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  1. German

    Is it true that DE doesn't like money?

    Have you ever heard of vault packs and the whole story surrounding them?
  2. Then reconsider please. This is desired by many people. You guys spent a lot of money on advertising, so why shy away from something that greatly benefits the game's stability and reliability?
  3. Because it's also laggy if the host has a bad pc.
  4. German

    What do you expect from The New War

    The challenging and sustainable content we have been waiting for.
  5. German

    [HELP] IP address banned

    Do it but don't log in on the app, it's barely beeing supported. Just log in on xbox.
  6. German

    Improvements for heist missions

    Talking to Little Duck (faster with operator) cancels the conversation, workaround until they fix it.
  7. German

    The Life of a Veteran is hard..

    Or maybe just let us choose our favorites.
  8. German

    Attracting Veterans, from a Veteran...

    They got there through trial and error though, not through genious game design. Lots of things they added had to be heavily reworked and tweaked and many just outright failed and/or got removed from the game. Without it's passionate community, Warframe wouldn't be here now.
  9. German

    Shields are underpowered - Buff?

    I was thinking about adding a new stat: shield strength. Basicly armor (so damage reduction) but for shield, since right now shield isn't affected by armor. Obviously balancing needed.
  10. It's not about the fact that you have to grind. It's the WAY you have to grind that sucks. And since PoE most new content is time gated with standing which prevent you from further progressing in the game for the rest of the day. And it's not "a wAY tO kEEp yOU FrOM gEtTinG BuRNeD oUt", people are getting burned out of constant waiting for the daily reset and not beeing able to play the game.
  11. German

    Daily cap Annoyance

    Seems like that didn't work.
  12. German

    Space battles

    They will release it half-implemented and broken, fix a few things and then abandon it after realizing that 99% of the playerbase isn't playing it. 2 years later they will take it out of the game because they can't justify supporting that content anymore. The usual stuff.
  13. German

    Does WF really deserve the game awards?

    PUBG was nominated for "best ongoing game" before it was even released. They literally nominated an early access game for beeing finished.
  14. If things are similar and share certain aspects people compare, nothing wrong with that. They don't have to be exact clones to be comparable. And Anthem and Warframe share more than enough similarities. People need to stop seeing comparisons as an aggression, how much do you think DE looks at their competitors and games they share aspects with? Why do you think they introduced open areas and are now working on railjack? They look at other games that share some things with Warframe and think "hey what would that look like in our game", if anyone is comparing Warframe too much with other games then it's DE. But why should they stop?
  15. German

    Im sry i don't like Orb Vallis

    Many of these are just quality of life improvements, not new gameplay systems. They could have done alot more and I hope Part 2 brings some of that to us very soon. At the moment these open maps just feel very gimmicky.