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  1. My Xaku feedback. Xata's Whisper: Void damage is the worst damage type in game, having exactly no damage bonuses and being 25% resisted by Cloned Flesh and Fossilised health types. This, in addition to the low damage bonus provided by Xata's Whisper (26%) means this ability just isn't impactful. Proposed solutions: improve Void damage's damage bonuses: instead of the two resists, give Void damage a blanket 25% bonus vs all health types. This improves Xata's Whisper by making the damage bonus count for more. Additionally, I'd also like to see an improvement of Xata's Whisper's granted
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Returning to Helminth after a Subsume operation completed on Wisp VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Subsume a Wisp with default colouration. EXPECTED RESULT: A lotus flower with the colouration of Wisp should have appeared. OBSERVED RESULT: No flower at all appears. Testimony from another player who subsumed Wisp mentioned no flower appearing for them, while a third player who subsumed Chroma instead noticed a flower appearing as expected. REPRODUCTION RATE: The flower does not appear despite reloading the Orbiter or closing and relaunching the
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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