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  1. RexSol

    Coming Soon: Devstream #57!

    Better dueling rooms for our dojos?
  2. RexSol

    [Changyou Warframe Image Megathread]

    Golden Lotus is Fan Art. I saw that on Deviantart the other day. I wonder if they got permission from the artist to use that.
  3. RexSol

    Thank You For Watching Prime Time #80!

    Valkyr Confirmed.
  4. RexSol

    Thank You For Watching Prime Time #80!

    lol funniest one ever.
  5. RexSol

    Hotfix 16.11.5

    Thanks!! Take your time.
  6. The post i responded to was deleted/hidden so this one lost meaning.
  7. PvP 1.0 still exists btw, on Dojo Duels. They just need to add better Dojo Duel rooms and everyone will be happy. Take a look on all these the topics on the first two pages of these subforums, none of them wants it to replace PvP 2.0
  8. Facts: Some players would like the return of old Conclave in one way or another. That have nothing to do with the fair play rules being a thing. (Which they were) None of these players are talking about Dark Sector Conflicts. Your whole argument is pointless.
  9. Another one of these meta-complaint threads? Players are allowed to post their opinions on the feedback forums and you have no right to try to shut them up. Let them ask for the changes they want to see in the game. I can barely understand your point here, not because your bad English, but because you are not making any sense. I see you quote some stuff i said on the other topic, you could just have quoted me there in the ongoing discussion instead of creating another thread to continue the same topic. I am not going to re-post what i have just posted on the other topic. But i think you didnt understand anything i said there, i am not against PVP 2.0 at all, i quite like it. I was simply explaining to elele that the unspoken rules of fair play were widely known among the regular Conclavers of PVP 1.0
  10. RexSol

    Vectis / Prime In Pvp

  11. RexSol

    An Update On The Armistice

    Take your time!!
  12. RexSol

    July 3Rd: Community Hot Topics!

    Do you think the Greedy Pull change is sufficient? We all saw that coming. And i'm surprised it took you so long to do something about it. It was a broken mechanic that trivialized farming and ability spam tactics on various mission types. But players will simply go back to Trinity or Limbo to get energy for their Turrets and Nukers now. So that won't fix the problem, will just make people stop using Mag for that. How do you feel about the upcoming Frost changes? Frost changes are cool. Pvpers, do you think movement is too fast in Conclave? Hell no. Conclave 1.0 was fast. With Rush and Fury mods, and fast copter weapons (Tipedo, Scoliac, etc) on old Europa where the flat walls allowed us to perform wallrun slingshots. Conclave 2.0 is slow. There are no sprint speed or attack speed mods for melee, and our roster of melee weapons for mobility are limited. If anything, movement should be faster. PvPers, are you excited for Parkour 2.0 in Conclave? Yes, but i must criticize a few things. Judging from what i've seen and read: Not fluid, too slow. Its an alternative to wall runs, it is not an alternative to copter/directional. Double jumps are cool but the animations are bad. I prefer to believe that what we've seen in Devstream #55 is not the final version of what we will get, so i expect to be more polished before release. I really hope they increase the speed of the maneuvers because man that's gonna slow us down a lot. I like the idea of grabbing a wall and do directional jumps off walls and along walls. I don't like how we can latch into a wall and stay hanging there forever, but we can't run along it unless you jump along it, not cool. Latched wall runs like what we've seen in Devstream #52 were cool, i dunno why you abandoned this idea. I know we can jump along the wall but its not the same thing. Steve said on Twitter that "jump-centric means it can be used anywhere". I can't imagine the parkour happening without some adjustments on the Conclave maps. I keep saying we need long flat walls opposed to flat objects and structures for this to work. But Steve said on twitter that is the exact opposite, that we will not need flat walls to perform parkour anymore. Well if that's the case then it will be great. Because right now the Conclave maps are filled with objects obstructing the walls so we can't really use wallruns like old Europa on PvP 1.0, that's why everyone just copter/directional. I believe Parkour 2.0 will offer us an alternative to move efficiently, i am looking forward to explore this new mechanic and mastering its practice in Conclave. I have a topic about Parkour 2.0 and how it will affect PvP, maybe it could be added to the source topics on the list. And this other topic adresses the issue of blocking, and how it will (it must) be changed with the removal of Stamina that will come with Parkour 2.0 If you’re not a PvPer, do you think the Parkour 2.0 changes will make you want to play Conclave? I have been playing Conclave since it came out on Update 10 and PvP is the only reason i play Warframe, i will play Conclave regardless of what's changed. I see that this poll is very focused on the players that complain about the speed in Conclave, and what you can do to get them to play Conclave. Like i said in the source hot topic, once you nerf copter/directional, players will continue to blame other things for getting killed. So it is a shame that you are shaping the game to please players that dislike PvP, instead of making the game more enjoyable to the ones that likes PvP. I am an avid Conclave player, that is basically all i have been doing in the game for a couple of years, and in my opinon the PvP is pretty balanced right now there is nothing too powerful or too weak, there is nothing that can't be countered. I have no problems to deal with melee spam, i have no problem to deal with ability spam, and i have no problem to deal with coptering/directional in PvP, that is only a problem for players who can't do it themselves and/or can't counter it. But here we are, coptering/directional will change, and the endless cycle of players blaming the game because they are bad, will continue. I believe Parkour 2.0 will backlash on these players complaining about speed, it will just make players with good aim and fast reflexes even better, since people will not be able to immediately copter away when they take damage. And these same players will carry on with their usual unfounded ''nerf plz'' topics, and tell you that your game is broken and PvP should not exist. Would you like more corrupted mods? I would like Corrupted mods available for Conclave. That counts?