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  1. Kano

    Darvo's Totally Legit Sale

    Atlas is really easy to get
  2. Kano

    Notice: Operation Rathuum Event FAQ

    Guess sitting on draco didn't pay of for them.
  3. Kano

    Notice: Operation Rathuum Event FAQ

    If they don't one shot us we pretty much one shot them and cheese the mission, i found plenty of easy ways to do this mission i did the whole thing within like 1-2hours of it being out wasn't hard one bit.
  4. Kano

    Notice: Operation Rathuum Event FAQ

    So many people crying about the event yet it was super easy the logic.
  5. Kano

    Unable To Buy More Weapon Slots [Fixed]

    You only have 1p maybe thats why?
  6. Kano

    ,,emergency Exit'' You Say...

    This was weeks ago why you on about it now...
  7. Kano

    Anyone Else Not Getting Their Karak Wraith?

    Read red text or wait it out.
  8. Everyone should be having the same problem.
  9. I was kicked to loading screen aswell
  10. Kano

    The Dex Dakra Hype Megathread!

    25th - 1st i think.
  11. Awh bless you while your at it ask them to deactivate your account/forums saves us having to read your bull.
  12. moaning about a skin coming back is random if you got it a year ago, did you say you was sending a ticket in asking for money back? are DE going to ask for a year worth of using it back no so pipe down and get back to playing or quit if its so bad crying about 150p jeez go to the trading tab you will probz still sell synd weps for 150p.
  13. Making random paragraphs for what reason... to moan like a little girl why don't you just get back to playing it.