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  1. Ah yes, another fan of Forged in Fire! One of the few shows I actually watch. I live a short drive from J. Neilson, but haven't made a trip yet to his Forge/Shop. I agree the iteration of the Khopesh we got is closer to Ethiopian designs (Shotel), but I'm not sure how much I can fault the designers at DE since the setting of this game is a 1,000+ years into the future haha. I think I view it more as an interpretation of the weapon, and less as a faithful historical representation.
  2. Ha! Me too. It was some random Playstation demo disc with a bunch of other games on it. I was a bit young at the time, and remember finding the game a bit odd looking but that didn't keep me from playing the hell out of it.
  3. Although the possible reasons mentioned here are far more likely, I wouldn't doubt the senseless vitriol posted here and the ingame chat recently have them not exactly thrilled about being on screen in front of everyone either.
  4. Yes. Practice practice practice. Though there's not much you can do if you run into a network error.
  5. It could be so many things, but I don't think it has anything to do with Umbra. Far too early for that. We're talking about a full-fledged quest here. PoE is still hot on the plate, receiving quite a few updates and I think it's been mentioned that work on the next open area has begun. I'd expect Umbra next year, early hopefully. My bet is on an event themed Eidolon boss fight, either strengthened somehow or an entirely new one. Although I'd really like to see the Acolytes return.
  6. A closeup of what is expected to be the meteor upon landing: (How has no one posted this yet?)
  7. I've .. never heard of it taking that long before. I highly doubt that's intended, or designed to even be possible. Something either bugged or lag was involved. Fatal Teleport + Covert Lethality dagger is your friend against Kril. Solo, the fight never takes longer than 5 minutes.
  8. Oh good grief. The game will exist, and flourish without you, so you can spare us the arbitrary threats. DE have demonstrated they're confident in their own game time and time again, the latest example being their congratulatory tweet to Bungie regarding Destiny 2.
  9. Don't worry OP, things will get tough, just you wait. I don't want to spoil anything, but for a new player making their way to "endgame", you still have some challenges ahead of you.
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