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  1. The Steam Excalibur Onyx skin has unsuable color channels. The metal is on primary and secondary channels which makes the skin incompatible with any other excalibur helmet. Please make the metal just the Accent channel or if it's too much work just change them to Accent for the main metal part amd teritary for the small metal bits.


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  2. With toggle sprint on, using an archgun, shooting (so you enter combat stance) and then sprinting will make your character moonwalk slide in any direction instead of turning until he lowers the gun again.

    Basicly there are no turning animations for sprinting in combat stance so it plays the forward running animation for all directions. It looks really bad.

    I play with controller but I believe it was the same for my friend on mouse/kb.

  3. Some melee stances are partly or completely missing force feedback, like final harbinger (sword and shield) and nunchakus. Heavy slam also has no vibration. Also the first shot on acceltra doesn't have vibration and if you shoot any auto gun long enough, vibration will stop after a few seconds.

    Please, I neeeeeed vibration.

  4. vor einer Stunde schrieb [DE]Megan:

    Fixed missing controller key callouts on the Railjack Tactical Menu. You may notice no callout at all, which means the Tactical Menu is not bound to anything and you must bind it first.

    You cant bind it. Its in the wrong category.

  5. vor einer Stunde schrieb [DE]Megan:

    Fixed missing controller key callouts on the Railjack Tactical Menu. You may notice no callout at all, which means the Tactical Menu is not bound to anything and you must bind it first.

    You cant bind it. Its in the wrong category.

  6. It's consistent. You choose the enemy and level. No other variables. Makes it much easier to directly compare builds. But it's definitely not necessary.

    Last time I used it is to quickly try out different stances after the melee update and how weapons with special heavy attacks scale with heavy attack mods. Simply swapped some mods and compared numbers/TTK.

    So yeah it's really just a quality of life and consistency thing.

  7. vor 1 Minute schrieb nslay:

    When the update crashes (for whatever reason) in the Steam version, Steam assumes its broken beyond repair and you must download a 20GB game all over again. It's happened to me a couple times!

    As I understand it, the standalone version is a lot smarter about this... this would be a perfectly valid reason to run standalone. And next time Steam botches my Warframe installation and insists I re-download it all over again, I will be installing the standalone version.

    Fair point I suppose.

  8. vor 23 Minuten schrieb SneakyErvin:

    And if you do think the SA is small, you probably dont have alot of experience regarding gaming statistics and trends. You are claiming an extremely unique thing to say the least.

    Go make a poll in region chat then. You'll be lucky to find even 1 person to use standalone. There is no reason to use standalone and thus no one does.

    Warframe wasn't a big title before it came to steam and PS4, it had zero relevance in the industry until content creators started making videos on it and guess what, told people it's on Steam.

  9. vor einer Stunde schrieb SneakyErvin:

    There have never been any numbers for console. We've only ever seen the actual 50m+ aswell as the 18m users through Steam (that arent even unique users or actual registered accounts). There is very little chance that this game has more players on console than it does on PC, since it would be an extreme outlier among among PC ports that would likely break a world record never to be beaten. This game was out for a very long time as a pure PC game on a pure SA launcher.

    Even things like in game markets among other things speak very much against console numbers being near those of PC. The 56% you may confuse with total players is the split between the different consoles prior to switch i.e a 50/50 split between xbox and ps.

    These are account numbers, not active players. All it takes is to download and start Warframe and Fortnite shows just how big F2P on console is, and not to forget that Warframe was a PS4 launch title. Besides that, The SA version was the only way to play for just a year out of the 7 years and Warframe only got popular after it went on Steam. Standalone is tiny compared to Steam.

    But in the end these are just created accounts, nothing more. Means just as much as WoW's 150 million "players" advertisements.

  10. vor 22 Stunden schrieb SneakyErvin:

    Half (or more) of the playerbase has already played the game outside of Steam.

    The active playerbase has dropped but that doesnt mean that Steam is equal to the current active playerbase. It still only holds below hald the actual playerbase on PC.

    At the time that Reb announced the 50m+ players, Steam had 18m "registered" accounts. Given the nature of Steam and WF, many of those accounts are not unique accounts or part of the 50m+ total, since the 50m+ are only really counted once per creation, while the Steam accounts are based on downloads aswell as Steam+WF linking. Neither of which actually adds to the 50m+ pool in a unique way.

    All it really takes to be classified as a WF account on Steam is by just downloading it, even if you dont try it, Steam still counts it as "owned" and part of an account. That is why there is a big probability that many of those 18m Steam accounts arent actual accounts registered through WF as part of the 50m+ total users. Which tells us it is even more likely that Steam holds the smaller part of the PC crowd i.e less than 50%.

    Steam+Discord probably hold up towards 50% of the PC players while the Standalone has the rest.

    Imagine actually believing this. The 50 million counts all platforms, and they already stated that more than 50% of the playerbase (56% IIRC) is on console, meaning that of the 50 million, about 28 go to consoles (prob more) and 18 to steam. Leaves about 4 million for standalone (and discord if it was on there at the time) at best, although it doesn't account for people migrating from standalone to steam which is necessary for tennogen.

    So yeah pretty much no one plays standalone and most people don't even know it exists.

  11. Some of the new kuva weapons are missing vibration. Kuva chakhurr and Kuva quartakk burst mode are the ones I can recall. But also some melee weapon stances don't have vibration or improper vibration like claw weapons, staves, sword and shield I think too. And Phage vibration doesn't stop when you stop shooting. Additionally, vibration stops too early on long continues fire on pretty much all guns that can shoot full auto like fulmin or prisma gorgon.

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