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  1. I don't know? Why do you play on what is the equivalent of an over priced proprietary pc? Only you can really answer that question. Console evolution is them spending 10 years to become more, and more a PC. I can build a low end gaming rig for less, that will perform better and be up gradable. Do you have a nice controller? That's a couple hundred, a few games and few more hundred. I can absolutely run my pc over a large screen TV, and even use an Xbone controller if I want.
  2. I used Harrow because the OP used Harrow. I also used lvl 175 CHG against his lvl 130. I also used a 3 forma miter vs his 6 forma miter. Not my fault if he didn't take advantage of his frame. Is Inaros ok with low level 130 CHG? LOL UNlisted video same 3 forma miter.
  3. I was just chilling here with this magic 8 ball, and it has convinced me that Inaros will get changes. Roughly 6-8 weeks after his prime is released. 🤔
  4. The stagger on some scaffolds is way too much, and staggers you from even near max range of those scaffolds. Even when not doing Eidolons. It's bad enough I would rather take damage, or die from firing them.
  5. Did a quick NW since I don't really play railjack anymore. This is still broken. Both as solo, and for groups.
  6. Lucky for everyone, as myself, and others have pointed out. That doesn't actually happen. It may seem like it does, if you are oblivious to your surroundings, and enemy animations. A players failure to know the enemy, and prioritize the greatest threats, while maintaining optimal positioning. Is not something I feel DE should balance for. ^ See not just me saying this.
  7. The technique I used to get the Baliffs was rescue the prisoner move just out side the cell block make sure they know you are there, and trigger alarms. Then spend a couple minutes killing everything off while defending the rescue target, think it was like my second, or third run of doing this that payed off. Corpus jackal eximus go do fissure on the orb vallis only use 2 canisters, and do not destroy alert beacons. For the moa I made sure before starting the new stuff to equip my Helios so I am not sure where they came from exactly. For the Hyekka anywhere in the Fortress should suffice just run some kuva survival or disruption with your helios.
  8. You know why some players that want a hard mode cringe at rewards? Because it results in content being made trivial. It's already happened with the Archwing portion of steel path. +50 with no modifiers is an absolute joke. Archwing missions have only become easier over time. We now have things like Primed Rubedo Lined Barrel, Intrinsic buffs, and more. None of which was necessary to go past what will be Archwing lvl cap in hardmode. Here is a great example. In this video is a 20 round solo Archwing interception. The person in the video is using an Archwing that is not fully ranked, and only has 2 mods in it, one of which is under ranked by two. The Archgun being used doesn't have a full build either, and has an empty mod slot. If you pay attention his aim is well below average, and his mechanics are poor since he wastes time trying to fire into the shields on a venomous eximus at close range, instead of just doing a couple quick melee hits. Remember this is also before Primed Rubedo and Instrinsics. Those are higher level than you will see in current proposed Archwing hardmode now. End of video he shows his elite build...LOL
  9. It's still in my top 5 most used secondaries. It was actually very good back when released, and a silly amount of fun. The only real bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrt secondary in the game.
  10. They really need to just add syndicate medallions into every syndicate mission. It's silly that if you do a grineer defense on the same tile as hydron there will be 8 medallions, but if you do a corpus defense on say the Sechura tile which is even bigger there will likely be none. It's the really bad inconsistency that is annoying.
  11. Wait what!... They both feel like a rabbit????
  12. I'm lost, but while I am here... Can someone give me a hand? You see I have this apple, and an orange, but what I want to know is which one is going to taste more like a plum?
  13. There are people that play conclave. If you want a response from some of them this should be in the conclave section of the forum. Like Conclave they rarely venture out into these here parts...🤯 Oh wait never mind you are on console. Yeah trying to find a game mode that is always more dominant on PC may be hard for you. Consoles are kind of a dead end game system really... How would you feel if we just got rid of them all?🤔
  14. Yeah just a quick playful but unlisted video.
  15. There are people that actually enjoy that content. Even if it was only 4 people I would still feel strongly that removing it would be selfish. Since its existence does not affect me or anyone else in the slightest.
  16. Take the vigilante set stick them in a sentinel gun, place that on a sentinel and you then get the vigilante bonus even if that sentinel dies. Works the same way on deconstructor if you use gladiator mods.
  17. I disagree! UNLISTED video below. I do want a Kuva Miter though
  18. Pardon me for asking but are you color blind? Too much difficulty doesn't even have a percentage listed on that pie chart. Repetition/grind and technical/software bugs top that pie chart.
  19. Not sure I agree, but I would not mind having gold, and silver be combined into one potato. It would at least give me some way to get rid of the 20-30 gold potato I have sitting around growing mold, and eyes, with no way to ever use them all up.
  20. In before domestic drone are fitted with enemy detectors, and proximity sensitive explosive devices, with different functions including CC.😈Go Pablo GO!
  21. +1 You are 100% absolutely on Point. +1 to a few other in here also very astute observations. It's a terrible downward spiral of whirling gears, I wish I could toss a kuva monkey wrench into. Hey Corvid! As a founder do you remember the days back in the Void when many tenno complained about being snatch out of the air by certain deadly Ancients capable of one hitting you later into the mission? Did you realize like some of the rest of us that those same Ancients telegraphed that move with their animations before it happened? The so called cheap one hits you talk about, could be avoided by simply opening your eyes, and prioritizing enemies based on the threat level they posed. The only thing not present was a big red circle screaming don't stand in me you are about to die. What you needed to know was there, subtle but there, it was a thing of beauty.
  22. *looks over at his god rivens, then looks back* They could delete them all tomorrow, and it would make zero difference to me at all. They could also make it possible to lock in a stat, and continue to re-roll others at an increased cost, and it would make no difference to me at all. The only thing I would miss about them is the little mini challenges to open them, even if they are not a challenge it's still something different to do. Improved, or gone, really doesn't matter. With the one exception mentioned they do not excite me.
  23. That I wouldn't know. I only play one game on my phone. I use it to play chess with my brother, and 3 others. I usually have 2-3 games going at any given time.
  24. Bravo! No amount of anyone explaining how a longer TTK has that effect, has been understood by a large number of people in this thread. I will subtract a few points though for using the tern "Bullet Sponge", because it's highly overused and the ttk of enemies in warframe is way to low for me to refer to anything as a sponge.
  25. Life too short for this. I already explained why I refuse to use the term sponge in this case, especially since it has taken on a negative connotation from being slung around so much. I am completely done with this. You just want to argue semantics, on something one of us is smart enough to know we will never agree on. Even after I said we would never agree on the subject.
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