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  1. Lets totally not fix things that are broken. Saryn is asking what you are trying to shoot, since everything not visible yet on the map, is already dead. Next argument?
  2. Be sure and pick one based off a non melee weapon.
  3. If it makes you feel any better, the majority of the exalted,and pseudo exalted weapons on PC, are still not worth using when compared to normal melee HA spam builds.
  4. I never had issues with mine. It has toxin from the lich I tend to run it as viral with, serration, split chamber, hunter munitions, point strike, vital sense, primed cryo rounds, primed shred then I use a bane mod for whatever I am fighting. For the exilus I use vigilante supplies unless I am going stealth in which case I use hush. When using Hush I call it, "The Better Baza". Here I'll just make a fast video.
  5. I still enjoy Archwing and would welcome both sortie, and arbitration as options, but don't stop there, I want Lich Archwing missions also please.
  6. While the gear wheel is infinite, sadly only the first twelve slots can be keybound.
  7. There are currently HA build options that can be broken by going umbral. With the only work around option being build two identical zaw and spend five forma in each, and there would still be options you would never be able to use. No joke. 6 forma if the zaw starts with the wrong stance polarity. I have not bothered to use any Umbral forma, because they are too damn rare to think about using, until there is no other choice at all.
  8. I know they are not used super often, but if you do decide to use one, in order for it to be functional, it has to be in one of the limited 12 gear wheel slots that can be key bound. Why have they not been made an alt fire function for the scanner yet, to free that potential, and limited slot up for other things?🤔
  9. You really have not explored all the heavy attack build options have you?🤯
  10. I am a competitive gamer from back when arcades were a thing, just because I am playing Warframe isn't a good enough reason to not take pride in what I do. It's no different for me then when I was playing ladder matches in UT, or at the local arcade for an Asteroids, or Joust tournament. I just don't have any quit in my game, never have. I understand, it's just not your thing. Bad keybinds can separate winners from losers, if you had been around during any UT or Quake tournaments you would understand. Don't be upset there are more casual gamers like yourself, then there are gamers like myself. Don't be fooled though, there is a clear skill gap in every game. Even Warframe. I have witnessed first hand, people with identical builds do mot survival tandem, and one just can't hang. By the way, I said great memories, not best memories. Not really the same thing now are they?
  11. Yeah serious gamer. If you are not doing what you enjoy, and taking it serious, then the joke is on you, because many more than myself turned their passion for games into a lifetime worth of great memories.
  12. What you talking about Willis? It took credits? I never noticed... Are you sure you are a veteran? 🤣
  13. Actually it's ideal. Every serious gamer I know is in the habit of moving any double tap skill, to it's own key bind if possible, especially if it's a roll function. Which means a bunch of us already had sprint/roll unbound. I'm still baffled by the number of people that do not check those things straight away in any game they play.
  14. i mean, who even cares about how many hits are involved (i.e. what method of attacking)? it's about removing the Enemies quickly, not in a certain number of hits per target. Are you feeling ok? TTK stands for (Time to Kill) it is gamer jargon for efficiency, or to use your words, " it's about removing the Enemies quickly" so obviously if one hit kills something in .08 sec it's still better than 9 hits at .03 sec each. I feel like your typing all of that, just to agree with what I typed was odd. You do realize you basically just said the same thing as me, only it took three times as many words? It's also slightly out of context do to the way you snipped part, as it referred to why I do not use the machete options(ie longer TTK).
  15. Exactly it's like offering someone the ability to skip the first 3 hours of MoT, on the condition they play for no more than 10 minutes. I exaggerated slightly(It's more like 5 minutes) to emphasize the amount of buzzkill. 🤬 Also who's bright idea was having to wait for 2 daily nightwave acts to reach 30 on the intermission. 🖕🤪
  16. I still enjoy it even after I acquired all the ephemera and weapons. My gripe with it will sound odd to some. I very much dislike that Lich nodes limit my time to enjoy the higher starting level(90-110 w t5 Lich) of the enemies. Interception for 1 round, defense for only 5 waves, WTF! Just kills the fun of the higher level mobs right out of the gate.
  17. My biggest complaint with this isn't the amount of forma I used(7 weapons 4-5 forma each), to capitalize on innate bleeds, and switch everything over to crit HA spam after the update. It's that it gives me a distinct feeling of Déjà vu. Almost like spam of charge attacks back at Warframes start, and it gets boring fast. That and as a status fan, and endless player until mobs get high enough it makes status builds a moot point for all normal game play. The cats clearly out of the bag now, so may as well let every one know, that scythes are not the only thing that can do this. Rapier/kripath, Nikana/sepfahn, Ripkas, Scythes /keewar and dohkram both, Venka Prime. All you need is a weapon that has an innate bleed on the HA, of one of it's stances(reaping spiral, vulpine mask, malicious raptor, blind justice are the ones I prefer.) with good base cc, and cd. Rivens optional, but not needed for all listed. Some claim machete is good, but it doesn't compare to the one hit ttk of the above weapons. Most of the weapons benefit more from primed pressure, with sac steel, unless they are light on base crit to start. The builds also require more forma then most ever thought of putting into melee.
  18. The simple fact of the matter is stat sticks need to go away, even mine. All of them. How DE gets to that point is up for debate, but regardless of what some may desire, it needs to happen because they break certain mechanics, and certain frames when they can't be used. Simply saying use something else is just a band-aid, DE should probably clean, and stitch the wound instead.
  19. Comparing the two embers is like talking apples, and oranges. They are nothing alike, but I actually like both. Her one is still not great, but she's in a fine place, then again she was fine for me before. No real complaints.
  20. I'll probably go with something like,(The Oil Lamp) for Orokin, Interstellar, Lifeboat, and Lunar, Attack, Mining, Platform.
  21. When I was given that option I cracked a huge smile. For you see CY admitted he killed off his entire crew to complete the mission. If I knew nothing else of CY at all, that would have been enough to win me over. Quitting, or failure are not options, Death however... Yeah, CY and I are going to get along just fine.
  22. Inertia, and momentum changes have nothing to do with what is being discussed. If they do then the OP should rewrite everything, and use the correct term. I myself will miss some things, but the current changes are an actual improvement. Op stated they wanted the sprint to be normal move speed, I want both speed options. We never even discussed the old inertia, and momentum.
  23. I understand completely, and since I have sprint/roll unbound, and bind sprint, and roll separately. You would be removing the option I personally use. Less control is never something I will be okay with. Asking to dumb the game down with a terrible option, because it is how you want to play, does not appease everyone. What part of I do not want an automatic sprint toggle tied to the movement, are you not understanding?
  24. Toss all the sarcasm you want, why be any different from the other trolls, but at least be honest. If you had a new Zaw build you wanted to forma completely, I don't see you wasting time. You seem to forget plenty of us have been around long enough, that we have duplicate prime weapons, and frames all with multiple forma, so we can fit entirely different builds on them. How much MR do you think we get rebuilding four Zaw because of the new melee system? That's right none! Besides who is the real rusher here, Myself with over 5k+ hours in the game, or the MR 28 with just over sixteen hundred, who claims no interest in MR? ps. I have 7 leveled and forma'd K drives, because it was fun, and I need a board for everyday of the week.
  25. You can say that again. I would give anything to at least be able to turn off hold E for Heavy Attack, and get rid of the silly Titania floating off into the wild blue yonder lift mechanic. If it had been more like rhino stomp I could maybe overlook how silly and anti enjoyable it feels and looks.
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