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  1. @Aisu9 @Ozymandias-13- If that's the case then a modified based Psychic bolts would indeed be the best option. Maybe instead of giving it debuff, give it the same incapacitation effect as the Psychic bolts Augment.
  2. @Birdframe_Prime I'd only start looking at replacing the 4 after the 1 is reworked and usable. Considering how there are no plans for reworking Absorb currently I'll stick with Assimilate tank. But I agree there's potential for many combinations depending on your playstyle.
  3. I think Mag was confirmed to be Pull. As for Ash I'm thinking they would pick Teleport for the same reason as my OP. Better to have it safe with instant mobility than instant debuff. Heat procs aren't nearly as instant as an ability, especially if the target is immune to status.
  4. I'm a 6 year Nyx main. Despite many wanting my head in a box, I actually very much like where she is now with the only exception of Mind control. Yes there are better CC frames, yes death is the best CC w/e. But she does what she's supposed to - debuffing, CC and tanking with Assimilate, letting your weapons do the damage. With the Helminth system fast approaching I wanted to voice my concern about her 2nd ability - Psychic bolts potentially being selected as the one to give out. This is a problem for 2 reasons: 1st - it's actually one of her signature abilities as a debuffer. As a non-dps frame this was her best way to complete The Steel Path without completely relying on cheese weapons. 2nd - If you give out the ability to strip all armor/shields instantly on a high DPS frame that otherwise has to rely on weapons, you got yourself a massive problem and a new meta. And let face it I'm sure many are already eyeballing this ability for that very reason. What needs to happen: Do NOT give out Psychic bolts. Rework Mind control and use that for Helminth in order to keep Nyx her significance. This can be done by making it function the same way as Titania's Lantern. Currently a Mind controlled target does abysmal damage and attracts very little attention. Here's how you fix it. - Significantly buff the damage output - Make enemies in a large radius make the Mind controlled target a First priority This way it acts both as mild CC and dishes out at least some considerable damage along with not being OP enough to give out on other frames.
  5. Honestly, it would be a far more enjoyable experience without the sortie modifiers... At least that way I'm not constantly forced to use cheese setups. And with those useless rewards? Hard pass. I really hope these enemy buffs don't become the standard for "veteran content" in the future...
  6. Game looks the same to me as always. Brightness&Contrast on 50. No issues in seeing in the dark. In fact I remember that turning off Adaptive exposure made the game way too bright so I've always kept it on.
  7. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
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