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  1. 6 minutes ago, Steel_Rook said:

    I'd argue the system is only clunky because people refused to let go of how it used to work and kept pushing for melee mechanics which required it. The only reason DE went back on their melee 2.9 weapon swap changes was because people kept clinging onto manual blocking and there's no good way to do that without introducing a bunch more buttons. If only they'd fixed autoblock, I'm convinced people could have gotten used to it. What we ended up in Melee 3.0 instead is the bastard version of two different systems with the drawbacks of both and fairly few of the benefits of either. I thought the whole point of Melee 2.9 was to recognise that Warframe's melee system was massively more complex than what the game actually called for, but instead melee was made more complex still.

    Make no mistake, I'm not defending the current implementation. Unlike seemingly most people, however, I felt Melee 2.9 had it mostly right with the exception of implementation bugs that DE continue to refuse to fix, such as weapon swaps sometimes removing your weapon entirely and block being physically linked to aim and triggering a glide when auto-block fires in the air. Fix those and Melee 2.9's system would have worked just fine with Melee 3.0's combos and heavy attack approach. But nope! We went back to a manual melee equipping mechanic on top of not fixing the old bugs.

    Na! I can't make excuses for it being clunky. Think about it for a minute. You actually recommended I use an even more clunky way of entering melee only, then the one I listed above. You can doing it the way I mentioned, and at least attack while entering melee only during the attack, as opposed to standing around waiting on an animation lock the way you recommended. The entire system screams clunky.

    There were a couple different ways they could have handled the changes, that would have allowed for the best of all worlds and fixed the issues you mention as well.

  2. 1 minute ago, (XB1)Huggs93 said:

    agreed if they would allow full custom controls like being able to custom program like selecting press OR hold to do "X" then so much would be better hell its one of the reasons i got a pro controller for xbox if i want button to be "Y" then so be it warframe needs this custimization. the melees are still no doubt far from perfect weapn swapping with scanners as youve said feels off. my main gripe is the controls and how because of the controls we cant do things we are familiar with like block combos and that sort of thing. to me having the complicated combo system was better but if they are going to stick with this they have to make it smoother MUCH SMOOTHER

    I preferred the old system as well. I'm still not sure why anyone would hold weapon swap to enter melee only. Seriously I mention the least clunky way to do it above, since hitting e allows you to strike an enemy while switching into melee only, holding to go straight to melee only locks you in an animation, and makes you wait to hit e and attack. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Steel_Rook said:

    Neither of those is true. Unequipping your Scanner via retriggering the Scanner gear item will always equip your primary weapon, yes.

    That is a straight contradiction, as it's exactly what I just stated, claiming it isn't true, then repeating the exact same thing. Amazing!  

    The rest of what you say just proves how clunky the system has become. 

    ps. If you had not noticed due to the animations, it's actually a split second faster to get into melee only, if you hit e before the hold of swap weapon. Because you aren't stuck with the draw and lockin animations. Either way you do it it's still clunky though.

  4. I happen to agree that they are gated unnecessarily. However, I am not as interested to obtain them anymore. I still enjoy the game, but I find the recent changes have caused the game to feel less like the fast past smooth game I enjoyed. It's now slow, clunky, with less interesting build options, albeit more flashy. Kind of sad, but in it's attempt be something it's not, it's losing itself, and becoming a rather bland copy of something else. The game has devolved into spam one attack again.🥺

  5. 19 minutes ago, (PS4)Midcall said:

    Im so glad they fixed it. I farmed daily 28000 rep for simaris every day in around 10-15 minutes in a high level cuva mission. it was just a big mess having primary again equipped

    It's not fixed! The scanner is sticky now, but the above is an example of how equipping, and un-equipping the scanner, will move you from secondary equipped, to primary equipped.

  6. 55 minutes ago, (XB1)ChewyAM said:

    I greatly, humbly, sadly and emphatically agree with you.

    I won't be spending any more money on this game until they revert these changes.  I spent too much time, endo, plat, ducats, etc. to make this weapon be the heart of how I choose to play - SOLO and Ivara Stealth. 

    No, I don't cheat with this weapon and I take issue with the assumption that EVERYONE plays AFK, thinking somehow, I'M cheating - well, this is what I did with Zenistar:

    - I use it to help me reduce the chance of getting my abilities whacked by nullifiers (Ivara/stealth)

    - Blanket an area with protection like excavators, while I attack the approaching mobs with pri/sec weapons

    Until someone at DE explains why and how they are going to remediate this, I won't spend ONE MORE DOLLAR, PERIOD.

