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  1. Oh that’s a really good point Can’t believe I missed that :(
  2. You don't have to select the zip itself, just the folder it is in. I'll attach some screenshots to help explain it better. So what I usually do is make a folder called "Upload" so I can dump all the stuff in there that will be uploaded to the workshop. Then here is what the inside of the folder looks like, all the goodies including the Tennogen.Zip file that the upload looks for. And here is how it looks selected and ready for upload. I hope this helps!
  3. Feedback usually takes a while. You might have to request it once this round closes as well. They will let you know via comment under the developer section. That being said, most items require changes before they are accepted. In my experience, if you don not receive feedback/comments for the current round, they want some big changes for the next.
  4. you guys always make my day when you feature my art. thank you so much! ;_;
  5. Added Sevagoth his coat was a pain
  6. quick question regarding this, does it need to specifically say 'in-game resolution" on the screenshot or can the screen have shot be something like 1024x1024?
  7. just added the workshop link. thank you for the kind words!
  8. Here it is on the workshop! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2384526574 This idea came from the suitcase gun we're getting in the future. So.. the idea of using actual credits as a throwing skin came to mind. I've already made one kunai skin, so why not another? maybe one day we can submit them. I will share the progress so far though! here was the concept i started with; originally i had an idea for a wallet for the holster but, didn't translate well to 3D so I went with something along the lines of this;
  9. thanks! i looked a lot at the concept art that kaz did for the parazon to try and get the same kind of shapes out of it. i'm glad it reads as tenno.
  10. I haven't made a forum post here in a while so I thought I would share my latest creation The Petali Some of you may have already seen it on the workshop but I'll post every WIP screenshot I took of the process down below. Concept art Final high polys First texture test! Came out super promising on the first go Adding some dirt and more stuff to it Colors! It can't wait for feedback from DE to beef this sucker up. Also shout out to Reb who named it for me!
  11. I've done a few of these, I used to have a thread for them but I think its long gone to the void now. If I do more I will add them to this thread. Here is the latest one - Octavia - 3/3/2021 Sevagoth - 2/8/2021 Lavos - 12/16/2020 Protea - 9/9/2020 Wisp - Apr 21, 2019 Titania - May 22, 2016 Ember - Sep 13, 2015 Loki - Aug 16, 2015
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