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  1. Its nice to see "some" changes.......But come on his abilities need NEED MORE RANGE AND CASTING SPEED! Deny needs a significant change to either chain between enemies and do more or just removed/replaces all together its useless. Void dmg needs a rework completely don't get me wrong its nice its "true neutral" but its status proc is useless. Also DECREASE POWER STRENGTH NEEDED FOR ARMOR/SHIELD STRIP! Don't go off of people with 6 forma builds should look at people with none~3 forma to see why this frame is underperforming and requires such a huge investment. Right now from the loo
  2. Seriously this is it?! Come on DE I know yall can atleast let us know yall are hearing us on these gamebreaking bugs and wanting changes to Xaku, etc
  3. So Xaku needs some tweaking and probably some ability changes. Xata's Whisper: This ability needs something done to it cause I don't really notice anything from casting this. Either change the Void element effect for Xaku only to be worth casting or increase to dmg bonus to really notice it. Overall I really think Void damage needs a rework to something better like true damage or something else very useful other than a low tier bullet attractor. Grasp of Lohk: .......This ability really let me down. Its range is just not fun, you need to have mod into range to make it reach an
  4. Count me in-I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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