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  1. I been thinking for a while now to rename clan I did just made and been active for a while now. However I want to change the name and emblem too. While I do know there are option and know how the emblem work. I just not have the courage to press the button for the rename as I don't want to rename it instantly and get my platin away. So... My Question: How many letter am I allow to use? Is there Limited of letters or symbols? If I press it on my Account Manage to rename , will it instantly take my platin or will I be going through test and check if the Name is available or not. Also
  2. In that case I would go direct to support as myself didn't got stuck like that at all.
  3. No problem you did that because I didn't make it clear i just update it :)
  4. 1+ Since you deserve that for clear explanation I'll will take that and put in OP with the credit goes to you as well. :)
  5. You could try, but remember I speaking of stun not Kockdown recovery and knockdown
  6. Sorry but you're the one that has the bubble broke as those are for recovery and knockdown and not Stun.
  7. I kinda agree that PvP the effect would not be able to use but the second one with a little damage reduction :) thanks for reply since many seem not understand what I say. Maybe I just lacking on english here, hehe.
  8. Not the way I mention it. Yes for recovery it does however the enemy can stun you and that is something different from Knockdown.
  9. Well I correct a little now :P English is not my native language and I do mistake here and there. But if that comment is the best you can pull of then I'm sorry for you.
  10. That's truth yet It's just about as a Idea because as empty as it is now it could still be better I guess. Thanks for the reply
  11. I never found that method any good also thanks to the bounce and self damage by explosion not good a enough for those drawback. Thanks for reply
  12. I see Thanks for you reply I didn't know that :) Have a nice day.
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