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  1. (PS4)boo1019

    Gara blueprint

    I recommend creating a support ticket. I had a similar issue with the dual ether dagger bp not being rewarded (before it was made re obtainable), and they were very helpful and put a bp in my inventory so i could build said item.
  2. (PS4)boo1019

    PS4 GPU Particle Option

    I know that me and all of my friends have been having the same issues with the option to change gpu particle setting resetting to default on log in, even though the option still clearly states that it is disabled. Is any one other than myself and my friends noticing this issue?
  3. (PS4)boo1019

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.3 (+ Hotfixes)

    Does this fix the gpu particle effect option resetting to medium on re log even though the option appears to be disabled? Tested for myself and found that the option still shows disabled on log in, but in fact it is resetting to default (medium), which can be easily tested and reproduced by simply running a capture mission and watching the particles upon the capture of the target. (or just casting any ability)
  4. (PS4)boo1019

    Ps4 Contest: All The Trophies