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  1. I actually edited my post to prevent an "immortal" exploit while you quoted me. Neat.
  2. Great. Here's one from someone who actually uses Limbo. Passive - Limbo moves 10% faster in the rift. Old passive removed. No more roll banish. No more roll portal. 1. Banish - Press to banish/unbanish yourself. Hold to attempt to banish allies/enemies. Allies get a prompt for 5 seconds. After the first 2 seconds of the prompt, they can press the use key to enter the rift or roll to refuse. Rolling no longer removes banish, but if you press the roll key during a roll, you remove it (so just tap it twice to remove). Allied non-players get banished instantly. Allies cannot be banished for 30 seconds if they refuse. If banish is timed out instead of refused, this doesn't apply. Now infinite duration (making limbo occasionally re-banish you brings nothing but annoyance). Augment (still Haven) now gives passive health regeneration while banished, like a lesser wisp mote. 2. Stasis - Now a toggled ability that doesn't block energy but still drains it (like desecrate). Enemies are frozen for 4 seconds, after which they move faster over Stasis's regular duration, up to 50% of original speed. No strength scaling. No duration scaling on the freeze, but inverse scaling on how fast they regain speed. Stasis has a cooldown on each enemy after its duration ends, so it can't be refreshed until then, but the 50% slow remains if you reapply it before then (if enemies are already affected when the cooldown ends, they re-freeze). 3 - Rift Coat - as the name implies, completely replaced, also a pun. Limbo buffs in an area around himself. All allies within range deal 50% bonus damage to enemies inside the rift, scaling with strength. Their weapons now damage enemies in the rift, even if they're outside of it. They can also damage enemies from within Cataclysm. They cannot damage non-rifted enemies if they're banished. Refreshable. Same duration as Cataclysm. Augment (Rift Drain) now grants 5 energy per enemy slain while the buff lasts, also scaling with strength. 4. Cataclysm - No longer shrinks over time. Augment (Rift Singularity) now pulls enemies towards the center of the cataclysm as soon as they enter (without ragdolling). I wrote this in less than ten minutes and I'm still confident in it.
  3. I will simply repeat what I stated earlier. No falloff. 100% on cautious shot. Make cautious shot work on all weapons or give us new versions. From a balancing perspective, explosives were never stronger than, say, a polearm or a chaining beam gun. People like them because blowing things up is fun. Don't nerf based on that. Let us have the damn weapons already. Thanks.
  4. Damage falloff needs to go. You've made a mistake, and I don't think the players will let it go. There was no reason to nerf the damage. There was no reason to make wide-area-weapons focused on killing single enemies. We already have amazing AOE weapons in the form of chaining beams. Just give us the damn explosives. I don't understand why you're so biased towards this weapon style. Cautious shot needs to be 100%. Needs to apply to all weapons. If not, release seperate versions. Why does only one weapon category let us remove an annoying mechanic? Having this option is already great, but why must there always be a horrible setback? If the above changes are made, then the addition of new weapons into the "staggering group" should be fine. Don't get me wrong - this is great progress compared to old self-damage, however, it's now time to finalize the change. There shouldn't be a step back for every step forward. Finish the job. Fix the damn weapons. Realize that fun does not make weapons powerful. Self-damage weapons are as strong as any other strong weapon and other AOE weapons that outclass them exist, that have no penalties for use. Finish the job. And for the love of god, don't just nudge it back. No 99% stagger resist, please. No 30% damage falloff (Edit: OH CMON) I've seen how you roll back things, DE. I've seen the degree of your refusal to remove things you've already made (even if it's for the greater good). Just do it right once, and be done with it already. Make the weapons as good as anything else. Bonus: "Explosive Weapons are strong, so there needs to be a downside" Polearms and whips cut entire rooms. Have no downsides. Beams chain across enemies and melt them. Have no downsides. Weapons such as pre-update Staticor, Quanta, etc all had large effect areas with no downsides. Saw little use outside of clearing rooms. A huge amount of warframes allow wide-area damage with no downsides. Explosive weapons? You gotta aim carefully for those, and you gotta use a mod slot on the rifles or you'll stagger. Sucks to be you if you're using another weapon type 🙂
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