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  1. and yes, it is intended to work that u can have 1 hand secondary with any glaive at same time
  2. dual wielding is a function in game pretty long known
  3. i noticed sometimes after scanning them enough times so they became green highlighted, sometimes they go brown again for example the next day when i enter the poe again to hunt, like loosing a little progress
  4. I wanted to write about it aswell, seems it's a common issue with any weapon and happens mostly when u are very close to the enemy from my experience
  5. last time i noticed that mesa sometimes ignore some enemies on her 4 https://youtu.be/4V-ANsQ5IQw https://youtu.be/6x0QOFtpfEQ
  6. maybe to u she is boring but not for me it's my fav frame i love to hear the regulators shooting realy fast, and i love her the way she is now
  7. happened to me couple times too
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