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  1. I think your guessing is correct and by "exploit" they meant a situation where players get the arcanes "too cheap" for their taste.
  2. Judging by QuetteShy Devstream abridged 140 (https://youtu.be/IHW-rRq2Nis?t=178) there would be only a couple of Arcanes as a rewards for Scarlet Spear operation, no Barrier, Grace, etc. I have zero motivation to grind something I used to own from Tridolons again, especially with awful stagger mechanic that is one of the worst game design decisions of the decade. Not reinstalling.
  3. Why, why you even touch a bunch of innocent weapons that never have any self-damage? It was very fun to run with Volt on full speed, clearing any living obstacle with Sonicor. You took away that fun from me.
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