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  1. The lack of Misery in my codex makes me miserable. *sigh*
  2. I never had issues with mine. It has toxin from the lich I tend to run it as viral with, serration, split chamber, hunter munitions, point strike, vital sense, primed cryo rounds, primed shred then I use a bane mod for whatever I am fighting. For the exilus I use vigilante supplies unless I am going stealth in which case I use hush. When using Hush I call it, "The Better Baza". Here I'll just make a fast video.
  3. I am a competitive gamer from back when arcades were a thing, just because I am playing Warframe isn't a good enough reason to not take pride in what I do. It's no different for me then when I was playing ladder matches in UT, or at the local arcade for an Asteroids, or Joust tournament. I just don't have any quit in my game, never have. I understand, it's just not your thing. Bad keybinds can separate winners from losers, if you had been around during any UT or Quake tournaments you would understand. Don't be upset there are more casual gamers like yourself, then there are gamers like myself. Don't be fooled though, there is a clear skill gap in every game. Even Warframe. I have witnessed first hand, people with identical builds do mot survival tandem, and one just can't hang. By the way, I said great memories, not best memories. Not really the same thing now are they?
  4. Yeah serious gamer. If you are not doing what you enjoy, and taking it serious, then the joke is on you, because many more than myself turned their passion for games into a lifetime worth of great memories.
  5. Actually it's ideal. Every serious gamer I know is in the habit of moving any double tap skill, to it's own key bind if possible, especially if it's a roll function. Which means a bunch of us already had sprint/roll unbound. I'm still baffled by the number of people that do not check those things straight away in any game they play.
  6. I'll probably go with something like,(The Oil Lamp) for Orokin, Interstellar, Lifeboat, and Lunar, Attack, Mining, Platform.
  7. Toss all the sarcasm you want, why be any different from the other trolls, but at least be honest. If you had a new Zaw build you wanted to forma completely, I don't see you wasting time. You seem to forget plenty of us have been around long enough, that we have duplicate prime weapons, and frames all with multiple forma, so we can fit entirely different builds on them. How much MR do you think we get rebuilding four Zaw because of the new melee system? That's right none! Besides who is the real rusher here, Myself with over 5k+ hours in the game, or the MR 28 with just over sixteen hundred, who claims no interest in MR? ps. I have 7 leveled and forma'd K drives, because it was fun, and I need a board for everyday of the week.
  8. I still need a way to disable hold for Heavy Attack. It would also be nice if the Heavy Attack keybind would perform a Heavy Attack even if you have tapped mouse 2 without having to hit e again first(assuming you aren't in melee only, since it's not an issue there.)😞
  9. The changes with the exception of not being able to barrel roll, or fly upside down if I choose, are top notch, and improve Archwing, and Titania both. One small tweak I would like is if Itzal's Arch Line was press to activate, press again release, and press to activate again. It would make it a little more fluid to chain together that way.
  10. I have chakk,or kohm. If anyone backs out I have most the others as well.
  11. I've been wanting frog princess prime for a while now, and that has not changed. Not a big fan of the jellyfish theme, but not opposed either, it is sure appealing to someone. Not excited about the Baza P. Would have loved a Daikyu P. Maybe the Aksomati P will give me a thrill. What happened with daggers, outside of one specific build I still use on occasion, has lessened my interest enough that I do not feel super hyped though.
  12. I would relax in Mot with Ivara a miter, furis, and balla, and the thing I really do not understand, other than the zenistar nerf(which makes no sense) why cripple dagger play before Ivara prime gets released? Ivara with a hammer, or fist weapon, I feel so stealthy now(disgust or sarcasm you choose). Finisher damage on daggers, even with a choice riven, is why you see me with a hammer in that screen shot, on page 7.
  13. Yeah but you can get crits like this now, using a build with one under mods, and no riven. You can also 1 hit an r5 lich to bended knee through his shield. It's a shame I was not recording I had a 19 million red crit earlier. This is just an average crit screenshot. I miss endless play and the Zenistar on occasion, but I rarely witnessed folks using the Zenistar.
  14. Fixing ability to hack a single Corpus Spy console repeatedly, thus gaining an endless amount of XP. This is not an actual fix, it breaks the ability to solo certain things like lua rescue. I do not understand why you did not just remove affinity gain for every successive hack, and leave the rest alone. By the way speaking of hacks there is still a bug, that will ruin you average hack time. Is there any chance that could be fixed, or have it parse new results every 50 hacks since I imagine many others found the bug as well. I found another issue, I was soloing bounties on the Vallis and one sent me to a terminal I had hacked previously in a separate bounty. Yup! No option to hack it, bounty over.
  15. That would help but it should have it's own dedicated volume slider, otherwise it would still be drowned out by other things also on the sound effects volume, as are the alert sometimes with Demolyst in disruption. Granted the flashing for Demolyst helps, but even it suffers from a color blind issue for some. I completely understand where the OP is coming from.
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