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The Way Of the AsurO

We Are Tenno, We Are One.

You are new to the ways of the AsurO.

But lay witness to our actions.

We are unlike other tenno.

Our way, is a way of Peace.

Our way, is a right of passage.

Our way, is a world of meaning.

Our way, is a union of power.

We wont think of you as members.

We will think of you our brothers and sister's.

We want you to feel as if you are part of something bigger.

Something larger then yourself, something that has true meaning.

We Want you to join us, and walk with us hand in hand.

As we spread our influence, and our way of life.

Across the system, to all tenno.

We Are Tenno.

We Are.




Join my clan today, we have 350+ members, we are active, mature and awesome!
We placed #14 in the moa event globally!
and alot of our members are VERY established, and they are here to help YOU!
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