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  1. Not a sortie reward... please. It will nothing but pollute the drop table.
  2. Plans to make PvP augments like the Atlas one usable in PvE?
  3. Yes lol. I think you're missing the point again 😄 If you would have been around for a bit longer and seen all the crap they pulled you would understand what I'm getting at. DE is better than others but not the shining light. Let's just leave it at that.
  4. You clearly didn't get my post. It's the fact they refuse to change some of these for years despite the feedback and the only way to get them to change things is by making a huge drama out of it. Has always been like this since open beta.
  5. Where do you think all that plat you trade for comes from? DE had and has plenty of bad buisness practises (buzz) in Warframe. Some of which haven't been changed for years despite the overwhelmingly negative feedback until the mainstream media picked up on it and DE took no more than a couple weeks to announce changes. To name a few: Prime unvault packs, beginner traps like credit bundles and endo, relic packs (and old mod packs), archguns requiring catalyst to apply gravimag and of course the kuva farm rate not beeing changed (despite pretty much everyone wanting changes) to obviously keep the riven economy the mess it is and promoting ressouce booster purchases. Rivens are the same as lootboxes, just well hidden under more layers, they take advantage of their psychological effect. DE isn't the golden angel people say it is, those who have been around for a long time know that. Despite all this though, DE is still great and I wouldn't want any other developer to replace them on Warframe so there's that.
  6. A small WoF rework is exactly what they did. More damage but less range over time. Ember was never good outside of low level missions and alright CC with the augment. Most people complaining about Ember are newer players who feel satisfied by afk nuking low level mission, they haven't played long enough yet to realize how boring this makes the game after some time. We had the same years ago with Saryn Miasma nerf and Mag's 2 rework. Ember needs a rework like many other Warframes but reverting the nerf isn't the way.
  7. Pretty much every single devstream is beeing delayed now...
  8. Getting stuck sometimes in the R1 ability menu after transference still isn't fixed. Please, it's really disrupting gameplay. Also, I didn't see it mentioned in the patchnotes so I assume aiming still doesn't work when in Hildryn's 4 and just opens chat?
  9. There are still some issues with controllers on PC, including: - getting locked in r1/rb ability menu when using operator - vibration sometimes doesn't stop on beam weapons like the phage - we really need an ingame keyboard so we can use chat without using steam big picture or keyboard The last one is a really niche issue but I'd really appreciate to see an ingame keyboard. Aside from that, much thanks for working so late to drop the update today and be sure to get some well deserved rest.
  10. So is a devstream every 3 weeks the norm now?
  11. RIP to everyone who did that exp exploit. Hope they didn't get a perm ban though, you let us PC players test and report bugs in your game (that's still in "Beta") for more than 5 years and just because they use a bug for their benefit you ban them instead of just reverting the exp gained. EULA violation or not, it's a bad move in my opinion. If it's just a short temp ban it's fine though.
  12. Anyone know what happened to Melee 3.0? It's not on the Fortuna info page listed as included features.
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