    I don't think I will ever trust DE to just leave things WELL ENOUGH ALONE.


    I don't think I'll take the chance of investing the time, energy and MONEY in grinding away to make a weapon or 'frame the way I LIKE IT, just to have DE arbitrarily WHACK it with the Nerf Stick and BOOM - Instant Uselessness.  No way, never again.

    I would relax in Mot with Ivara a miter, furis, and balla, and the thing I really do not understand, other than the zenistar nerf(which makes no sense) why cripple dagger play before Ivara prime gets released? Ivara with a hammer, or fist weapon, I feel so stealthy now(disgust or sarcasm you choose). Finisher damage on daggers, even with a choice riven, is why you see me with a hammer in that screen shot, on page 7.

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  7. Yeah but you can get crits like this now, using a build with one under mods, and no riven. You can also 1 hit an r5 lich to bended knee through his shield. It's a shame I was not recording I had a 19 million red crit earlier. This is just an average crit screenshot.Warframe2274.jpg?width=1025&height=577

    I miss endless play and the Zenistar on occasion,  but I rarely witnessed folks using the Zenistar.

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  8. There are a lot of things to like in the Old Blood update. It's nice to see the attempt at a game play loop(Lich system), I expect it to improve. I enjoy being able to rank a Lich to 5 and have nodes that are 90-110 to enjoy. I do not enjoy that I am limited to 5 waves of defense, or the other imposed limits on endless play, why can't I just stay and farm thralls if I want? Short missions are boring which is why most of my play is solo.

    I used to enjoy and relax with endless Ivara on Mot. The fact you had some endless options for those of us that enjoyed them was fantastic game design, even if it was an accident. Is the Zenistar change a result of that? How many people used the Zenistar? I used it on occasion for one specific frame, but it hardly received a bulk of game play, and will see even less now. The catchmoon changes do not bother me at all really. 

    The current control lay out is on an entirely new level of clunky. Did you all have an idea of where you were going when you started making the melee changes? I'd love to see those ideas. Currently if you swap to secondary, then equip your scanner, scan a plant, and put away your scanner, you magically are holding your primary again. The same happens if you choose to fire a round, which is bad if your primary is also a self damage weapon. It's Odd, makes no sense, and clunky. Having to first pull out melee, then use change weapon(with a hold) to enter melee only, is yet another clunky way to handle something that could have been streamlined. Why can I not bind my secondary separate from my primary, so I pull the right tool for the job, and why can't the current system seem to remember which weapon I last had equipped? Cycling between weapons on a single key is sloppy, it's a reason I stopped playing on consoles decades ago.

    Switch weapon, and switch gun are almost redundant. It's a shame that they are not primary, and secondary, since melee is it's own key, but it would require a bunch of changes so the system would actually make sense and not have a clunky feel. I would have tied fire a round to draw weapon, which would fire last weapon equipped, and add an option to have a separate bind for secondary which could also have fire a round tie'd. Then Players could fire a round from last equipped, and use the same key to swap guns, or have the option to hit a separate key for either primary, or secondary(which is what I would use), but then I like more options not less. That would leave manual blocking as it was, and free up the left mouse as well for future channeling/rage system if it is ever added.

    The redundant heavy attack option, one of which can't be disabled(hold melee), will spend combo counter by mistake on faster melee among other things. This was a poorly thought out change. Old charge attack did not drain your combo counter, new Heavy Attacks drain the combo counter, not being able to disable that is bad, if you choose to play anything other than HA builds. Speaking of HA builds they are immersion breaking, and look out of place in Warframe, playing Ivara as a stealth one punch rhino, actually caused me to log out in disgust, and I was the one that came up with the build theory. 

    Personally I would have rather seen the channeling system fixed. There was nothing really preventing ragdoll physics being added, without the Heavy Attack system, which feels very much like the old spamtastic system from a bygone era in Warframe.

    I'm enjoying the roll as an animation cancel, but I know people are going to abuse the mechanics, as animation cancels are almost always abused with macros.😟

    Your current fix for Corpus Hacking terminals is game breaking.It can prevent solo of LUA rescue,  well as cause issues on the Orb Vallis bounties. I had to stop a solo bounty earlier today because it sent me to a terminal I hacked in a previous bounty, which prevented me from accessing the terminal. Why not just remove the affinity gained for successive hacks, that would at least not break other important things?

