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  1. I get your point but they are making the game for casuals and avaragejoes. They give no crap about veterans or who spends time in the game. DE done this time and time again. Show a "complex" content and than backpedal on it as hard as they can and make it as accesable as they can so an Mr 5 can play all the content without effort. Perfect example is Railjack. The original concept was much better but much more complex... now it's as complex as opening a door. >_> There is no reason to hide information from new players who you would want to stay, not get frustrated becouse they c
  2. Why???? Becouse they gone back AGAIN ON THEYR PROMISE...................... MECHS WERE SUPPOSED TO WORK IN ALLLLLLLLLLLLL MISSIONS NOT ONLY RAILJACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since DE gone back on almost every single idea they had in mind for Railjack I could not care at all and now Mechs are tied to only RAILJACK....................................................................
  3. For me timed crafts was acceptable becouse I still had a ton of other things to do while my crafts were done.
  4. Mesa + Brakk, Heavy attack build Stropha or some same category high burst stuff to get rid of Nox.
  5. Git gud in a fully PvE game. Kay Brad. >_>
  6. Warframe became overloaded with stuff to learn troughout the years. Popups and tip windows could help a lot to new players (should have on/off button in options and on by default) Maybe make Ordis usefull and make him give tips them dunno. A lot of new player met had no idea they can mod theyr weapons.....
  7. Im buying all the bundles they shown. THEY ALL LOOK SO GOD DAMN COOL!!!! GOSH...
  8. When can we play the normal missions with mechs?.... the event is over for a while now.
  9. When will we able to use Mechs in regular missions?...
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