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  1. My only real gripe with the Kuva Lich system, is the random percent damage range applied to the weapons. Invest 5 forma? 🤣
  2. Who me? I make no assumptions. I know very well there are only two types of people in the world, those who can extrapolate from incomplete data. Every time I went to the wiki, I noticed errors, so I avoid it like the plague. Is Reddit even a thing? I am fairly certain it could cease to exist tomorrow, and I would never notice. Is a revolt happening? The weapons are my only issue with the system, and it's specifically the RNG damage percent range on them that bothers me, because it means needing between one, and an infinite number of drops for a specific weapon, to get max damage range, and why forma if you do not have that? Everything I have discussed in this thread, is all about getting the weapons, and how the RNG damage percent range, makes that absurd.
  3. You just made that entirely tougher than needed. Even if you guess wrong every time possible, you only need to attempt killing the Lich 18 times to guarantee success. Odds are in your favor you will not have to do all 18 attempts. There are only 8 possible for the first slot of the parazon 7 kill attempts tells you what it is, even if you guess wrong every time(odds are you will not). There are only 7 possible for the next slot and even if you guess wrong every time, 6 kill attempts is the max to know for sure(again odds are you will not need all 6). There are only 6 possible for the last slot, even if you guess wrong every time, that is 5 kill attempts to know for sure. Worst case senario you attempt 18 kills to solve the order(highly unlikely!) Your Lich caps out at level 5, Mobs on those nodes will be 95-110 in range, it's faster to speed run for Lich appearances and fight the Lich every time he shows, then to farm the thralls, if you are comfortable with 95-110 range enemies(I had no issues.) I'm still bothered by the RNG damage percentage.
  4. If it was max 50% that would already be a nerf to one of my kuva weapons.🤣 No I actually don't care, it just the random percent that bothers me.
  5. I'd be fine with the system, if the damage was a fixed percent. That much grind and they want 5 forma in each to get the max MR from them, just like the Paracesis. Why would I invest five forma in a weapon who's stats could improve next time it drops? Totally Absurd! That much grind should reward a weapon, that I will want to forma 5 times.
  6. I finished those the instant they came out. After doing the first call, tap once while between the hash marks, looking for where it jumped move to where it jumped, and finish the entire call. 100 percent mimic rate that way. You can also twitch if you have elite twitch skills, but it's tougher to do consistently.
  7. Lack of Thralls while you have Nekros Thralls, this can't be intended.
  8. What will you do when the better kuva brakk drops next month?
  9. I don't mind the melee nerfs. What I do mind is that melee is now clunky and less fun. The way you enter full melee mode is clunky on a whole new level. Heavy attacks entirely break the flow of combat, and empty the combo counter. Take for instance the zenistar by the time you hit enough stuff to make the disk last long enough to be worth using, there will be nothing left to run into the disk(need to reposition your disk, drawing it back will also wipe out the combo counter). I can't stop flashbacks of the movie Dark Angel("I come in Peace!") when I see the Parazon. The Kuva Lich system is an RNG/ Gating nightmare on a Bioware/Anthem scale. RNG stats on a weapon gated by low drop, or extreme grind, do not work. Exactly how many Thralls does one mercy, to get even 1 Murmur? I got bored, and went to bed. Please realize this is coming from someone who did the Champion of Tarsis grind(proof linked below). https://youtu.be/RQf83MGnwCs I love Warframe, it's why I have supported it for so long. Not everything in the mainline was bad, but the overall fun of the game has dropped drastically. As a PC gamer keybindings and game flow mean a lot. If we wanted less control in our games, we would be playing on consoles. Cycling from weapon to weapon with one key is terrible. I would much rather be able to bind a separate key for each weapon. When actions are tied to keys that do not make sense, it makes the game clunky and less fun. By the way shortly before going to bed, I got locked into the Parazon. Every time I tried to change weapons, I ended up standing there with the Parazon equipped.
  10. Old melee was light years better. You can't do broken bull from a standstill. Heavy attacks are clunky and disrupt the flow of melee entirely. The zenistar is now boring and pointless. Press X to do a finisher? I think you may have managed to kill off everything I still loved about warframe. Don't have enough loadouts for warframes but now have loadouts for archwings? I love archwing and find the amount of loadouts for them silly. "If it isn't broken don't fix it!" The game play feels so bad now. I don't even have the desire to kill kuva liches.😕
  11. I was really looking forward to Ivara Prime, but with the current proposed changes to dagger mods, the enthusiasm has waned drastically. I'm really not excited about a lot of the upcoming changes to be honest.
  12. I can't get past the wasted redundancy on the guando build, compounded by the wasted arcane blade charger on inaros who wasn't even using a primary, and that build on the Adarza Kavat, which should be a Smeeta since I don't see Eidolons anywhere. Did he at least do 3+ hours? 🤪
  13. I used rattle guts as a status application monster for many things but that is likely going to change with the current changes for CO.
  14. Dark sector pvp needed some fixes, but was light years better than current conclave.
  15. They could do so much more with this mechanic. Start an exterminate half way through, change of plans I have identified 3 hidden data vaults retrieve the info. Go into a capture mission, change of plans the target was a trap, survive the onslaught of troops until extraction can be arranged. Just think if every mission type, had the chance to turn into any other mission type.😎
  16. RNG stats on weapons that are already going to be somewhat gated. Sound like something another developer recently did that went over like a lead balloon. I had never seen a new IP die so fast.
  17. Nichivo


    I'd like to see them first fix specters breaking entirely when you have them hold position. They did not used to break in this manor.
  18. @Maxim_M_Payne Great post it covers a good amount of my personal complaints with changes. I'm apprehensive to say the least about the proposed changes coming, it reminds of the old failed charge/heavy attacks from the past. Juggling just looks out of place all together, but I hear the Twin Queens are hiring Court Jesters. Only time will tell, but my gut is telling me things are about to get ugly.
  19. Oddly I am not a fan of the first two. Surge Link and Soul Burn I like though. You should maybe reword surge link for clarity. If it's a two way portal it would require a portal on each end, three would be six portals which would be a bit much.
  20. Nichivo

    Naberous Ephemera.

    It looks great but some frame glow and maybe bat glow would make it stand out more.
  21. Nichivo

    Halloween event

    When I solo'd it I used my speed nova(-60 powerdonation) and some pherliac pods cause I have hundreds, and of course enemy radar everywhere I could fit more. It was still a bit of work. In a group I am not sure failure to reach 900 is even possible.
  22. Nichivo

    Halloween event

    The difference between solo, and group is night and day. Solo reduced enemy spawn, makes it a little more work. In a group unless the lantern carrier is asleep, I doubt you could fail to reach 900.
  23. I am completely fine with umbral forma in the market. It would give me something else to focus on, like the many umbral builds I want to do, and all the multiple prime frames I have. I could use about 20 umbral forma to get things started off. Besides it's not like everyone can't earn plat and also buy them.
  24. Giant Boulders that do not actually exist on Plato Lua run. Multiple screens in spoiler. I did not file a ticket.
  25. Found some screens to show what I am talking about. One before the bug and one after.
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