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  1. Nichivo

    K-Drive Nerf??

    It's is faster! hint you do not have to leave the pipe. MR means nothing! I can say that since I am MR 26. PS Whatever you do don't use the search feature. There are plenty of people that have noticed the multiplier being inconsistent now.
  2. Nichivo

    K-Drive Nerf??

    Pipe grinding is not only more fun, but faster than pearl. I'm a streamer it's not just for myself. You did not even notice the clipping on the tail of the k drives, why would I expect you to notice the non consistent multiplier?
  3. Nichivo

    K-Drive Nerf??

    If by odd stuff you mean grinding pipe with legit tricks to gain rep, instead of a no talent circle jerk on pearl. Then yes I am doing odd stuffs which is why I have noticed the Multiplier is not working consistently now. It really only added 2 minutes to me getting max rep. The clipping issue and some of the other things actually bugs me a little though.
  4. Nichivo

    K-Drive Nerf??

    It's inconsistent you can repeat the exact same thing ten times and get different results on some attempts. Mount a pipe the same way get a x5 x7 or x9 multiplier. grind said pipe launch into a backside clutch planker before landing back to a grind on pipe and gain between 0 and 5 to your multiplier. It's harder to attain because it is inconsistent now. Are you seriously telling me you did not notice the tail of the K drives being miss-placed and clipping? I would not call it a hack but I am certain it was not intended. Why would the intend for people to do K drives races while others do bounties and such. Or did you think 1 million scores on K drive races were legit?
  5. Nichivo

    K-Drive Nerf??

    The multiplier being inconsistent now, does not bother me much as them deciding this was a priority when the back end of K drives is still not on the back end(Clipping). Built K drives still can't be named, but bought ones can. Do we even mention the K drive race scores being bogus since you can glitch them to get scores not possible by simply running the race legit?
  6. Nichivo

    Gear wheel locations resetting

    That and now mine resets often. so I get out with nothing in it, then have to take time to put it all back in again. :{
  7. Nichivo

    The Gear Wheel

    Whatever you did to the emotes stuff it now interferes with the gear wheel WTF!
  8. Is this a massive troll? Now I am stuck in an endless sabotage with no exit, worse yet a sculpture.
  9. It's a major downer to lose rewards especially when it's something you wanted. video and screens of it all just gone no essence nothing I would understand if I had died, but I did no,t and planned to just stay in the mission most of the day.
  10. Neptune Arbitration Def perma stuck in arbitration after 50 waves can't continue to wave 60 or leave.
  11. Nichivo

    Arbitration missions not giving rotational rewards if you die

    I have been in the same arbitration on stream now for almost 5 hour, and can't extract or continue to wave 60 because I never get the option for either. Mission is not timing out either
  12. Nichivo

    Warframe Elections Round 2 - Voting

    Hey John, I hear the Lotus is going to stand against you. What say we , "PUT HER DOWN!"
  13. Nichivo

    Hotfix 17.1.5

    So? He was also my first frame. I played him when everyone thought he was trash, and excelled with him. Now he is just a no talent, face roll mess, of broken OP exalted blade spam. What fun is that?
  14. They not only could have, but should have. At the end of the day EB will still be OP, and now covert lethality is junk.