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  1. Glaive before our current system was my top used melee. It's dropped to third since 2.9 or whatever they are calling this train wreck. I still use it on occasion with my zakti or rattleguts, mostly my rattleguts which is built for one purpose 7 instant statuses.
  2. This is where I am going to disagree again. Clashing forest is the reason I prefer using Keewar(stave) to the Kripath(polearm), Battering Roots, and Resolute Flurry have been friends of mine since the bow prime days, Flailing Branch which is the stance that fit the default polarity was a tad lack luster with the exception of Rising Fall. Hell if I could use Clashing Forest for Wukongs stave, I would be in heaven. I even have a post about that somewhere around this place.
  3. I mentioned that back when they were removed and also mentioned it yesterday in this thread Endgame Suggestions and thoughts. I am still surprised it was not resolved that way.
  4. I would like the chance to fight New Loka at the exact same time as Stalker, Grustag, Zenuka, Wolf, and the Zeloids. Especially if they could show up while soloing, defense wave 50 plus, bring on the challenge. We need more assassins, stronger assassins, give the assassins the Steve Austin(no not the wrestler) treatment.😁
  5. It has everything to do with right tool for the job on demand. I play games on PC, because I want more control not less. The current system is like being hired to build a house, and pouring the foundation without any Rebar. More players had their option of how to play melee removed from them, because they now have less options. So obviously more are going to accidentally trigger a combo. Forced engagement, is not real engagement. The absolutely needed a few tweaks, but masterfully crafted, and brilliant system, has been replaced with. @Qwertykeys The Ninkondi combos and animations are bar none, ome of my favorite. I feel like a bunch of the change are not aimed at pc players, and having controls ripped from you when you have a mouse and keyboard is frustrating. I want more control we have bind modifiers like shift +, ctrl +, alt + etc . It's not like I am running out of keys. For that matter why can't we pc players get the ability to bind Combos. modifier + 1,2,3,4,5,6. combos on demand omg it's the end of days.🤓
  6. That's all speculation. I'm not about to start counting chickens before they hatch. How can you claim the new system is better? When did you last play the new system? My opinion on the current system stands, it's really broken and less engaging than the previous system. I currently can't bind my secondary or primary separately, and I am not in the habit of picking up the wrong tool for the job, so that I can later pick up the correct tool with the same key. Case in point. Shoot an enemy with your pistol, equip melee, then aim and back to pistol you go. However! Shoot an enemy with your pistol, then equip your scanner, then go to melee and aim and whoopsie is that your primary you just whipped out? The current system is horribly broken.
  7. Hmm. I'm a player that was engaged with that system. The current replacement is less engaging. I can't currently use guardian derision without tossing out my primary, and secondary, because the new system is trying to play for me(auto block). Even funnier! Because of that, I stopped using my sword, and board that had final harbinger on it, which frequently was used for the pause combo to gain the Heat proc. Not to mention, I can no longer effectively use a channeled parry to stagger an enemy firing at me opening it to a finisher without auto block kicking in making it impossible to do the finisher, and with channel on a toggle, yup there goes your energy. You kind of picked the wrong person, since I used all the tools at my disposal with the old system, including combos, and split second timed channeling. Even dispatch overdrive is now a pain to use, because instead of using split second channel, you turn on a toggle, and watch auto block take the helm unless you walk backwards towards the enemy. The new system as it currently stands, is so bad some people quit playing as a direct result. The only thing the new system didn't change was spin to win, but if I am going to spin anyway, I still prefer Broken Bull, at least when auto block isn't trying to play for me. I'm also a little tired of equipping my scanner so often and it's keybound. I will not even comment on what the changes coming are going to be like. Because until it happens, it's just that speculation.
  8. What? Amesha makes 4 canister Thermia fractures trivial.
  9. It's almost like Nitain not being in alerts, affects new players ability to obtain Nitain. I feel for you, if I could give you some of my Nitain, I would.
  10. It's not really a complete way to address the issue. They should have turned arcane helmets into arcanes that gave the same benefit the helmets do, but were frame specific as were the helmets. Then put them back in the game for all to enjoy. I love the Harka helmet, but it isn't going to make me take off my arcane squall.
  11. I completely disagree. In fact I will always disagree, with anything that removes player engagement, and replaces it with automation. The old system could have used some tweaks sure, but at the end of the day it was a really brilliant feature rich complete solution. What we currently have is an unfinished poorly thought out idea, that removes player control/ engagement, while breaking some mechanics, and mods.
  12. Luckily the mantis parts also drop from the normal rare orokin container, which is still a little more rare than needed IMO, but at least doable by full clearing Plato on Lua with a smidge of luck. While on Plato Lua you can also find caches, scan lunar pitcher, farm Battalysts, Conculysts, and drift mods. So it's not so bad. If you just want a mantis I have 4 or more left I have not given away yet. The rare reinforced Orokin container however is entirely too rare, may as well be renamed mythical.
  13. Are either of these ever going to be listed in the codex under Missions?
  14. You mean was part of the game. With the exception of the orb and Archguns they broke the reason to use most of the weapon swap mods. The way it is now is not fine. I used to have a key for secondary, and separate key for primary, the way it is now is terrible. I personally don't care about the fast firing of a round, I want back my option to block with right mouse, and instant channel unless it's removed with my left mouse, and aim glide with a melee weapon out without losing control because of auto block. The current system borks a bunch of different builds and mods, Guardian Derision, Electromagnetic Shielding, Avenging Truth. The current system is terrible, and double tap skills are annoying, and should always be disabled, and set as a single keybind. Why are you trying to make me go back to the 80's and play streetfighter?
  15. It was just a question, not a suggestion, or anything else. I just find it odd I can go from a relay to cetus/fortuna, but not from cetus/fortuna to a relay. Likewise I find it odd, that if I am hanging out in cetus getting some lunch with konzu, and something important comes up I can't bring up navigation and go there. I am pretty sure my Orbiter is parked round here some where. Dude where's my Orbiter?
  16. That would be great. At least we can test Archguns there currently, but tinkering with the melee and Archwing themselves would be fun.
  17. Apparently I have let severe stress, and grief cloud my judgment, how dare I react in a manor that any other in the same circumstance might. Sorry.
  18. You can purchase Tennogen skins through a steam install of warframe.
  19. Exactly you never know what someone else is going through. Which is why people around here going out of their way to not be nice doesn't make sense. I don't expect you or anyone else to ever understand, how little effort it actually takes to just be nice to others.
  20. Another person suffering? Do you have any idea what going through something like this does to a parent? How every day you wish you could take their place. I don't want your sympathy, I want my son to live.
  21. Actually everything is serious right now, because my eldest son is battling Burkitt's Lymphoma. So excuse me if I don't find, all the snide comments people make on the forums in the so called name of humor, as anything other than drivel. Heaven forbid anyone actually respond to anyone around here, with something pertaining to the topic, rather then just another so called joke.
  22. Oh you mean like humor doesn't come across well on forums, when you don't bother to use an emoji to denote joking. Maybe you do learn something new everyday. 😜
  23. I'll laugh first time you type something humorous. Go ahead, I'll wait.🤨
  24. This just in! No more discussing anything in general discussion, discussions are no longer allowed, especially if anything in the discussion, could be construed as feedback. Dramatic enough to meet your high standards? 🙄
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