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  1. So basically if you jsut end up getting a horrible lich weapon roll for elemental %. Say its also an inferior element like accidentally getting a lich taht gives impact instead of an element. Having said lich weapon is still pointless then unless for some unknown reason you wanted to have a say "impact Drakgoon" over an elemental one... Thanks for the update but this still doesn't resolve the primary issue of duplicate weapon liches. Now with the transfer its a CHANCE a very slim chance but a chance none the less to NOT be an entire waste of time when you kill the larva and spawn a new lich and get a drastically inferior elemental %. Or you forgot to switch to a certain warframe to get a certain element. I think there needs to be a way to either reroll the lich entirely or a way to guarantee the % for the elemental bonus when defeating the lich larva. For example. When you fight the larva, the frame you use will dictate the elemental bonus but if you use weapons with said bonus damage on it the amount of damage dealt of that particular TYPE of elemental damage would dicate the overal bonus % once the lich is spawned. So if I used ember and used ignis with only heat damage on the ignis. I would get a heat elemental bonus due to ember and sicne I defeated the larva with PURELY heat only there would be a elemental bonus of 90%-100%. Numbers are relative ofc but this is simply an example. Since I have a worthless lich weapon, several infact that even with the valince transfer system they still are worthless since I would never transfer the inferior to a superior.
  2. Hopefully what's next is Chromas Toxic Elemental Ward. I just wish they would remove the forced 5M range on the toxic Aura. Range mods do nothing to increase or decrease it and it is insanely annoying. I have a build setup specifically for it but it wont do anything until enemies are within 5M and that is just soo stupidly short. Furthermore the mechanical side of the ability is pointless now since we insta-switch weapons now... So... I guess whens the rework on the functionality of the ability and whens my 5M range going to be allowed to extend further?
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