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  1. What should we do if our Twitch sync is set up correctly and we haven't gotten anything from any of the drops through out the week yet? I'd guess it would be to submit a support ticket but I did that for Tennocon last year for Nekros Prime and never even got a response sooo
  2. I've never been able to get any twitch rewards for my Ps4 either. Accounts are linked. Nothing except the linked email Cape.
  3. Yeah. I have my twitch and ps4 account linked and haven't gotten anything from the whole week. I expect I'm not getting Hydroid either. This whole thing always seems like a bust, I never get any replies and the advice is always "uh try again next year you must have done something wrong" Very disheartening and makes me want to spend my money elsewhere and stop caring about the game
  4. Sigh. Okay. I don't have any of the stuff from the entire week and now it's Saturday. I've seen pc players getting them like 35 minutes after the stream began. I've pretty much given up that I'll even get anything at this point.
  5. How long does it take to get the Drops? I did the ones this week but haven't gotten any rewards, twitch appears to be correctly linked, and I don't want to miss out on Tennocon
  6. But did you get your Aura Forma already? I haven't gotten any of the stuff from the whole week yet
  7. Hi, I've played casually for a while but am just starting to get in it. I watched several of the Twitch streams this week that were supposed to have bonuses if you watch more than half an hour, but I haven't gotten any of those bonuses. My twitch was linked after last year's Tennocon, where I watched but I don't think I got anything from either. I have the syndana and the website says it's linked. Trying to make sure I get Hydroid Prime since I like the regular one. Is there a normal delay on how long it takes to get these? Or if it's been a few days and I don't have them does that
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