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  1. Don't quote me on it, but I don't think Paracesis supposed to do that....
  2. You did some base testing in the game and stated numbers that you had no way to backup. I had this happen to me in game multiple times in a row to the point where I set down a wisp specter and I barely survived the hits as a Saryn Prime the other day in steel path. Energy is one thing as Saryn I can easily get that back b/c Rage, but you offered no real solutions other than play someone else and then got defensive when I sent a mild mannered statement back. If someone disagreeing with you automatically means they are "defensive" then you need help. You offered "alternatives" yes, but did you even bother to think outside of your own experiences with it b/c you "never ever" die in SP or in base star chart as a shield frame or otherwise that maybe the stars aligned in this buggy game to do something you haven't run into? Amazing right? I don't need to pull MR rank or say anything other than I've played this game for a while then it's all accusations of "you need to learn some things based on this snippet I didn't even understand in the first place." Keep reiterating parts of the convo you think you have a shot at "countering" kiddo and just feel free to ignore the rest, I'm going to actually play the game and run into the same issue again and watch DE do nothing about it. While you sit there and wonder "Why did that person online disagree with me then try to counter what I was saying b/c I didn't understand what they were actually complaining about, so, I made a statement that didn't address anything other than the first question? Then I did some baseline testing in the simalcrum (because we all know testing in the simalcrum = so accurate) and completely ignored how infested spawns work. Oh woah is me." Keep assuming things about people b/c they don't run into the same problems you do in the game and going on forum posts "suggesting" the most basic information up front.
  3. The Toxic Ancient's aura gives itself and all nearby enemies 25% Toxin damage. In addition, the aura provides 80% damage reduction to Toxin. Multiple Toxic Ancient auras stack additively. *cough* Maybe do more than baseline research before you open your mouth considering ancients love spawning in multiples. Yes I do run health mods on all of my shield warframes, they still have competent armor. Also I brought up Mag and Protea as prime examples of frames that couldn't tank it. Trin is a god tank in her own right. Maybe you should do research on what the Venomous Eximus units do as well on top of the low dmg toxin proc. It's not like it's all on the wiki or anything.
  4. Thanks for putting words in my mouth and not addressing anything I said. Nice redirect you got there, with what is that, *sniffs the air* I smell projection.... The question wasn't "Hey what does armor do?" the question was "does their toxin damage get reduced by our armor or not." Nothing you said helped with the problem I was bringing up. You addressed it with "do these other things" instead of "hey maybe they do too much damage for a pull." Getting knocked down doesn't matter if you just insta-die. Thin-skinned ego, I beat my ego to death every day for someone to come in and misinterpret everything I said. Now maybe I didn't convey the message I was trying to make 100% clear. In that case, my bad I do apologize. Also the Kuva Bramma thing was just a meta reference. I don't use that bow. I prefer weapons that don't nuke a room in 2 milliseconds b/c they get real boring real quick. They only get busted out when something won't bloody die, and I prefer the old single target work my way through the room Lanka/Dread method. Also a "good" handle involves you actually reading what I put instead of y'know judging me on the Hildryn thing when you clearly didn't realize that overshields = they can't get past your shields to your health. Also the fact that you responded to someone hours later when I had already pointed out Primed Sure Footed had no animation for resisting a knockdown. Edit a billionth time: Just so we are clear. The knockdown and breath I am not talking about in the slightest when it comes to the insta kill. It is just the hook. It goes right through shields and kills low health shield frames in regular star chart and nukes tanky frames like Saryn Prime in Steel Path. The breath is easy to deal with. Getting hit with that hook insta killing you before it can even knock you down is ludicrously annoying.
  5. That whole thing was joking about how good Hildryn is >.< Snarky my butt, telling someone that CC is back is pretty obnoxious in its own right. I know how to play the dang game. This isn't a question of skill this is a problem with randomly going POOF. Trying to help when not understanding what problem I'm talking about is what your problem is. You mean if I bring Nyx then I won't have to deal with ancients buffing? Holy crap what a concept. *not sarcasm at all* I was talking about how toxin ancients just destroy you in one pull and you respond with basically "get good scrub." I could go in there for 2 to 3 hours solo as Valkyr, but does that mean she's the only warframe I want to play? They gave us shield gating to stop shield frames from getting POOF one shotted. The infested come in hordes and being able to pick the green boy out when he's not even in the horde he is behind you then you're dead isn't really a question of "if" but "when." So thanks for your responses, I need a lot of help out there. Mainly excedrin for how thoroughly ignored everything I said and went "get good" in a couple paragraphs. I wasn't just talking about Steel Path either it happens in regular star chart to frames with low health pools.......................... Rereading I just need to get this straight... you do realize when Hildryn has overshields she is immune to enemies getting past her shields to her health right? Also Primed Sure Footed has no animation anymore.....
