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  1. I have no clue about controllers or consoles, but for PC m+kb why couldn't they have added the slam attacks, and made using combos universal, while keeping the rest by simply speeding up weapon swap, and tie fire a round to draw weapon, keeping the separate bind option for both primary, and secondary? Which would have left manual block, on mouse right click, and channel on mouse left click, giving at least PC users the best of all worlds?
  2. If that was the case simply saying I disagree, would have been much faster. Then responding with. When I wrote this. Which clearly would lead anyone to believe you did not understand.
  3. Help! It's early onset Alzhiemers... shut up! I know I am to old for it to be early onset. 🤪 Did these get renamed to capture the commander, or has it just been unlucky rotations? I haven't done POE bounties in a good while.
  4. Yes brilliant! I want to beat a target to death with a shawzin.
  5. If you have never failed, you either aren't pushing yourself hard enough, or haven't played enough to see things like capture targets fall off the map, or fall into rotating blades on grineer underwater missions, or hover in mid air where you can't reach them. How many people recall capture turned exterminate where all the mobs would vanish preventing reaching the kill count? Or even better the only way to leave frame fighter counted as an abort, even though they fixed it, I never go there because leaving is still named abort, and there is no quit in my vocabulary. I'd say half my failures were bugs, the other half well earned in endless multi hour runs or things like, 4 embers t4 def go until failure, for the fun of it, but all 31 aborted missions are straight bugs cause, I'll never quit.
  6. I wish they would put more time into Archwing. Higher level mobs would be awesome, without having to sit around on interception waiting for them to grow up and provide a fight. Then again I am probably among very few with all the Archwing stuff forma'd, and it was pre gravimag days so it was done in Archwing missions.
  7. How did most of you miss the point of wanting the robotic to only fire if an enemy is engaged and toe to toe with you? I never once said I want it to never fire.
  8. Banshee may have taken one to many nerf bat, but is still serviceable. Ember on the other hand, is not nearly broken as people say, I solo sorties with her frequently. I think many people just can't deal with a finesse frame. If they could, more people would play Harrow. People make claims like Baruuk is bad, or dies easily, when neither is the case. There are people all the time calling for reworks, on frames that do not need them. The OG Vauban is still in my top played frames, people forget he was once a king, and nothing really changed except new frame releases. Exalted blade has clearly made Excalibur players weak. Back in my day we did 2 hour voids with super jump, and never complained about it being 3 feet of snow, or uphill both ways. Now if one key press doesn't wipe a map, people cry for reworks and buffs.😜 Orb Vallis was a lot of fun on release, then tears turned it into a watered down. *sorry I fell asleep, what was I saying?*
  9. Not at all shadows scale, and that ancient healer really needs to lose his soul, and come to the dark side yesterday. Even back before despoil, I never had energy issues. I actually miss the old EFF build, and spamming desecrate. I'm not much for the Ron Popei, "set it, and forget it" treatment given to a lot of frames.
  10. Sanctuary is a wasted mod slot, operator in void mode is the better option. Ghost 10m is not as effective as Stalk 24m kubrow version. I still maintain even if we go back in time, that ranking Revenge which adds range, is a detriment to it's usefulness.
  11. Nope! Like I said, the mod is backwards, think about it for a minute. Why would we need yet another mod that does the same basic thing as a couple others. It would give you a way to make your robotic companion, more passive, which could be very useful for certain things. As it currently stands it is a mediocre mod, that is shade specific, and loses value if it's ranked, because it gains range, and there are other universal options that do that better.
  12. I was getting rid of excess mods today while theory crafting, and stumbled onto Revenge for the Shade again. This mod still makes no sense to me, because to be useful it's backwards and frankly why not fix that and make it usable on all robotics. Currently the mod causes the Shade Sentinel to only attack if you have been attacked within 5.8 meters non ranked, or 10 meters fully ranked. I propose changing Revenge to cause Sentinel or MOA to only attack if the owner is attacked within 10 meters un-ranked or 2 meters fully ranked, this would not only be useful but make sense. That would be 2 meters per rank, although 5-1 with 1 meter per rank would also be fine. This would serve as a cut off switch that still maintains full function that many, myself included, would love to have for robotics.
  13. It would actually allow for that, if at 7 shadows you cast soul punch, it would create a shadow of the target, and remove the oldest shadow. Wish he could have some updates to go with the Bat ephemera
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