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  1. As opposed to everything instantly being obliterated, no fear of failure, watch netflix while playing because it's all been trivialized? I absolutely even as a primarily solo player, found the first revision of Railjack more fun, but then I prefer a challenge, and it allowed for failure, and epic dogfights in space rather then everything just going boom with no effort. I also preferred first revision of Fortuna and the buffed up corpus in the open world before they got nerfed. The reason I play less Warframe and more of other games now days is simply put Warframe keeps removing anything consid
  2. Long as this has been an issue, you would have thought if they could not find the bug, they would have at least removed the door.
  3. I have tried enough different things on "kill it with fire" that I am confident in saying it's the only Deimos challenge that is still bugged.
  4. Did anyone even notice that our RailJack has a mod called "Death Blossom"? Tell me that is not an Homage to "The Last Starfighter"
  5. Of course it does. Just like the parazon was an homage to "I come in peace" whhich was originally titled Dark Angel.
  6. Vala Mal Doran didn't have grey streaks in her hair. Most of the time her hair was black, except for a little while where she had a platinum blonde patch up at the front of the crown that looked horrible. Besides this is hardly the first thing in warframe that came straight from a show or movie. Nora Night is "Warriors" homage. In fact the game is filled with them. Everything from Dune, to H. P. Lovecraft, it would take me days to list them all.
  7. Yeah but it's not planetside 2 actually set world records twice once in 2015 with a battle that had 1158 players of which I was one, and again in 2020 with a battle containing 1283 persons which I missed. I remember quite regularly battle in planet side 2 with roughly 50 vanu sovereignty , 50, new conglomerate, and 50 terran republic, that were remarkably low on lag and issues. Granted Sony(now daybreak games) had money to burn, and frankly Star Citizen doesn't have those kinds of resources, which is only one of a few reasons they are struggling with 50 players.
  8. Are you 100% sure you aren't just... You know the rest.😏
  9. It has a built in 7 sec cooldown I constantly have to wait 2-3 seconds to resummon.
  10. Grass growing, paint drying, a cricket chirps, over the back drop of the forlorn, moaning, sorrowful, wail from a lost soul who died before the 3 day build timer expired.🥺 Too dark?
  11. You can't really use Star Citizen as an example. It's an entirely different architecture then warframes p2p. You could kind of compare Star Citizen with Planetside as they are doing similar things, and have dedicated servers. Comparing mass multiplayer using dedicated servers to a p2p system with 4 players at any given time is horribly disingenuous.
  12. I'm not against Railjack or Necramech either one. I may not be a fan of the implementation. For instance 1 necramech we could customize would have been fine, instead of 2 and possible 3,4,5,6, etc. Pumping out new frames instead of working on the game play, is getting really old. The real turn off though is when they take something that is balanced fairly well, and then make it easier. The easier it gets the more I lose interest. Don't confuse easy with bad drop rates, or random stats, both of which can be game killers, and more often then not are implemented extremely poorly by more and more
  13. I have a couple different set ups, roar is one. The one you may like better is Warcry ... since it looks like you enjoy melee, and you could easily allow for eternal warcry.
  14. Yeah 2 of them work Kill it with fire is still broken last I checked though.
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