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  1. As someone who has played nearly 6 years, and spent over $100 during the Founder days I'm glad to play with new people who are discovering the game. I enjoy helping them out where I can, and need no "acknowledgement" to allow me to have fun with the game.
  2. This last hotfix destroyed performance in the Vallis for me. Asked in region chat and it seems many others as well. Went from 144FPS constant to sub-100.
  3. I just want to be able to keep my melee out and aimglide with it like any other weapon. Now I have to unequip all guns to be able to do that. This feels like one step forward and two steps back.
  4. Same here. This is killing me. I used to run pure melee Excalibur, and loved aim gliding with melee still out. It looked badass, was easy to control, etc. Suddenly switching to aiming guns while gliding during aiming is jarring, not to mention switching to guns with exalted blade on. Don't get me wrong, I love what they did. Everything is a bit more streamlined, but it basically killed my particular playstyle.
  5. The same is happening to me. Submitted an after crash report.
  6. Whoa. Props for enduring and playing the game with it looking like that. I'd probably stick to Microsoft Solitaire if it looked like that for me.
  7. Wait. What? The Forgotten Syndicate is getting content!? We are on the verge of a New Truth ...
  8. That's just simply not true. If you went ridiculously overboard with Forma, then sure. Making it out to be a giant nerf is misinformation.
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