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  1. Nichivo

    Acolytes Return January 25!

    If Misery does not come back what is the point? Farm mods that will more than likely be killed off with melee 3.0?
  2. Nichivo

    The Infested need a rework (update)

    In before someone see this and we have Infested Corpus Nullifier running around all over the place.
  3. Nichivo

    Wukong improvements

    The only changes I would like to see is his one replaced with any kind of team buff or enemy de-buff. Then His Exalted Staff needs a stance rework or let me use Clashing Forest. He is a monkey DE his staff combos should be fluid, agile and nimble, Not linear for the love of Tenno. Till then I will continue to use my plague staff with Clashing Forest, ignore 4, and wish I could do more for groups than hover over them for the revive.
  4. Nichivo

    Magus Repair not working

    It appears to only work if you are currently the Host. If you are not the host it stops working.
  5. Nichivo

    Gunblades Show That Glaive Mods Need Rethinking

    Forget? I will never lay down my Glaive!
  6. Nichivo

    My Wukong Parking lot

    I weep every time I think how amazing his Staff would be if I could just use Clashing Forest for the stance. I would also gladly trade his 1 for any sort of team buff.
  7. Nichivo

    Magus Anomaly Arcane Needs Adjusting

    It could be worse! Magus repair only works if you are the host.
  8. Nichivo

    Equipped Archgun keeps changing.

    When you change frames it defaults to the most used archegun with a gravimag installed until you change it on that frame the first time.
  9. Nichivo

    Mesa prime Syandana

    Cowboy Butterfly nuff said.
  10. Is this a massive troll? Now I am stuck in an endless sabotage with no exit, worse yet a sculpture.
  11. It's a major downer to lose rewards especially when it's something you wanted. video and screens of it all just gone no essence nothing I would understand if I had died, but I did no,t and planned to just stay in the mission most of the day.
  12. Neptune Arbitration Def perma stuck in arbitration after 50 waves can't continue to wave 60 or leave.
  13. Nichivo

    Warframe Elections Round 2 - Voting

    Hey John, I hear the Lotus is going to stand against you. What say we , "PUT HER DOWN!"
  14. Nichivo

    Hotfix 17.1.5

    So? He was also my first frame. I played him when everyone thought he was trash, and excelled with him. Now he is just a no talent, face roll mess, of broken OP exalted blade spam. What fun is that?