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  1. I have chakk,or kohm. If anyone backs out I have most the others as well.
  2. I'll miss barrel rolls, and flying inverted, but with those exceptions, they hit a home run. It really is a top notch change, for not only Archwing, but Titania as well. Now if only Titania could blink.
  3. I don't care at least I can sit and ogle it while I wait for the next update to drop... Part three building. 🤓
  4. I've been wanting frog princess prime for a while now, and that has not changed. Not a big fan of the jellyfish theme, but not opposed either, it is sure appealing to someone. Not excited about the Baza P. Would have loved a Daikyu P. Maybe the Aksomati P will give me a thrill. What happened with daggers, outside of one specific build I still use on occasion, has lessened my interest enough that I do not feel super hyped though.
  5. Except a good amount of them have helmets, and other headgear with power colors, that looks out of place because it doesn't color match. I'm hoping that detail gets patched.
  6. You can always do what I do the instant I notice a Heavy Attack animation, I roll since it's now an animation cancel. This allows you to not spend your counter, if your reflexes are top notch. I would still like an option to disable the hold for heavy though.
  7. Yes absolutely! I fully support the idea of Blink on Titania, because I had the same thought. I have a hard time taking this serious, sprint toggle is bad it removes control, and locks you into always sprinting. Options are always nice, but considering anyone using sprint toggle wanted less control to begin with, they kind of got what they wanted, less control.
  8. I personally have no issues with Titania now. She is incredibly easy to maneuver through any tileset in the game, even at break neck speeds. The changes to Archwing controls are absolutely fabulous. I miss an option to barrel roll, and hang out upside down, but other then that it's top notch. I should probably note, before you claim I do not use Archwing. I leveled and forma'd all the archwing, and weapons, every single one, and I did it before gravimags were a thing. Except for the Ayanga, but it's also leveled and forma'd.
  9. Oddly enough that build above has no riven, and contains 1 under ranked primed mods, because legit I can't bring myself to put the last point in due to simple math and cost v gain, which extends to forma used later in builds. I could easily do so I just will not.
  10. That is not a finisher it's a heavy attack. The 2x /30 should have been the give away.
  11. Your finisher damage build can't compete with this, and I don't have to sleep the enemy first. Even my Balla with a 300% finisher damage build doesn't come close. The OP is completely on point.
  12. Pustrels and copernics red mining nodes on the vallis and plains.
  13. Yeah I actually farmed all 4 resources before starting the first section. Then again I have a r5 Lich I have been amusing myself with, by smacking him in the face with a pipewrench and attempting to down him without parazon mods for giggles, he is real butt hurt, and owns everything, but it's nice because it makes getting eximus real easy. No it doesn't bother others, I primarily solo everything when not helping people anyway. PS Yes my Lich is also holding a bunch of the new resources for me. What a good Lich! Think I will smack him again as a reward.
  14. hang on I have a screen shot here somewhere. That was cost of second stage propulsion.
  15. *hey tenno would you like a half price deal on some stamina bars?* 🤣
  16. Dock built, all resources farmed, second part started. *takes sip of coffee* It's just a waiting game, maybe go play a game of chess with Job.
  17. Do you controller folks not have a way to roll to avoid damage? It's tied to roll. DE I just wanted to say the new archwing controls feel real nice. I am going to miss being able to barrel roll, but it's nice to have a control scheme that does not feel oddly clunky for a change. The fact it's for archwing which I still dig, even if I am the only one, makes it even better. Now if only the melee system felt this nice.😎
  18. Na! I can't make excuses for it being clunky. Think about it for a minute. You actually recommended I use an even more clunky way of entering melee only, then the one I listed above. You can doing it the way I mentioned, and at least attack while entering melee only during the attack, as opposed to standing around waiting on an animation lock the way you recommended. The entire system screams clunky. There were a couple different ways they could have handled the changes, that would have allowed for the best of all worlds and fixed the issues you mention as well.
  19. I preferred the old system as well. I'm still not sure why anyone would hold weapon swap to enter melee only. Seriously I mention the least clunky way to do it above, since hitting e allows you to strike an enemy while switching into melee only, holding to go straight to melee only locks you in an animation, and makes you wait to hit e and attack.
  20. That is a straight contradiction, as it's exactly what I just stated, claiming it isn't true, then repeating the exact same thing. Amazing! The rest of what you say just proves how clunky the system has become. ps. If you had not noticed due to the animations, it's actually a split second faster to get into melee only, if you hit e before the hold of swap weapon. Because you aren't stuck with the draw and lockin animations. Either way you do it it's still clunky though.
