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  1. Itzal needs fixed out there. The railjack missions are terrible for itzal. Insta death over and over again on the lowest lvl battle, and invisibility just doesn't work. No dogfighting for me it seems. >.< Back to freelancer
  2. Your riven dispo bs is a horrible idea, gj launching a horrible idea. Can't wait for all the meta losers who main chroma to start using base rubico.
  3. The thrall's taking so long to execute with the parazon makes me want to drink whiskey. If I take a shot maybe it'll speed up..........maybe
  4. You'll see people running rubico instead of rubico prime for eidolons (this is how bad this idea is). This will switch the meta to base weapons and then those rivens will get nerfed. Then the noobies will get nothing but crap when they start their riven collection. You'll be furthering the divide between new players and veterans. This won't crash the riven market, this will make it worse with more people hunting the same rivens for basic weapons instead of searching for new ones. How about capping rivens and getting rid of the rng rolls on them and letting us toy with them to find our own niches instead of nerfing primes and other variants across the board and making it hell for anyone who likes a certain weapon that becomes popular out of nowhere b/c some meta boi made a video showing how broken it is?
  5. So uhhh we'll see a full dispo on a tigris but a .000000000000000005 on the prime....... Looks balanced to me *slams head against wall*
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