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  1. Yea I understand that after so many frames being released that some abilities have similarity but I believe they can still make things original for these frames. I get tired of these simple abilities like press 1 and its simple dash that doesn't really do anything. Also didn't know they said they recognize that these seems similar cause I have been away from warframe for abit cause im burnt out so I am looking back into it to see if there is anything new that is worth coming back to. But I just think they can still give some frames original abilities its just the Devs there now are running out
  2. I find Wraithe to look cool but his 1 and 3 are literal copy, paste from Protea and Wisp! Please Scott scrape those 2 abilities make them more in theme of a Reaper. Make his 1 summon a Ethereal Scythe come out and swipe at a 80 degree angle in front of you to collect souls(affected by Power Strength and Range), then for his 3 make it to when casted it makes enemies who see him(Affected by line of sight rather than Power Range) have a likely chance to run than attack while those who don't run get debuffed with like 50% armor and/or HP reduction+decrease in damage dealt to Wraithe by 40% at base
  3. Sir please research better. End of July till August 1 was for Tennocon and peak rose cause of in-game log in event to claim rewards it was not for Deimos. Deimos released around August 25th, it might have been nearly 100k but it was not for Warframe's all time peak of 154k.
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