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  1. Continuous fire weapons will get a DPS boost from firerate mods, although it will, obviously, have an impact on the ammo efficiency of the weapon.


    The Quanta already has ludicrous efficiency on primary fire so don't worry about running out of ammo. Although, increasing firerate won't do much for its secondary fire.

    i dont think u should focus on the primary fire on the quanta at all 

  2. im gonna tell the dumbed up version


    ok then base damage is what elements are based on

    higher the base damage of a weapon the higher the effects of the elements


    base damage = puncture base +slash base+impact base+elemental base (some weapons dont have every component for base dmg so substitute a zero in )


    so if a weapon has 50 base dmg

    adding a maxed hellfire (90% fire dmg mod)

    would give you 90% of 50 fire dmg




  3. I hoped that is what it was gonna be, and it was, +1 to you :D

    That video is hilarious :D


    Now back to sleep so I can farm more G3 tomorrow for brakk :)

    i hope you are not asleep yet


    is it me or does the akbronco prime do almost the same amount of dps but has more status

  4. bronco prime 

    better damage than pyrana so much spread

    has falloff damage

    needs more work to build

    has 2 polarities


    has no fall of damage

    huge pellets ( for status)

    has no polarities low damage and lesser magazine for full auto shotgun 



    ma fav is bronco cuz it kinda looks cool has more dps and not many people has it making me unique 

    i know its an outdated thread just throwing it in there

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