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  1. I mean there's always natural talent so your spam takes less time; therefore, you can be more mobile. I mean natural talent was usually the last mod I thought of, but as someone who tried (and failed) to get blazing step ephemera when it was still in ESO, it made other Saryn players despise me.....god I hate playing public. Now you could always join the Valkyr Prime full umbral master race and replace her 4 with larva (I'm not biased at all)
  2. I get it I'm a tryhard, but I like stocking up on catalysts mmkay (*cough*just to spend them immediately). As a long time player I hoped that I would be able to level nightwave infinitely, and I've done the work to earn the rank after 90 (60 after the initial 30) and I've reached the cap. This honestly makes me glad I got burned out during intermission 2 and reached 90 right at the end. Like come on why did you cap it when these nightwaves sometimes just drag on? I was perfectly fine with y'all taking your time as long as I had something extra to do or a goal when it came to nightwave. Now tha
  3. Yeah the bonus objectives seem kind of pointless when all you get is Amber Stars. Seriously if the community wants amber stars just spam captures as a max range Limbo spamming 4 all the way to freedom. Amber stars aren't a bloody reward DE they're an insult to anyone who knows how to play the game and not suck their thumb at the same time. Seriously fix dat shiz.....
  4. People complaining that this will make the game too easy when Chroma exists and has existed for a while. This will definitely switch up some of the meta garbage we've been dealing with. This should be a MAJOR resource dump though.
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