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  1. Lich are fine. Railjack? I was addicted on release. I played it all solo, and was craving more getting added. Then they nerfed/gutted Railjack. Even solo it's a snooze fest now, zero challenge, the awesome movement was destroyed. I now try and never go there.
  2. I play primarily solo. I will help people on occasion, but as Warframe ages they keep making content easier, and easier, which means in a group there is more often nothing to do. Funny thing is when they try and address that, some people cry bullet sponge which ends in the content again being made trivial. It's like steel path it was the closest to old Warframe I had experienced in a while, but in the release state it was really only enough for a solo player. I feel they over nerfed it from the get go, and it still bothers me. Same with Railjack it was pretty fun solo. Then they kind of
  3. Thousand dollar a plate dinners for Corpus investors. What did you think he was doing with them?
  4. I prefer soloing everything actually. So that would just kill any reason I would have for doing it again anyway.
  5. I have re-farmed and built every frame already except for one. Grendel the missions do not bother me, in fact I enjoy stuff like that, but I keep looking at the 25 vitus for each beacon and thinking do I really want to waste 75 vitus to re-farm 1 frame when I could farm the plat in no time, and save the vitus in case more is added to the vendor later? I'm leaning toward just buying an extra Grendel, or not even bothering with Grendel
  6. Na! I totally have issues remembering 1 second ago, when Loki was still the frame that can do everything in the game with relative ease(even more so with helminth access). 🤣 Yes I am biased! Because I am a Loki main since forever, and no amount of playing other frames will ever catch up to him. If you need a dependable swiss army knife that can do everything, Loki has still got you covered. Loki is a rare timeless frame, because even though times change in Warframe, Loki just keeps on trucking like it's nothing.
  7. *looks over at his glaive rocking over 200% status duration. remembers making the video about why status duration is underrated, and laughs maniacally* Bleed ticks being doubled can add up to some serious damage, and that only requires 100% status duration. Is it great for everything nope, but in the right setting on the correct weapons status duration can be insane amounts of damage on really high level enemies. For those of you that never do anything more than 5 waves of defense, and belong to the bite sized community sure it's a wasted stat, but then all your riven and forma'd
  8. Frost is an amazing frame if you do the math, and Umbra forma him, while using an arcane squall. You can full strip with a nidus specter + growing power making the power investment much lower, or if you do not play solo have a friend play something that pushes you into full strip territory your globe becomes tough as nails when stacked and you have enough eff to spam away, while becoming a tanking monster when not in the globe. Then for extra goodness add pillage from the helminth for any mission that is not infested. and for infested add your choice of a few other helminth abilities. He
  9. Have you not been introduced to the helminth system? There are plenty of frames where using Umbral mods becomes a detriment instead of a boon, They are hardly broken when compared with many other things in the game.
  10. I have done multiple 10+ round runs of the endless bounty. The problem there is the drop rate is so heavily weighted towards amber stars, and endo, that it makes anything else drop wise so rare, it feels like the old blazing step farm in ESO before they added it as an Arbiters reward on the vendor. It legit feels like endless amber stars, and endo neither of which I need or want. I'm drowning in mothers tokens.😟
  11. I cannot seem to use the archgun launcher unless I am the host. Happens all the time when using cortege, which also has no color options by the way. I have not checked to see if it could be a frame issue. I am currently using Octavia but can test more later.
  12. There are really only two issues with Nechramechs that need addressed. (note even if you forma one nine times there are a number of build combinations that simply will not fit at all) First one is Nechramechs need a small amount of energy regeneration, even if it's only 1 energy every 1.5 - 2 seconds. Second is they need more range on picking things up like built in vacuum. That's it! Anything more would be over the top. Not even joking those two tiny changes would make them almost perfect from a balance perspective. I can't agree with anyone asking for more then what I mention
  13. Never got the stuff from the tenno con relay, but visited it multiple times. Jeez. I wish they would fix some of these issues..
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