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  1. As a map clearer with 4.7k hours, and over 16k missions, I have never seen one, so the pic is clearly a fake. 😛
  2. I'm bumping this because as a completionist myself, having things in the codex that can't be finished is annoying. 4.7k hours and over 16k missions and still have never seen a Reinforced Orokin Container. Everything in the codex should be in the game, or removed from the codex. If it is so rare you never see one, what is the point in it existing anyway?
  3. My idea has no dmg on soul punch, you still have to to kill the target, all you get is the short cc from the rag doll and a new shadow. Soul Punch remains my only real complaint on Nekros. I never could see the point of a single target cc, with almost no damage, when I could just Terrify. The augment for Soul Punch, doesn't make me want to giving up a mod slot either. I would absolutely be fine with DE making just a change to soul punch, as the rest of him is fine, and I would like to see him remain Nekros.
  4. I don't see any reason signature primes would be an issue, it's not like a minor boon is enough to cause people to play the signature over something else, for any reason other then flare or roleplay reasons.
  5. Tekko is Atlas's signature weapon and gains 6% status when wielded by him. Tekko prime is not Atlas Primes signature weapon and gains nothing when used by him. It doesn't make sense , and logic clearly doesn't have a place in the matter. I have to say I find it an odd that Atlas forgot how to use the Tekko just by being primed.
  6. Just do not put the archgun launcher on one of the first 12 gear wheel slots, and assign a keybind. Absolutely nobody should have that kind of convenience. It's larger than a primary, and we can't use them while carrying a data mass either.
  7. Only if Wukong gets three Staves, what with having a prehensile tail and all. 🤪
  8. I've always thought the best reward for a bug report, was the bug actually getting fixed. Then again I am old fashioned, or is it just old, one of those anyway.
  9. The only change I have ever wanted to see for Nekros is for Soul punch to create a shadow of the dead. Because it would allow us to choose our undead army, and in the event of death say 3 or so hours in on a survival, we would have a way to get an army back up without killing things first. Granted they could remove the damage from soul punch and for all I care let the target live, just have it literally knock the soul out creating a shadow of the dead. Freshly punched target replaces oldest shadow, and casting shadows refreshes them as it does now.
  10. Figured I would post orokin cell reward pic also.
  11. This must not actually be fixed, because here is some hexanon, pulling an impressive mimic of a mod, and I have also been getting orokin cells from gold mods in the secret rooms.
  12. Wait until you are sniping, and a Saryn uses Venom Dose... pure agony!
  13. I want a frame with Nekros 1 , Mesa 1, Chroma 4 and Excalibur's old 3. Because sometimes you just have to embrace the suck, but mostly because I miss super jump. It's almost halloween a werewolf frame sounds great.
  14. You are a player, he is a player. He needs help and you are offering help. Community/ players helping players... Seems legit! 😜
  15. Seems like a calculated way to increase the forma cost on all builds by 2-3 forma each. I'm neither for or against. I also would not mind them adding umbral forma in the market either, as I do not mind spending plat or time using tons of forma. I enjoy tinkering, and theory crafting builds, the annoying thing is not being able to do all the builds because of no access to umbral forma other then nightwave. It's going to be much less useful, if it does not account for different polarities, like an aura forma does.
  16. Failed to read eh? It was used as an example of a warframe ability being made moot, by the sortie mechanic, because of not having a separate mod system for the obviously exalted weapon. But it sure is fun to make assumptions, excuses for a game flaw, and not discuss a topic.
  17. Does anyone know if there are plans for all exalted weapons to be made separate, to fix issues that prevent using part of a Warframe kit, because of modifiers for say sorties. For example really wanting to play Khora, but the sortie is bow only, meaning without a melee weapon for the stat stick, whipclaw will be hard pressed to even leave a welt on an enemy.
  18. Now witness the firepower of this fully armed, and operational Battle Station.
  19. I want more loadout slots also. I am tired of my last loadout slot being named swapslot. where I have to swap amongst frames without a dedicated slot and completely redo the loadouts for them each time I use them, because they do not have their own slot. Before you ask, yes I switch frames that often, and play more then 34 frames regularly which is current mr cap amount of loadout slots. Currently I want 41 slots, when Grendel releases I would like 42. Why is something saving me time, and making Warframe more enjoyable for me, so hard for some to understand? Let me be Frank DE, have you met my friend Ben? We both know you have... and he wants to visit you more often.
  20. I just wish hitting a mob adjacent to you, with a skiajati did not require primed reach. Melee weapon range is bad, on more than just fist weapons.
  21. Vaporize currently works in stealth, I posted to see if it's a bug, but never got a response.
  22. I burn through a lot of forma and will continue to do so, but what I really want is a bunch of Umbra Forma. I love to theory craft builds, and currently it would take me 18 Umbra forma and many more normal forma, to complete most of the builds I want to toy around with.
  23. Is there any chance with Empyrean on the horizon, that we can expect some control updates? For instance, I prefer using 2 specific keys for roll left, and right, but cannot bind them independent from non Archwing use, meaning I lose the ability to also use them for Archwing launcher, and k drive launcher. It gets old having to change binds every time I play Archwing. I'd also love an option for roll right and left to work the same in open world, as it does in Archwing. I should note I dislike roll right, and left being tied to thrusting, rolling should not require moving forward rapidly. I have experimental flight turned on, but Archwing doesn't feel good as it did when it was first released.
  24. A crossover event is not in Warframes Destiny. So says the magic eightball.
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