  6. I agree with almost everything you said. Nyx is easily the best option there b/c canceled ancient healers = easier cc on the rest of the infested. The problem isn't the fact that there aren't ways to mitigate it, it is the fact that it is complete and utter nonsense for it to happen. I know most of the ways to completely own the map, yet that doesn't get rid of the problem outside of steel path where toxin ancients one shot shield frames (ignoring hildryn b/c overshields = HAHAHAHA status what's that?) Also damage type dependence per enemy faction is also kind of uhh back and not back at the same time. Most viral + heat comboed weapons will wreck everything in SP. If you run into corpus where that doesn't work, Saryn's 3. Now I won't get into how annoying the treasurer's are b/c Nyx exists, but they kinda need looked at (not that they give better coins though). They are possible to kill with a bunch of magnetic dmg but it's a major pain. Back to the infested, Mag works real well until an ancient gets a pull he shouldn't have. That's the main problem, when you think you've got the room locked down and then suddenly you go POOF. Even with a heavily built Wisp with all 3 umbrals and blind rage I've watched my health go down to 38 in a split second from a bloody pull (After I tp casted 3). CC works up to a point but if you're solo then have fun holding X. Don't need a history lesson about this either been around since Loki Prime. Escalation Alert Squad was Nyx, Nova, Loki, and Vauban. I will say one final thing though. The pull reminds me of the Quite Shy vid where she was playing Banshee and getting switch tped by a commander and one shot by a butcher over and over again. Shield gating got me back into Mag, I refuse to believe that she should be relegated into a corner like Ivara when it comes to infested.
  7. Toxic Ancients have always been annoying, not difficult to deal with though. In basic missions and steel path missions if I'm playing a shield based frame i.e Mag or Protea I've had their pull just one shot me outright. Don't even get me started on my saryn running Umbral Vitality, Umbral Fiber, and Physique (with adaptation of course) getting bloody one shot by the pull in steel path as well. It's bloody ridiculous. I get it toxin should go through shields but just the infested or literally any other type of unit having a "toxin" buff in steel path disruption generally means "hit once DEAD." If our toxin dmg is resisted by their armor, is theirs resisted by ours? If so my Valkyr Prime with 87% dmg reduction levels of armor before warcry would like to have a word with toxic ancient breath killing everyone on my team and almost downing me as well. I get it they are supposed to be a threat, but if they just near one shot everyone (except garbage fire Inaros/Inaros Prime, and Big Boi Grendel) then infested missions will be a paranoia filled hell filled with Kuva Brammas *insert new meta explosive weapon or burst dmg warframe here*.
  8. 1: Stance Forma should come built or add built forma to the store. 2: At no point should I suffer through a lvl 100 interception and get a vitality for a rotation reward. 3: 30+ eximus units in and I've only gotten 1 Steel Essence Drop....... 4: If you are not going to buff the drop chance of Steel Essence, you should probably make 1 a reward for every mission/rotation. 5: Reward for reading through my complaints.....Valkyr is happy to finally be able to have things to kill in solo.......TY >.<
  9. Would prefer if we'd quit messing around and just give those warframes exalted modding like the regular moddable exalted weapons. I don't hate this nerf b/c as a valkyr main...who the frag still uses valkyr's 4? I prefer choice over one weapon to rule them all so this nerf needed to happen tbh. Would like to see Atlas's and Khora's 1s be replaced by actual exalted weapons as well b/c I hate having to power spam. My E key is already faded and accepts the punishment. I'm not going to destroy my 1 key as well. Also seriously give valkyr a greatsword if you make an umbra. The combos on those claws are as bad as the stave stances......... I totes need invulnerability on one of the tankiest warframes in the game as well, makes so much sense.
  10. I recommend trying out the rattleguts secondary if you get the chance. Even without a riven it is great for getting rid of pesky bubbled enemies.
  11. Firestorm and Amalgam Furax Body Count don't appear to be affecting the Shedu in the UI. I am curious if this was intentional or just a bug. Also Amalgam Furax Body Count is not updating the Stahlta's Radial Attack Range in menu when it does for other weapons like the Ogris. I see Firestorm's affect but not its.
  12. Glad I found this post later. Bullet jumping is garbage compared to ripline. You're still bullet jumping valkyr is up there laughing at you. 4 is hot garbage, hate claws reach and the combos. Invincibility on it is useless when innately my valkyr prime with umbral mods has ridiculous DR without even casting warcry. Overall I only like her first 3 powers. I despise the 4 and never use it. Back in the day sure, now = why bother when most melees can out-damage the claws b/c they don't have the stupid combos and horrible reach. Also both 4 augments are completely useless compared to eternal war.
  13. I sat there and did it first try with no real problems. You want them to make it to where the quest doesn't require any prep whatsoever to get done? It was bloody easy >.< Not to mention you need to do the Vox Solaris quest to even be able to do Deadlock Protocol..... If you're not prepped by then idk what to tell you.
  14. Oh no this will totally change my Vigilante Supplies build. Also for no one that saw this coming, *takes gas mask off and salutes the Synoid Gammacor painted on the wall as tears slide down face* "They may have forgotten your past wonderful ammo economy girl, but I'll never forget nor will I forgive."
  15. Rivens oh rivens when will you be replaced by a better system that isn't a complete plat leech/market mess
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