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  1. Yes, I saw your post, give 50 creds on each rank. Taking into account the quote below (#1), I should just spend the wolf creds since they expire. This mention of 10 credits from me keeps cropping up. Why, one might ask? Well! Because like me, some people may not buy something(s) for a total increment of exactly 50 creds. I received 50 credits, same as everyone else, but I bought some stuff I didn't have...and guess what? Now...I have 10 creds. 10 creds is less than 15, which is the cheapest thing available as far as I see. What does this mean? It is possible for people to spend creds in such a manner that they don't end up with 0 creds. That was one point of my response to your suggestion and this line of responses. Sorry I wasn't clear. If you didn't plan your purchases completely optimally because there were things you needed/wanted and you didn't spend an increment of 50 creds...they're wasted at reset. I was just pointing out your suggestion (that kind of implied it would fix all issues with nightwave and the cred rewards) was still a little flawed. I mean, sure I might be able to buy more stuff with your suggestion if they don't adjust the offering costs for inflation. But at the end, I may still end up with creds that get wasted. And if they DO adjust the offering costs for inflation and we might just be back in the same boat. I guess if they made all offerings increments of 10, and had at least 1 10 cred offering, that would remove the problem of having extra credits. Also, you didn't tell me how to convert wolf creds into unexpiring nightwave creds. I really would like to do so, so my straggling 10 extra creds don't expire if I don't manage to spend them before the reset. Also, in regards to #1, they really should offer more interesting and possibly new stuff in there, not just as a rank reward. 🙂
  2. 1) Say you have 10 wolf creds... And the cheapest thing is 15 wolf creds... What are you going to spend it on? 3 out of a 5 pack of a Nitain or whatever? I don't think they break those up and besides you'd be left with 1 wolf cred. As to nightwave cred, please do tell how to do this. If we can switch wolf creds to a currency that doesn't expire, then my complaint is less pressing. Also, keep in mind, I'm on PC, and I'm assuming by the (NSW) tag in front of your name that you're playing on Switch...which means our experiences may vary. 2) If it's for anyone, then I can get behind that. I'm all for extra choice in things to do. 3) Yes, randomly generated or randomly chosen elite challenges would be most fair.
  3. 1) That still doesn't solve the issue of straggling wolf creds which cannot be spent towards the end of the series. That would also make the wolf cred "jackpot" rank reward either require additional wolf creds, or some other reward to replace that rank reward. Otherwise it'd be like getting nothing at that particular rank up. 2) How does one determine who is a newbie? And why should only newbies have access to those? If that's the case, then elites should be for vets only. Unless you mean that there are extra dailies for everyone, in which case, having more stuff to do is always nice. 3) That sounds like a rather cumbersome solution for the event. And it would exclude a lot of people who have no wish to join the forums. I suppose they could issue a vote in the Design Council to give the Design Council more stuff to do.
  4. Haha, I didn't want to get TOO greedy, but yeah. I'd totally rather have oxium or something. 🙂
  5. I wouldn't argue against free additional loot, though I thought the Syndicates already give you a choice from a selection of their offerings at each rank up? As to socializing, I don't mind, I just don't want to be forced to make/guilt a friend do a mission they may have already done. Timing is often an issue when trying to get these dailies/weeklies done. I've already added a number of people to my friends list, but some can't do the harder content so that also doesn't help.
  6. So far, I'm enjoying the new system with a few caveats... 1) While the old system required being around at the right time, overall it was much easier to get stuff even though it might be random. I think the wolf cred thing is a nice idea, HOWEVER, we are often left a few credits away from being able to buy something... and we will most likely end up having some credits laying around at the time they expire. If nothing else, it would be nice to have a 1 credit item we can buy, perhaps some crappy crafting material like alloy plate or something. 2) The influx of wolf creds is a bit slow. Not that I'm saying they should pour in like crazy, but it would be nicer to have the reward track trickle in some wolf creds at each level interspersed with the wolf cred level rewards with a larger wolf cred "jackpot" (as it currently does)... 3) I've run a ton of missions, and I've only had the Wolf spawn once, and he didn't even drop anything when I killed him. And I mean nothing. Maybe was a bug? Dunno. I ended up teabagging his corpse in frustration. 😉 I know the spawn rate is supposed to be low and rise as time goes on, but this is crazy low... 4) It's nice not being taunted with useless alerts such as Vauban part alerts/cosmetic skin alerts for those of us who already had them, but it was ALSO nice to be able to stock up on Nitain and Synthula and other rare resources more than is possible with the current system. Perhaps invasions can be tasked with this as an occasional additional source of the resources above using wolf creds. Support Corpus for Nitain, support Grineer for Synthula or Kuva, etc. 5) 60 minutes is a long time to be in a mission. Sure I sometimes go for a 60+ minute mission to farm some resource or another, but as a default mission requirement, perhaps the elite weekly should be 30 minutes? 60 minutes can be kind of boring to be doing one specific thing. What's next? Elite weekly: Harvest 20,000 cryotic in Excavation mode level 30 or higher...? 🙂 6) Remove the "with a friend or clanmate" requirement from all of the tasks. Often the people on my friends list have already done the daily/weekly by the time I can get around to doing them, or they're offline or busy, etc. And I know that clans are supposed to be a source of people to run missions with you, yadda yadda, but I've found that the clan I'm in usually ignores people who ask for help, etc. unless you're like one of 10 people who dominate clan chat. 🙂 I ended up asking if I could add a rando as a friend to get this task done at the time I'm ready to do it. Granted it got me someone I can play missions with, but still, annoying.
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