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  1. Now with the new augment, accurate rocket hits are even more important. But that's sometimes hard to do without beeing able to aim and zoom with balefire in hildryn's flight mode. Especially on controller.
  2. With toggle sprint on, using an archgun, shooting (so you enter combat stance) and then sprinting will make your character moonwalk slide in any direction instead of turning until he lowers the gun again. Basicly there are no turning animations for sprinting in combat stance so it plays the forward running animation for all directions. It looks really bad. I play with controller but I believe it was the same for my friend on mouse/kb.
  3. Sometimes when you join a mission in progress, it plays the mission start cutscene but you can't skip it. It happens every now and then and has been a bug since I started playing.
  4. Some melee stances are partly or completely missing force feedback, like final harbinger (sword and shield) and nunchakus. Heavy slam also has no vibration. Also the first shot on acceltra doesn't have vibration and if you shoot any auto gun long enough, vibration will stop after a few seconds. Please, I neeeeeed vibration.
  5. You cant bind it. Its in the wrong category.
  6. You cant bind it. Its in the wrong category.
  7. Game breaking: You cannot remove avionics on controller as pressing the button opens the upgrade screen instead, requiring you to restart and switch to mouse/kb. Also blink still doesn't work.
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