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  1. Recent controversial issue regarding the China translator had been interesting, which made me to come up with a suggestion. Generally, in SEA there's plenty of Chinese, which are not descendant or related to Communist China, with Chinese as their mother tongue. And as a former British colony, Malaysians and Singaporeans are also very well versed in English. Chinese in SEA don't make every issue into an attack against their whole nation like China does, we're responsible for our own mistake and since due to culture, most of the time whatever happened the blame would be on us individuals instead on the company. Unlike China Chinese, if we're removed from any program, we don't stick down and raise a whole ruckus, since we have a life. I'm a Chinese from SEA and this is not satirical. This is just a suggestion from a old player.
  2. oh no that's the first time i'd heard that i'm so surprised
  3. just remove rivens 😄 or give us the option to roll each stat individually!
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