    I love you all!😘 It's why I continue to support the game, sorry if it sounds negative. There are lot of nice changes, they just happen to be getting dragged down by some of the not so nice changes.


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  9. 4 hours ago, TheRealShade said:

    It won't get reversed as those of us who actually played with the system more than a day found that it is way better than previously. Please come back after actually playing it instead of complaining about the obvious(it's different from before).

    I do agree that we need to have full control over button mapping tho.

    In what world exactly is a system where you swap to secondary, then equip your scanner, scan a plant, and put away your scanner, only to magically be holding your primary again, not a clunky mess, and actually better?

    In what world is having to first pull out melee, then use change weapon(with a hold) to enter melee only, not a clunky mess?

    No really! In what Fantasy world do I need to reside, to not have a redundant heavy attack option, one of which can't be disabled, that will spend combo counter by mistake on faster melee?  

    Put it down, and back away from the bar, you're cut off. 


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  10. Fixing ability to hack a single Corpus Spy console repeatedly, thus gaining an endless amount of XP.


    This is not an actual fix, it breaks the ability to solo certain things like lua rescue. I do not understand why you did not just remove affinity gain for every successive hack, and leave the rest alone.

    By the way speaking of hacks there is still a bug, that will ruin you average hack time. Is there any chance that could be fixed, or have it parse new results every 50 hacks since I imagine many others found the bug as well. 

    I found another issue, I was soloing bounties on the Vallis and one sent me to a terminal I had hacked previously in a separate bounty. Yup! No option to hack it, bounty over.



  11. 22 hours ago, LazyRogue said:

    When Old blood was released I was happy for a wave of new content, mostly I was excited to be able to reach MR28 with the spectrum of new weapons.
    The Lich system is cool and unique but I am on my 12th Lich and I have only gotten 5 Different weapons, it is really getting very annoying going through the entire process of getting the murmurs, making sure you have the right requiem mods, and then getting the right order, all for a weapon that you are not even going use, not ever for a Valence transfer for stats or type because it's not what you would like to have.
    2 Ayangas, 2 Tonkors, 1 Dubba Stubba, 3, Drakgoons, 2 kohms and 2 krakens.
    for a total of 48,000 affinity (4,000 per weapon) that's enough to level me well into the beginning of MR28, but obviously I didn't level the duplicates nor would I get the affinity anyway. 

    I understand not having the ability to just straight up remove or skip a lich but there needs to be something in place to allow people in my situation to move on from a Lich or something so that they are not stuck going through the monotony of the grind that is A Kuva Lich.

    A system or something that can allow you to mark a weapon that you don't want that will decrease the chance of getting it again, and/or a system that can be toggled to increase the chance of getting a new weapon.

    I don't want to just sound like I'm complaining or whining over this, almost everyone knows what it's like to go through the process, so imagine having to go over it again and again for something you don't want or need just to do it again and again. It's frustrating to say the least.

    But please, I cannot stand to get all these duplicates.

    Did you convert all the duplicates? You can easily trade duplicates straight up, with others that have duplicates, to get one of each weapon. Better bonuses can be sold for plat if you desire, as can ephemera. A little time into trading, and you could easily have one of each weapon with no plat investment.

  12. 38 minutes ago, Serealtha-Sephirya said:

    in 26.0.8 please someone confirmed patched or not, can you still get ephemera after converted or not? no im not tending to sell her i like her the looks but i want her vengeful flame ephemera, is it possible to get it without vanquish and thank you.

    Yes you can get Ephemera by converting the LIch just not the weapon. 

  13. 17 minutes ago, Loza03 said:

    Y'all are doin the exact thing I pointed out. Not everybody has the same playstyle, and that means more things filling more niches is a good thing, because more playstyles are allowed for.

    If you don't need or want something for those niches, that's fine. I'm not putting a gun to your head or anything. But calling them useless as a whole because they aren't useful to your playstyle is a little narrow-minded.

    The problem is Heavy Attacks do not fill a niche roll. There is a way to handle everything more efficiently than with HA, with one exception throwing canisters, you currently need HA to throw canisters. Wanting to buy more content that requires throwing canisters.🤣

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  14. 18 minutes ago, Loza03 said:

    Of course in that situation you'll use the quick attack. Thing is, that's not the only situation.

