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  1. is dying necramech xp bug still existing? or about resummoning, not really sure how that worked, i mean the one that resets the xp :/
  2. well, frames that doesn't have prime give u option, w8 for prime and subsume normal, or just farm another one, while a lot of normal frames have easy ways of obtaining them and are cheap to build, there is nothing they can do about this mechanic as lorewise helminth can't subsume primes and umbras(it's what devs said), i assume that warframes inside(prime and umra) are partially made of helminth or something that may be toxic, disgusting to him
  3. abandon mission doesn't make u loose progress, i always keep mine
  4. i really hope soon railjack resources will get adjusted amounts for helminth, for now it's like 10x more than it should in most of them
  5. Not much to add everything is in the video, i wanted to start profit taker for nightwave and i got blackscreen softlock after enterring the elevator, i had to alt + f4 to quit the game and launch it again Happened once for now but i have recording back up to 30 secs so it's why i could show it
  6. i hoped for the sleep too tho xD but yea, mesa with cloak will be ❤️
  7. im confused by the ivara? it's noise/cloak or dashwire with augment? or it's normal choosing?
  8. true, i have been mr 4 for around a year when i found frame and weapons that were giving me fun, i've been strong enough to do survivals of 1h+ while some 10+mr were dying all time xD(it was back in the times of the tower keys) nowadays i see pretty commonly ppl with mr 16 that doesn't even know the basics of the game like how to trade etc
  9. ye, it's why i hope it's not a typo with 50 energy xd
  10. Hildryn pillage takes 150 shields not 50, hope that doesn't mean it will take 150 energy instead of 50 xD
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