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  1. I'd keep Excalibur as a starter (for me he's kinda the poster boy, so he has to stay). Volt is ok(ish), but replaceable. Mag is to weak for a new player, lacking mods more than the others. I'd pick a more survivable caster like frost or saryn (even though the later might be a bit to strong).
  2. The major dislike i have with this event is, that it promotes passiveness. When you are past 200 points (kills) there is no reasen to put effort in the match. To earn pearls both draw, which the game counts as a win, and low score wins will be enough. That doesn't include people afking, but that the effort the player can put into the mission just is not rewarding. (Designing the level in a way, that prevents the bots from getting/shooting to you is another flaw). The game should have awarded points per kill (with a multiplier for the difficulity) 1. it would be less grindy 2. it would encourage people to fight
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