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  1. I don't understand why the Arquebex projectile speed got buffed. When I think about the current state of Necramechs, I think primarily of Bonewidow and the absolutely atrocious state it's in: animation bugs with drawing Ironbride while Shield Maiden is active, the lack of any reason to cast Meathook, Shield Maiden and Firing Line simply not working, Ironbride mods not applying correctly, the model clipping into itself when crouching, the extremely long delay on ground slam attacks etc. If I had to consider Voidrig, I'd think of Necraweb Canister and Gravemines: these abilities aren't very impa
  2. The Arcana Isolation Vault drop tables seem to have several issues: the official tables list only the final stage of the bounty, and neither the tables nor in game list the blueprints for the Arum Spinosa or Sporothrix, despite the patch notes claiming the blueprints are found in the bounties.
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