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  1. Actually, the Valkyr Delusion skin did the same but was patched shortly after release. Thus, it can be adjusted. Of course it's up to Faven(or DE) if they choose to do so.
  2. I recently bought the Hydroid Graxx skin to put on my Hydroid P, but I noticed it's got some funky texture muck-ups around the prime accessories - primarily the shoulders and hands. I was curious if there was any chance of this being fixed?
  3. Seems not. Nova Visage is still bunged, at least on my end.
  4. Understood. Thanks alot for clearing all of that up! I hope it gets fixed soon and wish you the best of luck with your future projects. And wait eagerly to throw more money at you for your skins. And sorry again for my earlier grumpiness.
  5. Ah. I had a feeling that could have been the case. Glad to hear it (That it's not permanent) and I hope it gets fixed soon! Though is the other issue I mentioned a result of similar bug? There was a vague mention of changing some of your skins in the patch notes and I'm not sure if that was one of the changes or not.
  6. In the recent update which added the Tennis Ball Nova skin, I couldn't help but notice the sleek black trimmings of the Visage skin were changed to a much lighter grey- a lighter grey that can't be changed whatsoever and frankly sullies the whole colour theme I had. I just want to ask... why? What was wrong with the black? The texture work around her rump has also been changed for the worse; darker and with far less detail. It just looks like poor, flat where it used to have depth! Here's a screenshot demonstrating the downgrade in texture quality, as well as the comparison between the original black and newer silver. Is the silver just a bug? Because it just reeeeally doesn't fit. This skin was absolutely perfect, but now it's unusable. The needles reduction of detail on her rump also makes the skin look far more... eh. P.S: Apologies for salt. Infection has me rather irate.
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