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  1. Reworking an old boss. Trying to keep it simple but cover all that needs to be covered. Lephantis is a good basis so he doesn't really need a full rework, just a big update and polish. I ended up with what's still a fairly big list but made sure not to go overboard. Lephantis's Issues: Ammo runs out easily for some weapons. Lack of reason to fight after getting Nekros and equilbrium. Fight often too slow and boring. Waiting phases. Attacks too easy to dodge but lack indicators. (When you die you won't know what happened) Racist to melee. Annoying AI, W
  2. All in due time. I don't know if DE will care about swap speed or vacuum but the rest is definitely going to be worked on. Alot of players want conclave usable in pve, and alot of players want scaling rewards. With Zephyr around, ceiling caps might get removed. The only thing I don't know about is the trade chat. There's plenty of suggestions for fixes but they come and go and I haven't heard DE say much about chat 2.0. The market itself can also be very misguiding. Alot of information about dojos and bps in general is missing unless you know what you're doing beforehand!
  3. Accessories like skins and syandanas have nothing to do with frames themselves. If you bought the bundle but got no syandana, you have two things to do: -Make a thread in the bugs section here, so it gets fixed later -Go to support.warframe.com, log in, and write a ticket with what happened. You should get your syandana in a week or so. I imagine it might be longer since there's tons of bugs right now, but they always respond nicely.
  4. Behold! https://riven.market/ Probably the best place for now.
  5. There's a ton of things that I want to change in Warframe, for the better of course. ...This isn't one of them. I'll be perfectly honest, pay to win sucks, but pay to fashion is fine. Does this mean I wouldn't want Tennogen for plat? Hell naw, that would be super nice! It might happen in the future but it certainly ain't happening soon. Fact is you can buy a huge amount of fashionframe for plat or even for free from baro and events.Tennogen might be better but to say you can't make things look good without it is a huge lie. As a PS, the number one reason people use to defen
  6. You build the Synoid for status chance and plain speed. The normal Heliocor is crit-based, however. As these things go, Synoid will do better in lategame while the normal one will do tons of damage in early-mid levels. Considering you got reach on it, I'd slap on primed reach on either weapon and laugh at the enemies. Edit: A bit more in depth, Synoid uses the dualstat status chance mods, drifting contact and of course pressure point. This leaves you with two more slots, where i would put primed reach and your riven. Other choices for the last slot if you don't want
  7. I am more annoyed at having to take a deep meditative pause every time i use aerial melee while five enemies punch me into submission.
  8. You mentioned naramon invisibility. You should focus on this. Naramon can effectively keep you invincible. Considering that Nezha has the abilities he does, you could sustain it infinitely. Get a melee with stupid range. Atterax or a polearm, with reach. The new Guandao seems great for this actually. Build nezha for raw speed but also range. Focus on keeping your melee combo up at all times, with his ridiculous speed you will never run out, honestly. BUT IF YOU DO, simply cast 4 with your range, stunning everything enough for you to rebuild the combo for invis once more.
  9. Just gonna say that tennogen works out of steam. You just have to use steam to purchase it. I myself use some tennogens and almost never run the game with steam. It can work.
  10. A place where we can test out literally any appearance. It wouldn't save afterwards. It's a small empty room. -You can control its color, light intensity, etc. -You have all accessories, even prime ones while inside -You have all skins while inside. -You have all colors while inside. *If you favorite a color, it won't save when you exit unless you own the respectful palette. This place would allow people to test out a prime access/tennogen cosmetic before purchase. It would also allow in-depth skin testing and adjustments to fashionframe in a more reali
  11. take penta run adhesive blast fire penta at a loki, have him switch teleport you bladestorm and detonate the penta while you do it for that SICK EXTRA 350 DAMAGE
  12. Because it was the inside of the orbiter, which isn't directly exposed to the void?
  13. TTGL. To be honest, it isn't about the plot, or the characters, or the quality. (Not that I call it bad.) The message that TTGL has is the best part, and not much fiction can pull off a message as strong and well, good. I also like Fist of the North Star because it's freaking ridiculous but takes itself seriously, it also has a few actually nice fights in there, but i mainly watched it for the comedy.
  14. Surprisingly, Raptor and Sargeant have some unique abilities, although they are recycled (raptor having wacky shielding ala hek and homing missiles from jackal, sargeant having loki's invisibility). Of course though, there is no reason not to support this. On a side note, I'd love to see Sargeant as a badass normal type boss. Same appearance and all, but he demonstrates superior skill, like trying to snipe you several times, teleporting around, setting traps up for you, etc.
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