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  1. i doubt, as charge throw gain only 2% crit chance and 0.2 crit multiplier compared to regular throw. Orvius explosion dammage have been doubled anyway so no big deal. same as other platforms, to perform a regular throw just hold your melee button for about half a second. if you don't throw your Orvius you didn't hold it at all, if you throw it and it doesn't lift the target then you held it for too long note : its harder if you use killing blow and its REALLY hard if you use killing blow + amalgam organ shatter.
  2. Whenever you complete a vault, talk to the mother bounded to the vault you just made, she should give you a bounty that's the same tier of the vault. tier 1 rewards you with kitgun arcane tier 2 rewards you with tier 1 + arum spinosa components tier 3 rewards you with tier 1 + tier 2 + sporothrix components you can check if you see these rewards in the bounty she offers if you can't see them or if she is only giving a tierThatYouJustMade vault bounty (this can happen if you let loid die) then you might have to do the vault again
  3. when you cast the spell on an ennemy, it should at least glow in your energy color (day and night). if you could make a short clip to show your problem it might be easier to help
  4. Actually yes, so what's the point ? I mean she has been designed to achieve this, she even has been modified to maintain this aspect through the evolution of the game since its release it is her role, she is a nuker and every spells she have is a nuke. So what ? isn't trinity not designed to be the typical support ? hopefully she can give infinite life and energy (also infinite shield) are you disgusted by this too ? So does Excalibur. can't deny it, she also have a good pool of health. But in higher level missions you hate so much, she needs it as beside dammage, she hav
  5. not fixed after today update (screen from my last disruption on neptune, missing 3*10k credits from the mission reward, even though little duck said she will send them to me in french)
  6. Not a bug at all, as stated in the deimos arcana update patch note Honestly, you should just use your lich hunting stuff, this works fine for me
  7. When you buy a pack on steam you should then find a button "manage my DLC" or something like that in your game library on the warframe page. if you click on it, you will have a popus listing all the packs you purchased for warframe on steam. if the activation box next to the empyrean supporter pack is unchecked, check it and if already check try uncheck and re check it. Then, restart steam and try to log in with the steam launcher. As soon as your orbiter is loaded, you will be prompt to apply steampacks on your account, say yes and that should do the trick. it's a problem i already en
  8. if you have enough granny tokken i recommend building the quassus, as all the components including blueprint can be owned just by working a bit with the Entrati family, which i personally did before playing a lot in isolation vaults. 20 granny tokken seems expensive as long as you just do random open world stuff on deimos you will stack them in few days. A heavy attack and crit chance build can rekt almost any mini boss type ennemies on the starchart such as level 5 lich or stalker babies in steel path and of course, necramech with the last update (as i like to think they are similar to
  9. Hello tennos ! I encounter a problem with my quassus, i'd better say i discovered a weird behavior that might be intended, but there is definitely a part of this mechanic that i'm pretty sure is not intended. first of all, here is my original post in players helping players section where i've been advise to open a new subject here. You might find some additional details i can forgot here. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1238982-quassus-heavy-attacks-and-their-weird-critical-chance-falloff-depending-on-attack-speed/ I will try to describe my problem according to the bug megathr
  10. Hello tennos ! May you know it or not, but quassus do not have dammage falloff on the projectiles emitted from its heavy attack, but they seem to have critical chance falloff instead. if you dont believe it, just put a maxed true steel on an empty quassus resulting in a 102% crit chance on heavy attacks, then stand ~30 meters away from a large target such as a jugulus, then "fire" a heavy attack and you will notice some hits are blank instead of yellow, which should not happen since you have more than 100% crit chance. actually, this mechanic is even more noticeable if you build it wi
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