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  1. GUYS DO THE BOUNTIES, You cannot have the mask and the quest so you can't have the bp BUT you can have the parts with the bounties !!!
  2. Then leave this thread, switch off your computer and go work. Your welcome.
  3. Being mature is acting like Cephalon_Pestilence is. It's not getting angry at people because they're impatient.
  4. "Common sense" ? Telling people how to live is common sense. Ok. Thanks for the info.
  5. Stop acting so edgy please. I understand impatient people anger you but you are not their parents.
  6. I'm not saying it's the good solution, or i want them to do this, but having something in our hands, like just seeing nakaak having the mask would feel good ^^
  7. Yeah on "they never promised anything." the title says a lot :s
  8. Yeah but they know it's because we love what they do so much ❤️
  9. The answer i made to DeaHamlet can be for you too.
  10. You're right tho. I'm getting overhyped and frustrated but asking for nonfinished content is not a solution. That was stupid from me.
  11. Your comparaison is not right. You would be right if, like their studios had IRL trouble, that would be like bone breaking for one person. And i know how hard coding is, thanks, and lastly, if they say "coming friday" and at the last minute they say "hey we have a problem here, it's not working", i prefer having the update released with the bug, i will not mind at all bugs or problems, cause i know they will fix them in updates. The difference is between "ok it's released but it's not perfect YET, we just need a little patch but we need to sleep" that "ok you though you would get the update but you will get nothing".
  12. First please learn humour, second, how is that not an "appropriate compensation" ? I mean this litteraly cost them nothing it's just data, so it's not like i was asking pl or tennogen stuff. This is litteraly nothing for them. So if you have just a little bit of something to compensate, like overhype, then offering something that doesn't cost them anything is good in my opinion. it's just to say "we're sorry for raising your hopes up too much". I'm not asking for an apology letter. Hell i'm not even asking for the riven it was just a fun idea.
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