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  1. You're splitting hairs here my good man. Baro's stock doesn't come around often, and the Prime Vault is basically instant access. Plus, the relics are free to get, and the relics from Baro could potentially be better spent elsewhere. I mean, up to you, but Baro's relics aren't a guaranteed thing.
  2. Title explains it all. Considering all the current lore and events so far within the game, and likely based on your personal experiences; Would you consider our PCs, the titular Tenno, as heroes of a weary system plagued by conflict and fear, bringing hope and peace to the scattered denizens against profit-mad cultists and warmongering genemodded marauders? Or are they themselves monsters in their own right next to the Corpus and Grineer, only abating their long slaughter with the promise of reward as they strike fear into even the isolated settlements across the Origin System?
  3. With the new player experience going on this year to better streamline what new players experience and will likely be able to know what they need to know to progress through the game, I am curious to know if there's also been any thought as to endgame content; i.e. content for veteran players who have already progressed past most, if not all, of the content already in the game. There's been talk about raids coming back maybe(!) in brief passing on other devstreams, but I am wondering if there's been any more thought on what other kinds of things you may want to include to retain veteran players.
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