    Let me pose a question if the mob you are fighting will die with one million damage, and you have the same attack options. There are five other mobs shooting at you, but the big one does the most damage over the most range, so it needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible. Which attack do you use?

    Or another. You have the same attack options, and the same number of enemies shooting at you. However, you now have almost no health left, and the million damage move will heal you. Which move do you use?


    I have noticed a lot of people effectively getting caught up in min-maxing, identifying the situations they have built to maximise, and disregarding the situations where they've minimised, along with any builds designed for them. Heavy attack builds and light attack builds fill different roles. Light attack is better for crowd control and general use, whereas heavy attacks are more powerful in situations with priority targets or for self-support.

    You left out a lot of need to know info, but apparently you have not heard of cc, magus lockdown, and repair. What was shooting at me again? Also how did I get to low health, did I have to go afk, or fall asleep?😜 

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  15. 2 hours ago, ZeroZX4 said:

    i build up fast enough my combo to not to be a side in this problem i just tested today and was willing to ask

    since i noticed heavy attack with holding melee button while not in melee mode is kinda long animation anyway
    wouldnt solution to ur problem be that u need to hold melee button for whole heavy attack animation while not in melee mode until its delivered or animation cancels and nothing is lost?
    on top of that while it starts the animation and u re-press melee button it would perform regular attack would that solve problem or not?

    No! First off it's currently tied to both attack speed, and FPS. Which means it's easy to trigger by accident. Not a problem with a slower weapon, you can always cancel it, with a roll, and not lose the combo counter, however now you are out of position. This does not even address speed builds that can prevent canceling if your reflexes are not top notch, but you still end up out of position.

    Apparently people do not understand how animation cancels work, and that one was added to the game.

    I also notice people who confuse the Heavy Attacks as pointless, with videos of Heavy Attack damage. Of course you can do damage with heavy attacks when modded for Heavy Attacks, that does not preclude them being pointless. Let me pose a question if the mob you are fighting will die with 20k damage, and you can inflict over 100k with a simple melee attack that is quick, or a million with a heavy attack that is slow and clunky. Which one are you going to use while 20 other mobs are shooting at you? 

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  16. 10 hours ago, Iamabearlulz said:

    Probably the best solution for DE to implement would be to layer a lower-frequency sound on top of the existing chime for those who cannot hear the current frequency at all.

    That would help but it should have it's own dedicated volume slider, otherwise it would still be drowned out by other things also on the sound effects volume, as are the alert sometimes with Demolyst in disruption. Granted the flashing for Demolyst helps, but even it suffers from a color blind issue for some.

    I completely understand where the OP is coming from.

  17. Base IPS  listed on weapons, being oddly reduced by Valence Transfer. For instance if you take 2 Kraken the IPS is the same on each, but one has 25% bonus electric, and the other 50%, if you transfer the 50% shouldn't it just change the electric bonus, instead of lowering the base IPS by .1 which was Identical to start? It's repeatable. 

  18. 5 hours ago, 2779544cyh said:


    You have to understand that the most attractive reward for these two play modes is not T5, but kuva, you are not a developer, I really don't know why you are worried about these two modes, no one is going to play.

    That has to be one of the worst translations I have ever seen. You at least grasp the concept of people not doing siphons ,and floods for kuva, because you admit nobody playing them. Why would they? Survival and Disruption have better kuva rewards. Oh yeah! For the relics, or at least they did before the high drop rate on thralls. 

    I'm not worried. I just care about the quality of the game, because I want to continue enjoying Warframe.

    You act like you know me... So what did I do for a living before I retired? Go ahead take a stab, I'll wait!

  19. 5 hours ago, (PS4)AbBaNdOn_ said:

    I usually dont watch the console specific streams so it had to be a Devstream or Primetime......  but someone had their arsenal all decked out in argon crystals.  I could have swore it was Danielle.   But I have scanned through a bunch of stuff but I cant find it again.    Does anyone remember which stream that argon arsenal was in???

    2nd question is has anyone made an argon/gallium arsenal and can share a pic of it?? 

    I spent 200p buying argon and I couldnt get it to look as nice.  

    It was DE Danielle who had the arsenal covered with argon.

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  20. I think most people fail to see that Barruk is like a weapons platform, because they are confused by anything that cannot press 4, and wipe out an entire tile set. You have to be able to think outside the box in order to understand, that the pacifist is amazing with weapons, instead of his fists. His fists are fine for current game content, but if you take him high, you need to switch to the mindset of them being cc. 

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