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  1. I changed nothing, and usually never have issues with drops. I never got the drop from tonight so I am guessing they had issues again. They really should address all the issues they have before they continue with the drops. It's only ducats so not a big deal, but they should fix the drops or do something else.
  2. Nichivo

    Forma QoL thing

    An Exilus forma that works like the Aura forma, but for the Exilus slot would help out a lot.
  3. For over a year, I have just wanted a way to remove ever seeing the yellow focus balls of gloom. It's wrong that you have to replace every frame, weapon, or anything with a lens to achieve that. All this tech, and we can't figure out a way to break, or turn off a lens. what the hell, DE!
  4. Don't excuse the ps4 player folks! It's his own fault for not being better informed about the PC builds. Are you happy now?
  5. Taking your side, before people ridicule you for not knowing about what is in the new pc build, is now considered attitude? Just wow!
  6. None of that has anything to do with what is being discussed. There is a new listing in the codex for a cephalon fragment on PoE, since the update on PC. I know this because I had 100% completion prior and it's all still there, plus one new one, but the new cephalon fragment does not actually exist in PoE atm. We just want DE to either say bug, and fix it, or add the new fragment. This is not even contained in the wiki yet. Even if it was the wiki contains enough errors to make it laughable some times. Do you still not understand?
  7. I've spent countless hours looking for the new missing cephalon fragment. Enough time to say for certain it's a bug or not added yet, because the fragment does not exist on the actual plains. You will have to excuse the ps4 player they don't even have this update yet.
  8. Why couldn't DE have added the slam attacks, and made using combos universal, while keeping the rest by simply speeding up weapon swap, and tie fire a round to draw weapon, keeping the separate bind option for both primary, and secondary? Which would have left manual block, on mouse right click, and channel on mouse left click, giving at least PC users the best of all worlds? These changes feel like they are console centric. Those of us using keyboard, and mouse on PC want more control not less. Auto block, and channel on a toggle are both horrible.
  9. I just want it to be an earned reward. I'm swimming in relics, lato, and braton vandals, but still no blazing step. It's not even a farm it's a lottery. Anthem had better drop rates, let that sink in for a minute.
  10. There is nothing in conclave of interest, including conclave. Why would anyone waste a medallion on a faction that doesn't offer them relics they could open to generate plat? Of course DE should maybe address people wanting something from conclave, not being able to get matches since matches are necessary in order to get rep. Then again like I said there is nothing in conclave worth farming anyway. For those wanting pvp, and pve to be completely separated, I could not agree more. Hey DE! When you get a chance, if you could remove the warframes gained through conclave from pve, well as the ability to use the pvp skins, and sigils in pve, that would be great. They should really only be used in pvp after all.
  11. I'd like to see some 5v5 capture the flag(cephalon). Granted, Teshin should put and end to the balance issues, and hand everyone a Dueling Frame complete with Dueling Rifle, Pistol, and Sword. Dueling gear would level the playing field much as possible. I'd also like them to invest more in Lunaro. The downside is the same for any FPS type PvP game, you have to actively deal with those who would create bots for cheating, and other toxic nonsense. Maintain Servers. All of which is probably why DE doesn't want to invest time in PvP, and I can't blame them.
  12. Limbo has only ever needed one fix. His passive should enable solo play. 🤣
  13. I mostly solo. If you ever want to hang out for an afternoon, I can teach you how to solo high risk index to John Prodman for posters, and beyond. It's really all about playing smarter not harder.
  14. I have already built Gauss. The energy return on 2 is working fine from my testing. His 3 actually works exactly like it says, tap for cold, hold for fire, and should stay that way IMO. Try doing some more testing in the Simulacrum, well as in the field. I can't say much about the DR from his 2, it's seems very weak if it is working as intended. Gauss however did pass my 20 level 165 corrupted heavy test just fine.
  15. Is it just me or does much of the game now look like poop? Lots of decorations look bad, ship looks like a three letter word for back end. Where was that post where I mention the benefits of small change, over sweeping ones. Hmmm! Oh well, at least the melee is top notch. Oh wait!🤐 I'll be honest I am not feeling this update, and the screen getting dark every time I get into combat, is terrible. Who turned out the lights? Is our only option to be blinded by flashes, or sink into darkness? Can we not find some nice middle ground?
  16. Ivara on plains prowl doesn't matter everything spots you now as if you were 100 percent visible at all times. maybe the scanner is no longer silent? Yup scanner can be heard from more than 80 meters out. Good luck getting more than one non-alerted scan.
  17. Solo to round 11 this week and lets see the results. I will not ask you to go past 11 because the tile for 11 is garbage this week, and I wish they would remove it from ESO. No joke! Spawning into tile 11 crushed my will to go on, it's hands down my least favorite ESO tile.
  18. Have room for 2 active people, prefer older players that enjoy endless missions. Must have discord. Hours are mostly weeknights from 6pm on CST, and weekends.
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