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  1. I'm going to first admit that I did not read the entirety of your Operator post. I pretty much stopped at the Focus improvements and skimmed through the rest, but that's mostly because I haven't even done enough grinding to complete my initial school--Unairu--much less the rest of them. Unfortunately, I would largely disagree with most of your opinions regarding Operator movement except for an increase in movement speed. I feel like Operators are supposed to be separate from Warframes, and thus should have their own unique movements. Would it be easier if they could move more like Warframes? Yes, but, if your movement improvements and Amp improvements are made--and I'm probably coming to a realization of my own here--I think players would probably just switch to using Operators completely. The Focus schools and grinding out Focus could definitely be improved, and your idea for Operator-specific missions is decent, but I feel like some people may not like it, or it would be more difficult for newer players since the Mote Amp is AWFUL. I thought Operator melee weapons would be interesting as well, and I do really like your idea of each Focus school having their own weapon specialties, but how would they be implemented? Would you be able to replace your Void Blast, or would it be like switching weapons as a Warframe? Or something completely different? And what about people who like having melee attacks bound to the same button/key across all playable forms (Warframe, Archwing, Necramech)? Would the weapons be another set of modular items, or would it just be selecting a "form" (essentially a weapon type and stance) for your weapon that would modify its base stats in addition to any bonuses given by your currently equipped school? Also unfortunately, I would disagree with the idea of Void Rage, as I think it would be too strong and too much. You'd also probably end up with the issue that--in MY opinion--the devs still haven't fully fixed, which is that melee would again dominate the game (from the point of Operator gameplay, anyway). I think for now refining your Void Melee idea until you've got something really solid is a good way to go. I would personally start by refining the concept and functionality, THEN start thinking about what different bonuses and abilities the different schools could give to Void Melees. Lastly, I'm going to admit that I'm not going to read your K-Drive post. Nothing personal, and I'm sure you have some good ideas, I just hate the grind needed to obtain any K-Drives outside of the Infested one, and how they have more to them than Amps despite being--again, in my PERSONAL opinion--largely useless since Archwings and Necramechs are WAY better in the open-world areas.
  2. Alright, so I'm gonna try really hard to be brief this time on what I'd like to see happen to Warframe in the near future: 1) Reworks--for a bunch of Warframes, weapons, and a LOT of mods. I think there are some frames that could use some minor tweaking, and some that I feel could use a partial or full rework. As I've said before, I like to keep weapons that: 1) Are Primes, 2) Have a unique special ability and/or augment, and 3) Are Syndicate variants or other special variants. Some weapons fall into one or more of these categories, but are just awful (looking at the Stug, and I'm still very salty about the Spira Prime and the Kuva Hek). I probably need to just come to terms with the fact that making just the weapons that fall into one or more of those categories viable would be an immense effort, and that the game also just needs bad weapons if for nothing more than to motivate players to take the time to make the better ones. For mods, I think that there are a whole lot of them that are barely used because they're either useful in a VERY niche situation, or there are much better alternatives available. These are mods we could probably get rid of. Set Mods could use reworking, especially the first ones since they're so expensive to get the full effect, but I haven't done enough research or experimentation with all of them to give any kind of real analysis. Some Warframe Augments could also definitely be better, and I think that the aim should be for every Warframe to have an augment for each ability + passive, with the exception of, like, the 3 most recently-released frames (at any given point). Just to keep the workload lower. 2) Modular weapon/companion/vehicle expansion (except K-Drives. Building them and obtaining full Standing with the Ventkids needs to be made WAY easier) and refinement. I feel there will be very few people who agree with this, but I think Operators and Amps could use some improvement. At the very least Amps. At the VERY VERY least let us put TWO Arcanes on our Amps. My other suggestion would be mods for Amps, but I think everyone is getting tired of all the different types of mods. 3) Fashionframe expansion. I'm thinking the ability to equip MULTIPLE Ephemeras, color separation revision (as I've mentioned before, Gara's Deluxe Skin is a good example, since the "Primary" color is not the color that covers most of her body), and more intricate customization, like letting us customize the body parts of frames separately (but, like, divided into "arms, legs, body, head" etc. Even that's asking a lot, and anything more intricate than that would be a nightmare to make happen). 4) A way to know if our responses to these posts have been looked at and considered by the devs. 5) Make specialization AND generalization/meta builds viable. If a weapon has high crit chance, I wanna go all-in on crit for the most part, but the meta builds usually involve multishot (shotguns are an exception because you're being foolish if you aren't shoving multishot onto your shotguns) and 1-2 elements. An example is Rad/Viral on something like the Bramma. That's a fairly meta build, but I PERSONALLY look at the Bramma and see 1) Crit, 2) Blast Damage, and just put everything into enhancing those two. After all, that what it seems to be made for, right? Once again I've failed to be brief, and once again thank you to anybody who takes the time to read this word vomit.
  3. I know this is a bunch of stuff nobody would want or that the devs wouldn't want to do (because it would be incredibly tedious), but I'd really like to see a rework of some weapons that are just...bad. Like the Stug. It's got an interesting mechanic behind it, but it's just...so bad. A lot of other weapons are the same way. I'd also like to see some more power for Amps. Since I don't do any meta builds, I probably have a lot of stuff under-powered, but I HATE having to do meta builds. I want to pump up the Radiation damage on my Tenet Arca Plasmor as much as possible. I don't want to have to add in another status to make it stronger. I also don't want to have to have multishot taking up slots on things that don't have innate multishot, like crit-focused weapons. Yeah, more shots means more DPS, but I wanna pump that crit chance and damage as high as I can so that I don't NEED multishot (naturally this excludes weapons like the Kuva Bramma and Corinth Prime) I also think there are Warframes that need some reworking to make them have a more cohesive or interesting kit, or need some help in terms of survivability (Loki and Banshee are the two major candidates I can think of right now) Lastly, just to give everyone taking the time to read all this word-vomit (to whom I am EXTREMELY grateful) a break, how about expanding our Fashionframe capabilities a bit? At least starting with color division revision, e.g., what exactly the primary, secondary, tertiary, and accents colors cover. A really good example is Gara's deluxe skin. The "Primary" color on that does NOT cover most of her model. On the flip-side, we have Nova Prime, whose Primary color is essentially her ENTIRE model.
  4. PLEASE can we have Scattered Justice able to be equipped on the Kuva Hek. And I'll mention again maybe letting us target an enemy more than once with the Tenet Diplos. I'd have to double-check, but it, the Buzlok, and the Sepulcrum MIGHT all need tweaking when it comes to hitting units like Ospreys. The bullets just orbit them really fast instead of hitting them from what I've seen of my Diplos so far.
  5. I read on the wiki that the Kuva Hek can't equip Scattered Justice and I sold my Hek with the intention of replacing it withe the Kuva Hek. Any chance the Kuva Hek could get the ability to equip Scattered Justice? Or would that make it too strong and I'll have to wait for, like, a Hek Wraith or something? Also, could you make it so the Tenet Diplos can target the same enemy more than once? They're a bit difficult to use while aiming since you have to target the max amount of enemies to really get everything out of them, and even then they don't do much damage.
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