. Honestly,  rebeccas nonchalant response to console players' expectations caught me off guard and disappointed me quite a bit. It's probably sony/Microsofts fault but she shrugged it off like it was nothing even though this is all console players have to look forward to until poe. In my opinion, not very good communication to console players and #feelsbadman. Rebecca said, "have you been telling people that it will be releasing simultaneously?" Uhhhh YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN SAYING SIMULTANEOUS RELEASE SINCE AUGUST! So don't give us that S#&$. 

  11. 2 hours ago, (PS4)SippyCupShinobi said:

    Sooo...Rebecca just confirmed on the TwitchCon episode of Prime Time that this Tennogen release won't be simultaneous as promised. When were they planning on telling us console players? We expected a huge wait for PoE but now this? What was the point of the early submissions and approvals for this?

    Now that the cat's finally out of the bag...when can us console players, who had something to look forward to while we endure the long wait for PoE, expect these Tennogen items? Can we get an answer rather than silence?

    Seriously, Halloween is 10 days away. You gave us no indication that the promised and properly planned simultaneous release was being cancelled. We got no official news update. Instead we got the bad news during an impromptu prime time stream because Megan caught a viewer's question. Megan was surprised herself by the news, and Rebecca just shrugs it off like it's no big deal.

    Space mom, you crushed my soul.

    DE, you try your hardest to keep console players out of the cold darkness and in the loop...but the fashionframe community on consoles have felt this lack of communication regarding Tennogen before. Please, do better. We love y'all

    We'll said. This is unacceptable and very disappointing. 

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