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  1. I want to see his 2 and 4 changed, make them compliment his punching ability.
  2. It won't stop and meta complaining will only get the thread locked unfortunately. I agree though.
  3. Pretty much every single devstream is beeing delayed now...
  4. Also the sound is only client side I think. Friend couldn't hear it.
  5. Loki used to be a starter Warframe aswell.
  6. I'm pretty sure sortie also doesn't move as the time it resets for me changes between 5pm and 6pm. Edit: Just realized the way I said it makes it sound like I mean the opposite. What I mean is that reset times are fixed and don't move and hour forward or back with our time change. So what was 5pm before now isn't 5pm but 6pm. Sorry, bad wording on my side.
  7. Reset times don't move with daylight saving. Since our time has, they all will be an hour later for us.
  8. "Weapon ephemera" they should go in the weapon customization menu. That would fix these mods and much more people will use them (allthough hopefully not too many)
  9. Try filtering out "wts". That's what I do.
  10. It's a bug I presume. Some races just don't spawn sometimes. Didn't have the kid right outside the elavator the other day.
  11. Like alerts but still different. Nightwave removed alerts and gave us a different system, I think they should have kept and reworked the hourly alerts and have them next to Nightwave.
  12. There should be hourly activities (or as frequent as alerts).
  13. I agree, there should be hourly activities (or as frequent as alerts).
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