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  1. Thinking about it, I think that if it ever came back they'd implement railjack and/or the squad link function, maybe 2 squads vs another 2 squads, 2 inside 2 outside
  2. Definitely something I'd try
  3. This is a great idea, something that can bridge the gap between pvp and pve players would be nice, giving pve players a chance at getting pvp based skins maybe?
  4. Firstly yes, Destroy all monsters owned nodes, both Ceres nodes to be exact. The spectral sabers owned 3 nodes (the owner at the time was greedy af, won't get into that) several alliances owned 1 node to themselves, but most were the outlier nodes, leaving them craving more. Regarding being able to defend several defended successfully from full on assaults, albeit via spending so many credits and deals with other alliances, and a couple of times to coordination or strategic deployment if an alliance who owned a rail deployed on you.
  5. I personally would like to see some form of it return, whether pvp, pve or a mix of both I don't care. Just to give clans something else to do, and to make alliances ( which were themselves made specifically FOR the dark sectors) have a use again
  6. As someone who played through all that, no clan held a node for the entirety, and no clan would consistently take back nodes. The clan that held a node the longest was bullets rain on you , owning akkad then they lost it to the cosmic lotus alliance( after disbanding it went to the spectral sabers). Prime masters owned coba for a long time too but once they got it they never lost it. Extreme Analog (EA, known under several names) alliance owned a node on venus for I'd say 75% of the time.
  7. Ah I hear ye, so clans that have it with have 205 things, others 204
  8. I agree regarding the dark sector research, but I think it's useful having ignis there so players looking for clans can check to stats to see if it's there. Yep, really grinds my gears
  9. So its been, approaching 5 years since the "temporary" armistice was put into place for the dark sectors. Along with this all dark sector related research in the orokin lab were locked so no new clans could research them But now that just leaves several thousand clan xp unavailable for a lot of clans out there. Wondering if DE will ever unlock the research, remove the xp associated with said research, or remove the research entirely.
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