  21. I happen to agree that they are gated unnecessarily. However, I am not as interested to obtain them anymore. I still enjoy the game, but I find the recent changes have caused the game to feel less like the fast past smooth game I enjoyed. It's now slow, clunky, with less interesting build options, albeit more flashy. Kind of sad, but in it's attempt be something it's not, it's losing itself, and becoming a rather bland copy of something else. The game has devolved into spam one attack again.🥺
  22. It's not fixed! The scanner is sticky now, but the above is an example of how equipping, and un-equipping the scanner, will move you from secondary equipped, to primary equipped.
  23. I would relax in Mot with Ivara a miter, furis, and balla, and the thing I really do not understand, other than the zenistar nerf(which makes no sense) why cripple dagger play before Ivara prime gets released? Ivara with a hammer, or fist weapon, I feel so stealthy now(disgust or sarcasm you choose). Finisher damage on daggers, even with a choice riven, is why you see me with a hammer in that screen shot, on page 7.
  24. Yeah but you can get crits like this now, using a build with one under mods, and no riven. You can also 1 hit an r5 lich to bended knee through his shield. It's a shame I was not recording I had a 19 million red crit earlier. This is just an average crit screenshot. I miss endless play and the Zenistar on occasion, but I rarely witnessed folks using the Zenistar.
  25. There are a lot of things to like in the Old Blood update. It's nice to see the attempt at a game play loop(Lich system), I expect it to improve. I enjoy being able to rank a Lich to 5 and have nodes that are 90-110 to enjoy. I do not enjoy that I am limited to 5 waves of defense, or the other imposed limits on endless play, why can't I just stay and farm thralls if I want? Short missions are boring which is why most of my play is solo. I used to enjoy and relax with endless Ivara on Mot. The fact you had some endless options for those of us that enjoyed them was fantastic game design, even if it was an accident. Is the Zenistar change a result of that? How many people used the Zenistar? I used it on occasion for one specific frame, but it hardly received a bulk of game play, and will see even less now. The catchmoon changes do not bother me at all really. The current control lay out is on an entirely new level of clunky. Did you all have an idea of where you were going when you started making the melee changes? I'd love to see those ideas. Currently if you swap to secondary, then equip your scanner, scan a plant, and put away your scanner, you magically are holding your primary again. The same happens if you choose to fire a round, which is bad if your primary is also a self damage weapon. It's Odd, makes no sense, and clunky. Having to first pull out melee, then use change weapon(with a hold) to enter melee only, is yet another clunky way to handle something that could have been streamlined. Why can I not bind my secondary separate from my primary, so I pull the right tool for the job, and why can't the current system seem to remember which weapon I last had equipped? Cycling between weapons on a single key is sloppy, it's a reason I stopped playing on consoles decades ago. Switch weapon, and switch gun are almost redundant. It's a shame that they are not primary, and secondary, since melee is it's own key, but it would require a bunch of changes so the system would actually make sense and not have a clunky feel. I would have tied fire a round to draw weapon, which would fire last weapon equipped, and add an option to have a separate bind for secondary which could also have fire a round tie'd. Then Players could fire a round from last equipped, and use the same key to swap guns, or have the option to hit a separate key for either primary, or secondary(which is what I would use), but then I like more options not less. That would leave manual blocking as it was, and free up the left mouse as well for future channeling/rage system if it is ever added. The redundant heavy attack option, one of which can't be disabled(hold melee), will spend combo counter by mistake on faster melee among other things. This was a poorly thought out change. Old charge attack did not drain your combo counter, new Heavy Attacks drain the combo counter, not being able to disable that is bad, if you choose to play anything other than HA builds. Speaking of HA builds they are immersion breaking, and look out of place in Warframe, playing Ivara as a stealth one punch rhino, actually caused me to log out in disgust, and I was the one that came up with the build theory. Personally I would have rather seen the channeling system fixed. There was nothing really preventing ragdoll physics being added, without the Heavy Attack system, which feels very much like the old spamtastic system from a bygone era in Warframe. I'm enjoying the roll as an animation cancel, but I know people are going to abuse the mechanics, as animation cancels are almost always abused with macros.😟 Your current fix for Corpus Hacking terminals is game breaking.It can prevent solo of LUA rescue, well as cause issues on the Orb Vallis bounties. I had to stop a solo bounty earlier today because it sent me to a terminal I hacked in a previous bounty, which prevented me from accessing the terminal. Why not just remove the affinity gained for successive hacks, that would at least not break other important things? I love you all!😘 It's why I continue to support the game, sorry if it sounds negative. There are lot of nice changes, they just happen to be getting dragged down by some of the not so nice changes.
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