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  1. Never got the stuff from the tenno con relay, but visited it multiple times. Jeez. I wish they would fix some of these issues..
  2. I so far did not get the gun watched the entire thing. got hydroid and the statue not sure what the mystery decoration was supposed to be never checked on the staff skin but the guns was the one thing I would definitely want. I'd say currently it's a snafu.👎
  3. I was planning to play through it all quickly, but have instead spent time just goofing around with different weapons while replaying some nodes. I'm really not sure why they all were nerfed before release. I have a few times set it up for the setting that allows randoms, used so rarely I forget the name. I do that to observe others, mainly to see what they are leaning towards, I usually will just chill when doing so, and only defend an objective if needed to make sure there isn't a failure. I watched a video of someone doing vay hek on earth solo with rhino. I decided to see if I could do it faster without a rhino buff, so I did it with Inaros the sarpa and a brakk. It was considerably faster than the rhino run, but that run was pre release nerf. I'll eventually play through it all just expected the mobs to be harder to kill. I appreciate the mode I just feel maybe DE was led astray by testers, as it's beyond easy for a hard mode.
  4. If it make you feel better I have not seen an essence yet. Even with loot frames, so I am guessing they don't work on them. Before someone say something stupid I am talking as a drop off eximus.
  5. I am wondering the same thing. Knowing how much things were nerfed, especially Archwing puzzles the hell out of me.
  6. Khora with mediocre stat stick can kill it all instantly with whipclaw through walls. I don't understand how people are having such a hard time. I haven't had an ammo issue at all even when using guns.
  7. I left out one word on purpose care to explain the definition of Intercept? in·ter·cept verb /ˌin(t)ərˈsept/ obstruct (someone or something) so as to prevent them from continuing to a destination. "intelligence agencies intercepted a series of telephone calls" noun /ˈin(t)ərsept/ an act or instance of intercepting something. Intercept includes blocking. So how well do you think your reading comprehension actually is because from where I am sitting it's severely lacking. almost forgot...
  8. You should read it again until you actually understand the wording. especially this line "emulate or redirect the communication protocols used by Digital Extremes in any way, for any purpose,"
  9. When is the last time a rapier, nikana, or the glaive was meta? Is my brakk meta? Is the kohm now meta? Heck if you refuse to one shot things with HA melee builds, then just use Ichors they shred them in no time flat.
  10. If you can't be bothered to adjust the builds in your gear you enjoy then stop complaining it's hard. I think given this info it's safe to say we can ignore your assessment.
  11. They die instantly and I am soloing. How can you possibly claim they are spongy.
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