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  1. Doing Arbitration Excavation and having your power cell carriers just disappear into oblivion isn't the most ideal situation. However, on every Ice planet excavation since you added this non-scaling, AI bug filled mess you haven't addressed the issue. If you want us to play these modes in arbitration DO something with them. Infested Excavation is the only WORTH doing and half the time the ospreys just decide to go into the idgaf about your mission zone and we don't see them forever. Which just draws the mission out until they either A. decide to actually participate in the mission again, or B. we leave mission out of annoyance because we are now pushing on Defense levels of stupid time wasted. This is for excavation in general as well, if you put in a quicker gamemode than survival and defense, but with the trade off of our excavation pod being hit by a toxic ancients pinkie and instantly exploding don't make it to where we all have to leave the pod to search for idiots with blue power cells. This (image below) shouldn't happen, it's been years of THIS. Fix it please..........
  2. This locker when I've gotten a star from it throws it through the floor. Been doing this mission a lot for Xiphos part, and I've had it do it twice now so I'd say not an isolated incident.
  3. I'm not going to complain about the revive since I solo most of the time, and if I'm in a group it is friends only. I didn't do trials with pugs, I ain't doing this with them either b/c I remember old limbo and I still have random migraines when I click public. I'm not dealing with leeches and afkers, so idc. Now the fact that a lot of frames that can't use power strength getting buffed is dumb. I took Ivara once, teammate got near me and a toxic ancient breathed in my general direction, never again. The squishy frames need to be addressed b/c without an Oberon, in a prebuilt team, I'm not taking anyone other than Valkyr and Khora. Rotations taking 10 bloody minutes is annoying I do agree with the community there, but metal music and getting lost in the blender is the reason I can sit in ODS for 2 hours and be in my own world being content for once. However, it would be nice to bring the other frames I like to play into Arbitrations. The squishies need some way to survive is what I'm getting at. Regular Valkyr might be my most used, but I like playing other warframes too DE 😛
  4. Ivara is broken as well >.< going back to ror2, can't deal with this >.<
  5. Literally what does that even add to the conversation at all? Did you read anything? Just a tiny bit then attacked me for no reason?
  6. Her tankiness isn't the point >.<
  7. I was talking about synergies and a buff to abilities that are outclassed. Seriously, I don't need a trin for any of the content in the game. If you do that is fine, I just play her to solo tridolons and have 2 trinity primes, one with 2 umbral mods on, intensify and vitality. You are just throwing everything I said away instead of actually thinking about her viability outside of a support role. B/c right now in the current game she isn't really needed or required for anything b/c other warframes, arcanes, and the like work better. That was my whole point. She is a spam power user and past that she is worthless.
  8. Could you just read the post and quit saying you don't know how to play Trin. Legit, I am not bagging on her powers, I am bagging on their usability and her general hard lock support status in the game when no other frame is like that.
  9. Elevate is kind of garbage I will say compared to magus repair. It does require farming, but I am talking about late game to begin with. Also getting kills with Harrow is extremely easy. I'm saying basically that Harrow is an alternative, and a better one at killing basically anything with since she is basically spamming her powers. I also said it is still good, it is very good.
  10. Okay you sit there and don't respond to this at all mmkay. Just don't say anything after this and your point will be completely made. No more comments when new information or opinions rise either. I'm sorry if you see my observations as "failures," and throw them in the trash without any thought or decent judgement thrown back. I know how the game works, I've been playing it since Loki Prime came out. You can look up my profile if you want. Exact same name as my forum name. Look at my stats and judge me all you want, idc.
  11. Yeah I know I mentioned knowing how Vazarin affected her 4. I will say flares are better, especially considering you can kill Thumpers to get all the materials you need to build them easier than spending 2 hours on the plains fishing for those pretty Sharacs.
  12. Umm, that teammate is Saryn and I am spreading the spores too. Also ignorant of the game? That's a bold assumption. I do apologize for my spamming, but at the same time, read what I typed. Don't know how to use all of the abilities? I totally take offense to that statement based on the fact that you have never even seen me play Trinity. Also Trinity has casting time in case you forgot that when you press 4 it does take time. Although I do love Natural Talent on her. Also Oberon keeps his abilities up while having energy and regens health, and generally has rage on getting energy back while being hit. My point was that if Trinitiy's 4 and 3 spam get interrupted for too long ie. you get CCed you are dead. Also Arbitration droned enemies aren't affected by link ffs. Read what I typed instead of spewing hatred. 40% of health every second is not slow in the slightest btw.
  13. Not mend, Magus Repair which can be double stacked on your operator.
  14. Or the shield gate hildryn giving her teammates haven while mag and volt give everyone overshields.
  15. How about playing Equinox Night form with 80% slow and dmg reduction built in while another teammates slows more as Nova, and then when someone needs healed you don't even bother pressing 4 you just go into operator and go into void mode and give everyone in 20m, 40% of their health back per second
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