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  1. I was bummed too when I didn't see any Tennogen news. Maybe they are waiting for the New War to finish so we can do operator outfits or something.
  2. Your link is broken cause Newgrounds is down. I'll have to come back later and check it out. Edit - oh that looks amazing! I'll share my fancy hat concept too!
  3. Here it is on the workshop! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2384526574 This idea came from the suitcase gun we're getting in the future. So.. the idea of using actual credits as a throwing skin came to mind. I've already made one kunai skin, so why not another? maybe one day we can submit them. I will share the progress so far though! here was the concept i started with; originally i had an idea for a wallet for the holster but, didn't translate well to 3D so I went with something along the lines of this; here is the blade itself. i didn't want to copy a credit 1/1 but wanted to added more to it, like a handle; here it is put together and some quick textures baked out. gonna add some dirt and some corpus text on it then i'll submit it! i will probably add some more volume with it on the top as well my posing is horrble but here we go
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