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  1. There has to be something at the very least to make alliances actually be something other than one extra tab. Resource donation is nice, but other than that there isn't any end goal, its just kind of there.
  2. Next to nothing. I hope they at least give an update on it, the research is still in dojo.
  3. Here's a couple of things I think should be implemented. Conclave needs dedicated servers and balancing (as has been said several times here). Dojo duels should be changed to allow players, possibly warlords to alter what weapons can and can't be used in a given match. This would help with doing in clan events, as everyone would just use brammas otherwise. I also think they should change back the going to a blank duelling room and allow clans to at the very least use anything they added to the room, changing the dynamics of duels.
  4. Think what we can all agree on is that clans and alliances need something competitive that isnt a once a year event. We need something engaging that brings players together. Dark sectors could be exactly what we need right now. Whether or not its pvp or pve doesn't matter to me (although incorporating both would be nice), just something to strive towards.
  5. The stalker mode would be a nice addition at least, a mode of 4 players vs 1 stalker. Hell add grustrag 3, zanuka and others to the mix
  6. The dark sector conflicts (both in their pvp and pve variants) were the most fun I've had in this game. Yes it had it's issues, but they could be ironed out. I've seen plenty of players have ideas of how it could work, all DE need to do is listen.
  7. With how the last few updates haven't been the best they can be, maybe trying their hand at something like this might switch things up a bit
  8. 1st Ability : Copycat -copy the 1st ability of any frames in the squad (or from whatever frames used to build it, possibly changeable via augments) 2nd ability: void shield - can envelope itself or others in void energy granting armour, like iron skin. 3rd ability - void siphon : siphon energy from the surrounding area building up energy to either give energy/health to squad or to build up it's 4th ability 4th ability - void detonation: unleash all its void energy, exploding into its various parts, dealing massive aoe damage, before reassembling. Passive : siphons void energy from nearby frames , and can occasionally take on the passive of another frame in the squad for a short time.
  9. The old dark sector pvp had promise in the moba sequel way it worked, adding that to pvp would probably make it a bit better
  10. Turns out my clan has some devout pvpers, I relayed some of the ideas presented here and on other threads, they particularly liked gne idea of playing as grineer or corpus
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