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  1. With I had to stick the ignis wraith on there with Amalgam Serration. Because one more speed enhancement, sure why not!? My Nezha makes the Road Runner look like like a snail in comparison. BEEP, BEEP!!
  2. I have 12 gilded amps including a gilded mote amp already. I don't want to build another and the turn in rep is garbage. gilding should never be a choice for nightwave. I'll let forma slide but not gilding.
  3. @Firetempest I could screen shot the one that can not be scanned easy enough, the tile spawns 100 percent of the time on sabotage. If you are on pc I could also just show you.
  4. Gild! With the absurd number of amps, zaws, and kitguns, I own that are all gilded. You expect me to gild something again?
  5. Kuria 1-2 | Recovered by FateKuria 2-1 | Born One Quiet Morning I have not found a way to get either of those on new the Jupiter tiles. One is literally in a wall and can't be scanned. The other does not seem to exist.
  6. Sigh, I'm missing the unobtainium set 1.2 and 2.1. I have not found a way to get either of those on new the Jupiter tiles. One is literally in a wall and can't be scanned. The other does not seem to exist.
  7. The more I use the new melee 2.9. The more I miss playing Warframe. Inability to control when, or if I block, destroys some game play. Channel as a toggle makes me ill, I only need it for key attacks not everything. You all took a great system that could have been adjusted slightly, and tossed every monkey wrench you could find into it for some reason.😕
  8. You mean in the 6 months I have been gone we still can't use skins on zaws. Did they just ignore all the feedback? That just makes me want to leave again.
  9. The only drawback is not being able to use the sweet polearm skins on staves. Always preferred the keewar due to stance. Not being able to use favorite staff stance for the monkey king was also a downer.
  10. I'm currently the only active player in my clan everyone left because of melee 2.9. I stopped kicking those not active so it does not look like a clan of 1. I solo'd myself to the weapons but a trophy seems unlikely. I guess I will downsize to a ghost clan when the event is over.
  11. You actually can't downgrade during an event, the feature is blocked while the event is active.
  12. Were they? I just came back after a few months hiatus, I haven't even looked at the store recently. Maybe they were getting a jump on it just in case.
  13. I'm pretty sure random mod packs would be gone. Assuming it passes, and it contains the gamble box clauses and such. I would not be shocked if it hit boosters as well.
  14. Can we maybe get some way to regain lost control on PC? I would rather be able to decide when I block. The game does a real poor job of only blocking key high damage attacks, while ignoring low damage attacks I could have chosen to soak. It completely messes up the flow of melee, and feels like it was designed for a console. I had block on mouse2. Mastering when to block was also rewarding. The new system, game tries to play for me and does a real poor job. I'd also like to be able to channel on mouse1 like before, and it not be a toggle, as I only need it for certain attacks. Mastering split second channeling was rewarding. This new system is not rewarding, it is not effective either. Was it just over simplified for consoles? I do not need the game to decide what is the best action at the moment. Much as I dislike toggles, can we get one in options to disable the game deciding how I play? I can no longer aim glide with my melee weapon out, or leap into the air and melee osprey, who thought some of these changes would be fun?
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